A Healthy Holiday

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About the Oncoming Holiday

Holidays come with relaxation and a chance to get involved in a lot of things. If we should take it or leave it, it’s already a holiday. In some parts of the world today, a lot of celebrations are attached to it, in order to make it symbolic and beautiful.

Throughout the whole year, some of us only get the chance to rest a whole day on weekends, but holidays have given us the chance to rest our soul, mind, and body in an undisturbed way.  Holidays can also be referred to as a vacation. It is a special day you do not have to work, where you suspend your usual routine of school or work.

The way you spend it depends on you: either you choose to take a trip or choose to rest. Human beings always comprehend or face any given task with their psychological wellness and their physical wellness. Here’s a question for you, what if the body is lagging? In what sense? It seems like a mind-reading test.

You must have heard of maintenance; yeah, it is the activity of keeping something in an existing and usually satisfactory condition—the same thing applies to your body: your health. You can only enjoy the holiday spirit with a healthy soul and body. One of your possessions that matter most is your life. Do not be bothered; I will enlighten you on some tricks that would make your holiday stress-free and healthy.

Tricks to Make Your Holiday Healthier

I’m sure you will definitely want to enjoy your December holiday, there’s no doubt about that but how? Healthy or unhealthy? Like I’ve told you earlier on, your possession that matters most is your life. What you do with it and what you do it.

Stay Clean: let’s start with your hygiene. Germs are dangerous, and I hope you also know. Take your bath at least twice a day. Your early morning bath is important because that would clean you up and motivate you to start your day positively.  December season comes with flu that is a flu season. To stay safe, just wash your hands with soap and clean running water for at least 20 seconds.

Dress Up: mind what you wear in times like this. Put on the appropriate clothing for outdoor activities to keep you warm and dry. Protect yourself from the atmosphere temperature hazard.

Eat Early: never should you skip breakfast. Your attempt to skip breakfast will push you to engage in what’s bad for your health: overeating. Overeating gives you a high blood sugar level. Eat small rations throughout the whole day. Small rations will help you keep your weight in view and your energy level in view. Just in case someone invites you to a party or you decide to go out on a walk, do not go on an empty stomach.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: the directive of the World Health Organization WHO, states that smokers are liable to die young. This is not only for smokers but also for non-smokers exposed to smoke because there is a greater risk to their health. Alcohol has a whole lot of negative effects on the drinker.  For your own good, you must avoid alcohol as much as you can. It finds a way of affecting your daily activities.

The Negative Effect of Smoking and Alcohol

  • Inflammatory damage
  • Deterioration of your central nervous system
  • Cause damage to the digestive system
  • Weakens your immune system
  • Your physical appearance starts deteriorating.
  • Hyperglycemia: a lot of sugar content
  • Nerve damage

waterStay Hydrated: one of the best gifts nature ever gave mankind is water. Choose water over most of your drinks, or you can try low-calorie drinks. Do you know that it can also save you from cravings and much calorie consumption? Always take an ounce of water 20 minutes ahead of your meal. Drink water right before, during, and after your meal. Drink at least 6 to 8 ounces of water each precious day, but others might need more than 8 glasses.

You might find it difficult to stay hydrated always, but if you follow these tips, it would be of help:

  • Get a bottle of water close to you.
  • In your workout, drink water before, during, and after each round.
  • We sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. Drink water whenever you’re feeling hungry; if it’s real hunger, you will not be satisfied.
  • It keeps you full and aids in the control of your appetite.

Work Out: it is the same as exercise; it enhances your metabolism. It also helps to burn and digest calories. Try the exercise that works for you, not the one that is too extreme for your ability.

what you stand to get from your daily exercise during the holidays:

Do Fruit: fruit is tasteful and sweet. The sugar in fruits is preferably safe for you to artificial sugars from junks and snacks.  Fruit consumption is a brilliant idea to improve your overall health and stay far away from disease. The fruit is simply a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, very high in fiber. It has a great influence on your heart health, digestion, weight management, and skin health.

On This Holiday, You Can Try These 12 Healthy Fruits:













Manage Stress: Stress is not a thing you can face and manage on your own. If you feel stressed out, take a break, give yourself some rest. You can also connect to a social group or friends or, better still, take a nap.

Tips on How to Control Stress

  • Do your regular exercise.
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Assert your feelings, your beliefs, and your opinions
  • Try out some relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  • Eat a well-balanced meal.
  • Discern and do not give in to activities that can stress you out.
  • Seek social support
  • Get help from a psychologist or a trained expert in the field of stress management.

Make Snacks: are you in a hurry and you forgot to feed yourself? Relax, I got your back; try some healthy snacks that won’t affect your weight management. Too much of everything is bad, so for that reason, take it in the normal portion.

family hangoutHealthy snacks include mixed nut, apple slices with peanut butter, kale chips, dark chocolate and almond, hard-boiled eggs, a piece of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted chickpeas, avocado chips, sweet potato chip, green beans chip, watermelon fries, apple chip, donut apples and lot more.

Medical Exams and Check-Up: visit your doctor or your health provider for your health status. It will give you direction on the best step to take. If you’ve been busy throughout the year, the holiday is an opportunity to go for a medical checkup.

Importance of Regular Medical Checkups

  • It increases your lifespan and also improves your health.
  • Your chance of getting treatment and cure on time is guaranteed.
  • Easy detection of impaired health conditions early
  • It reduces the cost of health care.

Eat a Well Balanced Meal: eating a healthy balanced meal keeps you full and resistant to junk and unhealthy foods. Always stay on the track of a well-balanced meal before going out for an occasion or a special event. A balanced diet should consist of six classes of foods:  protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Replace all your unsaturated fats with saturated fats.

Minimize your sugar intake to reduce complicated health issues. Eat your meal at the right time of the day, i.e., Breakfast should be around 8 to 7 am, your lunch at noon, a healthy snack will do at 3:00 pm, and your dinner at 6:30 pm. Eat the right portion and do away with night snacking.

Relax, Have Fun and Enjoy:  staying healthy is not all about eating, exercise, or using the right medications. It’s not so; your mental health also contributes to your overall health. Emotions increase during holidays, so keep to relaxation techniques to manage your stress.

Do I make mention of deep breathing? Oh, it really helps to change your mood just 3 deep breaths. Get engaged in some activities you really love doing, like reading, painting, or playing games.