Cheap Ways to Keep a Teeth Healthy


Cheap Ways to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Do you find it challenging to smile in the public because your teeth are bad? Are you ashamed of the color of your teeth? Do you suffer from constant toothache as a result of chewing ice and sugary things? Then the solution you seek is packed within this article.

Why Should You Keep Healthy Teeth?

You should keep healthy teeth because you do not want to lose all your teeth before you clock 45. You did not want to go through the pain of nursing a toothache. You did not want to spend so much on dental care when you could have avoided it. You don’t need to spend so much acquiring a new set of artificial dentures when you could have spent less caring for your natural teeth. You don’t want your self-confidence to lost in public because of a poor denture and unpresentable teeth color. You want to be able to smile and speak confidently in the crowd while you give that public lecture. You did not want to chase that guy away from your date because of mouth odor and bad teeth color.

In order to ensure all of these, read this article to the end, where you would encounter how you can care for your teeth, nutrients your teeth need to stay healthy, what diet to maintain for the care of your teeth, the lifestyle you should put a stop to and those you should adopt, as well as interesting facts about your teeth.

Causes of Unhealthy Teeth

The major causes of unhealthy teeth are self-inflicted. They come as a result of poor eating habits and lifestyle. Practices that can cause tooth decay or unhealthy teeth include;

  • Poor diet

Eating foods that contain excess sugar and carbohydrates can be very harmful to your teeth. When you overeat sugar and do not brush your teeth regularly, it exposes your teeth to decay, which would weaken your enamel. This same thing goes for consuming too many acidic (soda) and sugary drinks.

  • Deficiency of fluoride

Just as I have stated earlier in this article, fluoride is one of the natural nutrients your teeth need to stay healthy. When your teeth lack fluoride and other essential nutrients, your teeth begin to decay, giving both offensive odors an unattractive color and look.

  • Dry mouth

This may not be a self-inflicted cause of tooth decay; however, when your mouth is too dry and does not produce enough saliva to help wash away the bacteria in your mouth, your tooth begins to decay.

  • Smoking

cigarette smokingPeople who smoke have much more chances of getting tooth pain and tooth decay than those who do not smoke. Cigarettes and tobacco products have properties that capable of staining the teeth and weakening the gum.

  • Opening packaged foods or products with your teeth can also damage your teeth. The effect of this can also be associated with the effects of cracking things with your teeth. Both acts can lead to teeth crack and breakage.
  • As you know, some games require mouth guards. When you play games that require a mouth guard without wearing any, your teeth would be exposed to damages.
  • Chewing ice has also been discovered to be a major cause of tooth decay. The medical record holds that eating too hot things or too cold things can harm your teeth.
  • Teeth Gnashing or Grinding.

Sleeping has been discovered to be one of the reasons people gnash their teeth, and gnashing of teeth can result in teeth breakage, which is unhealthy for your teeth. Gnashing also makes your teeth wear away.

  • Too Hard Brushing

I understand how important brushing your teeth is to you, and I know how much care you need to give to your teeth. However, brushing your teeth too hard can injure your gum, thereby introducing bacteria into your wounds, which would, in turn, weaken your gum and cause tooth decay.

  • Nail-biting also causes teeth cracking and wearing away your teeth. It has also been discovered to cause jaw dysfunction, a dental health condition that can introduce infections from your nails to your teeth.

Backlashes of Poor Dental Health

  • Bad breath: Your breath would be offensive if you do not give your teeth and mouth proper care. That breath that can send any sane human 50 feet away from you.
  • Mouth sores: Sores would develop on your gum if you refuse to care for your teeth.
  • Lack of confidence: What is the use of meeting people when you cannot speak and smile to them confidently? Poor dental health limits your freedom to speak in the public as you would be exposing the result of your dental inadequacies to the world.
  • Tooth decay: You do not need to be told that the human tooth can decay if proper care is not given to it. This comes with severe pains and can make you spend almost half of your salary on dental medications.
  • Gum diseases.

Nutrients Your Teeth Need to Stay Healthy

  • Calcium and vitamin D: They both work hand-in-hand to protect your teeth. A massive supply of vitamin D and calcium to your body would help protect your teeth.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps to keep your gum healthy, strong, and also strengthen the bond between your jaw and your teeth. It has a powerful antioxidant that cures gum diseases.
  • Water: Water is essential to the health of your teeth. Water helps to wash away the remnants of foods that can cause decay to your teeth.
  • Fluoride: When mentioning the nutrients your teeth need to be healthy, fluoride should not be left out. Fluoride has the most significant teeth care you can ever imagine.
  • Phosphorus: Phosphorus helps to rebuild and protect tooth enamel.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps keep your gum healthy, just like phosphorus. It helps to rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel.

Foods That Have These Nutrients

Whatever food you need to eat in order to care for your teeth has to be rich in calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, and vitamins. The following foods can help strengthen your teeth.

Cheese: Cheese contains properties that are capable of neutralizing acid in the mouth.

Milk: Milk also neutralizes acids that are produced by bacteria. Drinking milk after chewing sugary things can help keep the teeth healthy.

Tea: Black and green tea helps slow the growth of bacteria and reduce the mouth’s acidity. Try rinsing your mouth with tea when you drink it.

Cranberries: Just like tea, cranberries help prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Water: Water being the healthiest and most natural drink, does not only keep you hydrated but also flush out waste and distribute nutrients throughout the body. It also helps keep your teeth healthy. Drink fluoridated water in appropriate amounts and rinsing your mouth with water after every meal can go a long way in fighting bacteria in your mouth.

Crunchy vegetables: Vegetables like carrots and celeries help cleanse the teeth by scrubbing out food particles. They also contain vitamins, which are essential nutrients for your teeth.

applesPears and Apples: These fruits are known to contain high amounts of vitamins, which are essential in keeping healthy teeth.

Nuts: Nuts contain properties like calcium and phosphorus that help combat tooth-decay bacteria.

Onions and Garlic: Though they might not be good options for fresh breath, they contain large amounts of antibacterial properties that fight dental illnesses.

Fish and Meat: Chewing meat helps to produce saliva that reduces the degree of acidity in the mouth.

Tips for Keeping Healthy Teeth

Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Brush thoroughly, not too hard, and at least twice a day

Brush your tongue, do not ignore it. It is a step towards fresh breath.

Keep your brush in safe places that are free from bacterial infestations.

Rinse your mouth after every meal

Floss your teeth as many times as possible to get rid of food particles

Limit or quit completely sugary foods

Eat crunchy vegetables and fruits.

Avoid chewing too hot or too cold foods as these extreme food temperatures can damage your teeth.

Wear teeth guard when engaging yourself in physical activities and also when sleeping to prevent gnashing, which can lead to teeth cracking

Quit using your teeth to open packaged foods or chew on hard objects like pins or pencil heads

Visit your dentist for regular teeth checkup.

Teeth Facts

Once you lose your teeth as an adult, it is impossible to grow it back.

The first toothbrush was invented in 1770, so also the first false teeth.

You should note that the teeth are as unique as your fingerprints.

Your teeth are hard outside and soft inside.

Your teeth are the second thing that represents you in public after your dressing. Stick to good dental routines and diets that can enhance teeth growth.