Let’s Talk About Losing Weight

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What You Must Know About Losing Weight

Everyone at a point or the other in their life has had a good reason to shed some weight. However, the wrong side to it is, sometimes we do too little or do too much. Either way, we do not get the desired results.

And when there is little or no effect, we quickly get discouraged or conclude nothing is working. It is common practice for one to easily get discouraged when one’s expectations are not being met, especially during weight loss programs.

However, you must understand certain things about weight loss and your own body. As the knowledge of these things will boost the chances of you bypassing the frustration and headaches accompanying trying to shed some unwanted pounds, thereby helping you get that dream body you deserve.

First of all, you need to note that it is very possible to do anything as long as you set a positive and right mindset towards it. Jean Nidetch said that shedding pounds would change your personality and your philosophy of life. This is absolutely true because you suddenly come to the realization that you can utilize your mind to modify your body according to your taste.

Health experts have advised that its best to lose weight bit by bit. Because, according to them, if you try to shed weight to fast, you’ll be losing muscle, water, and bone in your body instead of fats. It was recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that whatever changes you make, you stick with. So one good advice for you is, besides avoiding fad diets, also aim at shedding off fats on a weekly basis. This you should do at least on the scale of one to two pounds weekly.

How Simple could This be?

There’s no short cut to weight shedding. In fact, people with a certain level of experience will confidently tell you that it’s no simple task to lose weight. But for you now, after going through this article, shedding a noticeable amount of fats will be an effortless task to engage in, trust me.

I say this because, over time, health scientists have discovered several simple yet highly effective evidence-based strategies, one could easily use to lose weight. I am definitely going to be revealing all that to you in just a bit.

tiredHere are a few of these weight loss tips for you. And may I add, these are proven ways to lose weight in no time. However, be sure to take the right amount of any of these as advised for your body system.
  1. Drink Black Coffee – Coffee with god quality contains antioxidants that are really beneficial to your health. The caffeine it contains can increase your body metabolism.
  2. Fasting Intermittently – This eating pattern is very common, and it allows you to alternate between fasting and eating periods. Thereby cutting down on calories.
  3. Reduce Added Sugar – Most people consume added sugar excessively despite that it is associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes. So if you’re keen on losing weight, reduce added sugar in your meals.
  4. Plate Size – Plate size is also a measure for weight loss. Smaller plates would automatically help you eat food with fewer calories. And it works the most for overweight people.
  5. Weight Lifting – Besides boosting the rate of your metabolism, weight lifting can also help stop your muscle mass from regressing. Its best not just to lose fat but to also keep your body fit and toned. If so, resistance exercise like weight lifting is going to be beneficial to you.
  6. Proper Sleep – Although sleep has been many times underrated, it is not less critical from exercising and eating healthy foods.
  7. Limit Your Sugar Intake – This includes fruit juice and soda too. Sugar may be considered harmful, but even worse is liquefied sugar. A particular study disclosed that the calorie present in liquefied sugar may be the most fattening feature in diets today. A beverage sweetened with sugar alone increases the risk of obesity in children by 60%.
  8. Managing Level Of Stress –According to researchers, stress management programs for a period of say, 8-weeks have a significant effect on the reduction of body mass of overweight children and adolescents. Such methods include; Yoga or Tai chi, breathing techniques for relaxation, outdoor activities, and simple physical exercises.

Common Mistakes Encountered During Weight loss

When you feel like you’re putting your best into losing weight and it is not yielding any positive result, then you have to do a little revision of your approach towards it. Right here are dos and don’ts you can follow in the future.

Far Too Little or Far Too Much Exercise

When you fail to exercise, while still trying to restrict your calorie intake, your body metabolism rate is bound to decrease. This simply means that your body will again accumulate fat.

On the other hand, too much exercise has a negative side to it as well. Exercising just a bit above the recommended amount will cause your body to break down under stress as the hormones that regulate stress response has been impaired.

Eat Enough Protein

It is rather imperative for you to take enough protein. This is so because protein has proved over time to be helpful with weight loss. It functions as an appetite reducer, cuts down calorie intake, increases your rate of metabolism, and immunizes your muscle mass during weight loss.

Try Not to Eat Until Hungry

When you follow the conventional advice that says you should eat very often in a day to avoid hunger and a drop in metabolic rate, you are giving your body the chance to consume too many calories. It is advisable not to eat until you are hungry as that will make you successful in weight loss.

gymLet Your Expectations Be Practical

Trim down your expectations and dreams to more realistic goals.  Like, say a 15 percent drop in weight per year is very practical and achievable. This will keep your head up and keep you motivated while giving you a considerable chance to succeed.

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat When Losing Weight

  • Bottled Juices – Fruit juices are really sugary and are not as healthy as their previous solid version. You should take more of blended beverages, which will keep you satisfied.
  • Gluten-free foods – Gluten-free foods may be an excellent choice for you if you’re suffering from celiac disease, however, if you are trying to shed weight, you should stick more to regular foods. Because the gluten-free packages are lower in protein and fiber, which is very important to your health boost.
  • Most of these protein shakes, which most people now take on a daily basis as snacks, have a large number of calories in it, say 250-260 calories to every 16-ounce serving, which is obviously not the best for you. You could stick with fruits and cheese instead.
  • Granola Bars – Granola bars are not as satisfying as they claim to be because they contain only a little quantity of protein and fiber. And if you are trying to lose weight, they certainly wouldn’t fill you up. You should take actual foods or fruits like almonds, apple, dates, etc. instead.
  • Tomato sauce – If you are looking out for foods low on calories, you could get a low-calorie version of tomato sauces. They could be a very healthy addition.
  • Snacks filled with sodium – Sometimes, we confuse thirst with hunger, and for those who do not know the difference, it could be potentially dangerous. Eating sodium-filled snacks will increase your thirst and making you crave another fill of something. You should know that it also recommended that you drink a lot of pure water before snacking.

Foods to Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

  • Eggs – Eggs are healthy foods rich in protein and will not hamper your efforts to lose weight in any way.
  • Green tea will help reduce your body fats and LDL cholesterol, which would consequently bring about a decline in obesity and visceral fats.
  • Chili Peppers – The Capsaicin compound found in these hot peppers is known to have a profound effect on weight maintenance and substrate oxidization. You can add it to your sauce and soup.
  • Apples – You must have heard that funny but true remark that an apple a day would keep the doctors away. Apples help to reduce obesity, and visceral fats asides been healthy and delicious.
  • Oats – Oats are very rich in fibers, and they have numerous nutritional benefits. They also help to reduce cholesterol in overweight people and also people suffering from diabetes type 2.