What Would Garlic Do for you?


When Garlic is mentioned, what many persons easily remember is the odor! This is because the smell of garlic gives the nostrils a sharp, needle-like sensation which a number of us certainly do not enjoy. However, there is more to garlic than that odor. In reality, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many experts often recommend the consumption of a number of fruits and vegetables. One vegetable that certainly should not be missing from your everyday diet is Garlic. This is because it is packed with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that can perform a number of miracles when it comes to keeping you active and healthy. I will be telling you 7 things that garlic can do for you. But, first of all, let’s get some information on this wonder!

Let’s Meet Garlic!

Garlic is actually a member of the Allium family which is the same family which onions sprout from. This actually makes them siblings. It is often renowned for its anti-bacterial qualities and pungent smell.


How Long Have they Been Around?

They`ve been around for quite some time. Researchers posit that they were first cultivated in Central Asia nearly 3,000 years ago. In addition, these ancient folks recognized its anti-bacterial qualities and often used it for treating wounds and solving other medical conditions.

Why the Fuss?

You may be wondering what makes the herb super special. I’ll tell you. Garlic contains so many nutrients both in large and trace quantities.  Specifically, it has large quantities of Phosphorus, Calcium, and Iron. In addition, it also contains trace quantities of essential nutritional elements like iodine and chlorine. Garlic is also a major source of a rare organic compound known as Allicin. This compound is usually formed when you crush a garlic clove through any means; whether chewing or cutting. When allicin is ingested, it travels through the digestive tract of your body to other body organs through blood circulation. When it gets to these organs, it exhibits a number of effective biological behaviors that help you remain healthy.

Health Benefits of Garlic       

So, I have a given you a sort of background on the hot herb. Let’s move on to discussing seven reasons you should not miss garlic in your next bite. Here we go.

Garlic Is your Heart’s Best Friend!

Now, this is some good news; considering the fact that a whole lot of foods get flagged down because they are not heart-friendly. Unlike these other foods, meals rich in garlic actually have highly positive effects on your heart. Specifically, garlic contains a number of compounds that help to strengthen your heart and optimize its functions. Researchers posit that the allicin contained in garlic helps to free your blood vessels, especially your arteries by preventing them from getting blocked. In addition, it slows down the decline of your arteries and prevents the hardening of the blood vessels.  Garlic keeps your heart vessels evergreen by slowing down their aging rate. By extension, it also help your arteries to be elastic rather than stiff. The elasticity of the arteries is necessary to ensure proper blood flow to the body.

Also, the ajoene contained in garlic keeps the blood fluid in the heart vessels and prevents blood clot within the arteries. Eating garlic and foods rich in garlic can help your body fight off oxygen radicals that can damage your heart and reduce its effectiveness. Want an evergreen heart? Eat some garlic today!

Something with Cancer?

Apparently yes! Researchers posit that the consumption of garlic and garlic-related meals can actually reduce the chances of cancer; especially in women. Specifically, the sulfur-based compound found in garlic prevents the formation of cancerous lumps in the breasts of women. It also prevents the formation of carcinogenic compounds in both men and women. Garlic is extremely useful in the prevention of other types of cancer too. These include colon cancer and stomach cancer.

Doing away with the Cold

coldIt is not called the hot herb for no reason. Garlic’s spicy nature makes it the perfect companion when you have a cold. It contains compounds that help to induce body heat and keep you warm. In addition, the anti-bacterial content in garlic can help fight off those unseen things that cause a sore throat plus throat irritation and other respiratory infections. So, the next time a cold comes creeping in to ruin your day, take two or more cloves of garlic and chew away. The heat will certainly drive away the cold and get you started mentally. It also works for cough.

Keeping Bad Cholesterol Away

Having the right type of cholesterol is essential for your overall wellbeing. However, there are times when your body becomes berserk with large quantities of bad cholesterol. It is in times like this that you need to embrace garlic. This is because garlic helps to mop up bad cholesterol and regulates your body’s cholesterol content. Specifically, garlic prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol as this can cause great harms to your body. It also reduces your risk of having plaques forming in your arteries.

What Is it with your Blood Pressure?

Good question. Researchers say that eating garlic can actually help to regulate blood pressure levels. Garlic is a natural and healthier alternative to all the blood pressure pills you have been popping. It controls the secretion of angiotensin II; a protein that is responsible for the increase in blood pressure. In addition, it contains chemical compounds known as polysulphides. These polysulphides help to dilate your blood vessels and control blood pressure levels. It prevents thrombosis by warding off blood platelet aggregation. Thrombosis is a medical condition that is caused by the clotting of the blood in the body.

Helping your Eyes

blurry sightAs you know, your eyes are the windows to the world and your soul. Thus, it is important that you keep it healthy. Eating garlic can help your eyes. This is because garlic contains nutrients like vitamin c and selenium which help to prevent eye irritation and swelling. These nutrients are also useful in the treatment of a number of eye-related infections like conjunctivitis.

Maintaining a Healthy Stomach

Here is another reason to love garlic! If you have been having issues with food digestion or any other stomach related problems, you may need to ensure that you do not miss a clove of garlic in your next diet. This is because garlic helps your intestine to function properly and it is also useful in the treatment of gastric infections such as the swelling or the irritation of the gastric canal.

In addition, garlic is your intestines’ soldier as it helps to fight off bacteria that can affect the functioning of your intestine.  It also helps to prevent intestinal problems like diarrhea and colitis.

Heads Up!

Now, you know so much about the wonders of garlic but just before you dig into it, here is something you should know. It is important that you consume your garlic in controlled quantities. This is because excessive consumption of garlic can actually lead to irritations and swelling in your digestive system and this can cause real discomforts.  Nutritionists advise that you limit your intake to 2-3 cloves a day.

Final Words…

Garlic may just be one of the best things that have happened to humankind. It is especially beneficial in ensuring you remain healthy, fit and active. Why not try a clove or two of this miracle herb in your next meal? You will be glad you did!