8 Ways to Keep your Baby`s Skin Glowing

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How to Care for your Baby`s Skin

Having babies and taking care of them is such a wonderful experience, however, it can be a daunting one too. What they will eat, wear and what body care products to use become nagging concerns to you. You want to give your child a great start, so you definitely want the best for them. At this stage, your child`s skin is delicate, so taking care of it is probably on your priority list. You don’t want that beautiful skin to suffer from rashes or dryness. Caring for your child’s skin early enough is also a way of giving them a good start in personal health and hygiene. Since we hold our babies’ skin dear, here are some tips to help keep their skin clean and glowing always.

8 Ways to Keep your Baby`s Skin Glowing

Bathe them with Water at Optimal Temperature

Your baby should have some bath daily, and this is a vital part of caring for their skin. The type of water used to bathe your infant plays an important role in the quality and health of their skin. The water must have a moderate temperature, not too cold or too hot. Using water of mild temperature is just fine so that your baby can stay comfortable. Extremely hot or cold water can affect the texture of your child’s skin, causing it to become dull and dry. Be gentle while bathing your baby; try not to rub the skin too quickly, neither should you brush on the skin with too much pressure.

Try a Hot Oil Massage Occasionally

This is a wonderful way to care for your baby’s skin. To give your baby a hot oil massage,  heat some almond oil or olive oil until it is warm, and rub it onto your baby’s skin gently. Ensure the oil is only warm, to prevent burning your baby`s skin. Almond and olive oils are moisturizers that disinfect and protect the skin. You may also use coconut oil for this massage. Coconut oil is also popular for improving skin tone.

Feed your Baby Some Fruits

Picking a fruit from a basketYou already know how beneficial fruits can be to your skin; so are they for babies. With your doctor`s prescription, get your baby some fruits. The minerals, vitamins, and fiber contents in fruits are quite beneficial. Keeping your baby’s body detoxified with fruits will bring out that glow on their skin.

Apply a Mild Moisturizer

Moisturizers will keep your baby’s skin soft and glowing. You only need to find the right one for them. Some moisturizers are specially made for the skin of babies, so they`re gentle enough not to irritate their skin. Please carry out a patch test before using any product.

Keep your Baby Hydrated

Your baby needs to drink enough water to help keep the fluids in and the toxins out. It’s unhealthy to wait until your child gets dehydrated before helping them to some water. Water is best suited for hydration, and it’s usually the only fluid your baby should take. Ensure you consult your pediatrician to determine the volume of water to give to your child.

Give them Sunbaths

Your baby needs a dose of sunlight sometimes. Allow them to have a feel of the sun on some mornings. A quick sunbath on early mornings is a sure way to give your baby a dose vitamin D. Vitamin D enriches your child`s skin and protects them from skin infections. Ensure the weather condition is not severe before taking them out in the sun.

Give them a Body Scrub

Try scrubbing your baby’s body gently every week, and see the wonderful results you will get. A gentle body scrub can be a good way to have your baby’s skin completely cleaned. You may use some rose water and chickpea made into a paste to give your baby that desirable glow.

Use Baby Wipes

You don’t get to bathe your baby or give them a scrub every time, so what do you do with a common stain from food or some slime? You may use a soft baby wipe to clean your baby’s skin whenever there is dirt on it. This will keep the skin clean and free from rashes. Some wipes are fortified with glycerin and a few mineral elements to cleanse the baby’s skin.

4 Facts about your Baby’s Skin

Here are some facts about your baby`s skin that you should know. These pieces of information may help you better understand how to care for your baby’s skin.

Clean Frequently, Don`t Wash Too Often

A baby about to have a batheKeeping a healthy and glowing skin for your child requires regular baths but not too often. Sometimes, you may use baby wipes to keep your baby clean on some days. If your child has a bath too frequently, this could affect them by drying out their delicate skin. Whenever your baby has some dirt or stain from food particles, you may clean them up with a clean damp cloth to preserve their skin. You will only need to give your baby a daily bath when they have started to move around and get stained easily.

Babies Don’t Always Come with Perfect Skins

Some claim that the skin of a baby is smooth and perfect; this isn’t always the case. There are some unusual things about the skin of some newborns — some cases are peculiar while some are common. Prematurely born babies may have a covering on their skin. This covering may be in the form of some fine hair known as lanugo. It might also be a coat of vernix, a sort of greasy substance which serves as a protective layer of the skin of the baby born prematurely. These forms of coat usually wear off after a few days. A more familiar and common fact is the complexion which is always a reddish-purple color the first few days after birth. This is perfectly normal; it may take some time before a permanent complexion is developed.

Rashes and Skin Defects Come Easy

Don’t panic when your baby has a blemished and blotchy skin on the body of your baby. Some babies are born with some yellow or white dots called milia, while some may experience baby acne, which are skin conditions that cause skin rashes. Pimples and erythema toxicum (flea bites) are also very common. It’s best to leave these skin conditions alone, try not to scratch or squeeze them and they will leave without scarring your child’s skin.

Your Baby`s Skin Is Thin

Speaking of a baby’s skin being delicate, it doesn’t just mean it’s soft, it means that it is extremely thin. This is why you can almost see through your newborn`s skin. Not to worry, this is also normal. It will be easier for you to detect if your baby is in discomfort or pain and if they are cold or hot. This implies that you should be gentle when scrubbing or bathing your baby, as too much friction will eventually lead to bruises.

Now that you Know…

Clean and glowing skin is a testament to good health and the care that you give your baby. Just ensure you employ some of the tips you’ve learnt, and your cutie will maintain a glistening skin.