Should Pregnant Women Drink Apple Juice?

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Is Apple Juice Safe During Pregnancy?

Apple juice is bursting with amazing health benefits. It is hydrating and rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, making it anti-cancer, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory. It`s also great for weight loss, boosting heart health, and relieving symptoms of asthma. So what`s in for pregnant women? Let`s talk about this.

10 Health Benefits of Apple Juice for Pregnant Women

Boosts Brain Health

The polyphenolic antioxidants in apple juice prevent neuronal apoptosis, which is the death of brain cells. Drinking apple juice during pregnancy will do your brain and your baby`s some good. It`s also got antioxidants that act against cancerous cells that may damage the brain.

Relieves Symptoms of Asthma

Are you pregnant and vulnerable to asthma attacks? Then you should sip some apple juice because its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties are effective at relieving the symptoms of asthma. Asthmatics who are pregnant can consume it regularly to enjoy its polyphenol content for better lung health and reduced risk of pulmonary diseases. This will, to aa large extent, protect mother and child.

Relieves Constipation

Pregnancy comes with digestion issues, and constipation is definitely one of them. Constipation is usually as a result of the large intestine absorbing excessive amounts of water. Apples contain sorbitol that takes care of this condition. When sorbitol gets to the large intestine, it draws water into the colon and makes the stool softer and much easier to pass.

Aids Weight Loss

Pregnant and concerned about weight gain? Not to worry; just drink some apple juice. Apples contain dietary fiber, polyphenols, and carotenoids that will help you shed some weight. Polyphenols, in particular, contain anti-obesity properties. This nutritious juice also contains flavonoids that aid in the reduction of body weight.

Improves Eye Health

woman`s eyesApple juice has an abundance of vitamin A, enough for mother and baby to have good sight, among other benefits. Consuming apple juice regularly during pregnancy will particularly correct eye defects that you or your baby may have.

Boosts Heart Health

Each time you consume some apple juice, you take in the super healthy plant compounds,  polyphenols, and flavonoids that enhance heart health. Polyphenols are great at preventing unhealthy (LDL) cholesterol from getting oxidized and building up in the arteries. Apple juice also contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. So you`re sure that you and your baby`s heart are safe at this time and after. What`s more? This super juice improves the antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation in blood serum. You probably didn`t know that apple juice is rich in potassium. It definitely is! Potassium is a vital mineral for the heart. It is also a vasodilator, meaning it lowers stress on the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. All these will ward off heart disease and keep you and your baby safe.

It Combats Cancer

The phenolic acids and flavonoids in apple juice go a long way in preventing the development of cancerous cells and tumors. Pregnant women who drink apple juice regularly are less vulnerable to lung and colon cancers. Why aren`t you drinking apple juice already?

Better Skin Health

Vitamin C is another essential component of apple juice. It sure promises you and your baby healthy skin. Why wait till after childbirth to give your baby beautiful skin? Apple juice particularly combats skin-related problems like inflammation, itching, infections, and wrinkles. Its polyphenol content will keep your skin beautiful at this time and prevent premature aging and those skin reactions that come with pregnancy.

Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Drinking apple juice regularly will reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and the risk of diabetes. This will help you avoid some health complications that could make your pregnancy difficult. Get some apple juice into your system already.

Enhances Liver Function

Apple juice is packed with malic acid which makes it a liver-friendly drink. This juice also stimulates urination and cleanse your liver, eliminating toxins.

5 Side Effects of Apple Juice

Despite having numerous benefits, this nutritious juice is not without some side effects. Let`s take a look at some of these side effects.

Risk of Tooth Decay

activated charcoalAn apple a day may keep the doctor away, but too much apple juice may invite the dentist. Remember that fruit juices contain high sugar content; apple juice is not exempted. The sugar level in apple juice may cause tooth erosion if you drink too much of it. Its acidity level, particularly the packaged apple juice, may damage your tooth enamel. Ensure that you only consume moderate quantities, and take great care of your oral health while you drink this juice.

Risk of Gastrointestinal Issues

If you drink too much apple juice, you are at risk of excessive flatulence and diarrhea. This is because of the juice’s fructose and sorbitol content. Its high sugar content may also cause gas and bloating A good way to avoid gastrointestinal issues is by drinking apple juice on an empty stomach.

Risk of Kidney Stones

Apple juice contains oxalate that may increase the risk of kidney stones. To avoid this, you`re advised to limit your consumption to 240 ml per day.

Risk of Weight Gain

The same apple juice that helps you lose weight may cause weight gain if you drink too much of it. Additional weight is one thing you sure want to avoid because already, you`ve got some pregnancy weight to deal with. Excessive intake of apple juice may cause high consumption of calories, and you definitely don`t need many calories during pregnancy.

Risk of High Blood Sugar Levels

Apple juice contains less fiber and more sugar than whole apples. This puts you at risk of a spike in blood glucose levels. You may have your apple juice with protein-rich foods to reduce the glucose levels. So remember to grab some protein while sipping that apple juice.

Apple Facts you Probably Did Not Know

  • Pomology is the science of growing apples.
  • A medium apple contains about 80 calories.
  • Apples come in various shades of reds, greens, and yellows.
  • There are 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States.
  • The average size of a United States orchard is 50 acres.
  • Some apple trees grow beyond 40 feet high and live for over 100 years.
  • There are 7,500 varieties of apples grown worldwide.
  • Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.
  • Apples are a rich source of fiber pectin. An apple contains five grams of fiber.
  • The Lady or Api apple is one of the oldest varieties in existence.
  • Apples blossom in spring.
  • Apples ripen six to ten times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated.
  • Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol-free.
  • Apples are propagated by grafting and budding.
  • Apples are the second most valuable fruit grown in the United States after oranges.
  • Honey bees pollinate a majority of cultivated apples.

Now that you Know…

Apple juice is great for you while you`re pregnant, as it is extremely beneficial in treating various ailments and enhancing the health of you and your unborn child(ren). You can rest assures that your heart health, brain health, liver function, and other notable aspects of your health are fine when you consume apple juice in moderate portions. Remember that a number of the side effects are as a result of excessive consumption.