Pregnant? Here’s How To Handle Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Pregnancy is an interesting journey for many women. The experience of pregnancy is different for every woman because every woman’s body hormonal balances distinctly vary. For some women, the experience may be uncomfortable, while others simply breeze through those nine months like it’s nothing. Women are some of the strongest people on earth, because it takes real strength to carry another human being over such an extended period of time. Despite the inexplicable joy of bringing another human being into the world, pregnancy comes with it’s challenges, and one of the things that women usually tend to complain about is weight gain, or “baby weight” as it is often called. Like I mentioned earlier, women experience pregnancy differently.

No one pregnancy is the same, because even mothers who have had several pregnancies have a different experience each time because their bodies are constantly changing and evolving. If you are about to be a new mommy, it is normal to feel anxious. Your body is adjusting, readjusting and regrouping. You may feel weird, out of your comfort zone, and anxious. You many not understand why you’re craving so many things at the same time (I mean sauerkraut with chocolate ice-cream? seriously?), but instead of looking at the downside only, this is the time to mentally prepare yourself and take the time to  completely understand your body. As I mentioned earlier, weight gain is one of the top complaints that women tend  to have about their pregnancies. During and after childbirth, they complain that they don’t feel or look the same. If this is how you feel as well, read on.

Overcome It

Before pregnancy even happens, begin to prepare yourself. Accept that you will gain weight, and your body may probably never be the same or feel the same again, but also keep it at the back of your mind that you are bringing another life into this world. Know and acknowledge to yourself that, that in and of itself is empowering. Look at it this way; You are feeding another human being, carrying the added weight that comes with that experience, and using it as a tool to usher that human being into the world. What could be more amazing that that? No, seriously, what?

Have a healthy View of Your Body

Women need to understand that weight gain is necessary in pregnancy. It is something that is inescapable because even the celebrities experience it. For this reason, do not beat yourself down or allow your weight gain to be the focal point of your pregnancy. Instead, have a healthy view of your body before, during and after your pregnancy.

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Focus On the Baby, Mama

Despite the complexities that come with being pregnant, it is very important to look at the overall big picture.When you are pregnant, it means that you are now responsible for another life, and not just your own. That added sense of responsibility can be channeled in a positive way. Women often experience bouts of depression and mood swings when they are expecting a new child, but keeping a focus on the baby and not just yourself can really go a long way in providing soothing relief to you on your pregnancy journey.

Dress To Impress Yourself

Far too many women get cold feet at the mere thought of pregnancy because they feel like their authentic sense of style will be tampered with. For this reason alone, women often choose never to get pregnant, and this is sad because bringing another life into the world is a wonderful experience, and just because you’re pregnant does not mean that you cannot continue to be the fiercely sexy fashionista that you are. Gone are the days where women wore lazy prints and Kate Spade flats throughout the nine months of their pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a time that you use to reinvent yourself by experimenting with different fabrics, cuts. styles and fits. Being pregnant is not confined in the world of sweatpants and sweatshirts. You can still rock it, believe me. It will be great for your self esteem as well.


Sometimes as women, (and humans, really) all we need is an extra listening ear. It keeps us sane and maintains our self esteem. It is great to feel validated and heard. As an expectant mother, there are different ways that you can get the support and empathy that you need. You can talk to family members, your husband, partner, or friend. At this stage in your life, it is very important to have a strong support system with and around you. Finally, there are many online forums and focus groups that help pregnant women navigate their way through the stressful nuances of pregnancy and provide extra moral support. Take advantage of these forums, ask questions and you will be just fine.

Eat Right, Move Right

Maintaining a stable and healthy diet throughout your pregnancy can help you stay fit and trim to a reasonable extent. Regular exercise is also important, because it will keep you agile and active. There are many health benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Invest in new work out gear and work out shoes suitable to your current condition for the most enjoyable experience.

Control Yourself

It is important to know that being pregnant is important and necessary for life to begin. There are moments where you will feel like the process is not worth it, and be on the verge of giving up. Don’t. Control your emotions, control your food cravings and most importantly, control your urge to put yourself down or demean yourself in any way at all. The greatest strength that you’ll need during  this time is your own inner strength. Channel it wisely. It will not be easy all the way, but it will definitely be worth it.

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When you finally give birth to your bouncing baby boy or girl, you will realize that it was all worth it in the end. You will know that your little bundle of joy was not a mistake.