19 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Eat Apples


Should Pregnant Women Eat Apples?

Now you`re at a phase when you should be careful what to eat and probably have a long list of recommendations. Your list is definitely incomplete without apples, as this is one of the best fruits for you at this time. Let`s see why!

19 Health Benefits of Apples for Pregnant Women

Rich in Protein

Eating sufficient quantities of apple enriches the bodies of pregnant women with protein for the benefit of their health and that of their expected babies.

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Pregnant women are at risk of developing gestational diabetes, which is a complicated condition for both mothers and fetuses. Apples ensure that their insulin levels are balanced, and they stay full for longer hours. This way, the fruit keeps diabetes at bay.

Prevent Nausea

Apples help relieve nausea during pregnancy. The stomachs of pregnant women get so sensitive that the levels of gastric acids heighten and lead to nausea. Regular consumption of apples in fruit or juice form during the first trimester helps to combat nausea.

Increase Appetite

Pregnant women can have some fresh apple juice or eat whole apples to get some lost appetite during pregnancy.

Prevents Swelling

During pregnancy, the stomach, feet, and some other parts of your body are swollen. Apples help a great deal with this situation.

Aid Digestion

Constipation and other digestion complications are common during pregnancy, due to inadequate intake of dietary fiber. Constant indigestion may cause harm to the fetus Apples are rich in dietary fiber and are great at treating indigestion during pregnancy. The more apples you eat during pregnancy, the better for your digestive system. Bite on those apples already!

Manage Body Weight

ScalePregnant women gain weight during pregnancy and can threaten their health if left unchecked. Apples have lots of super nutrients that maintain body weight. Consuming apples regularly helps pregnant women avoid the risks of high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps them deal with sweet cravings.

Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for protecting pregnant women from potential health risks caused by free radicals, toxins, DNA breakdown, chemicals, cancerous cells, and other health challenges. Pregnant women should eat lots of foods bursting with antioxidants. Apples are packed with flavonoid and polyphenolic that protect pregnant women from the unhealthy effects of oxidative stress. That`s not all, as apples are great for the immune system.

Boost Energy Levels

Many pregnant women have issues with their energy levels, due to various deficiencies and insufficient nutrients. Eating apples or drinking fresh apple juice increases energy levels during pregnancy.

Protect the  Heart

Apples contain plant compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids that promote heart health. Polyphenols prevent unhealthy (LDL) cholesterol from building up in the arteries. They also reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Also, regular consumption of apple juice enhances the lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status in the blood serum of pregnant women. That`s not all, as apple juice is rich in potassium, which is a necessary mineral for managing heart health. Potassium is also a vasodilator that lowers stress on the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. This is vital in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Reduce Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Regular consumption of apples lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, reduces the risk of diabetes, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. What more can a pregnant woman ask for?

Prevent DNA Breakdown

Free radicals are capable of causing damage to the health of pregnant women and fetuses. To avoid them, you should consume foods that are bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants that fight free radicals and toxins. Apples fall in this category and more specifically prevent DNA breakdown too.

Reduce the Risk of Premature Birth

Apples can help prevent the risks of premature birth. How? A major cause of premature birth is excessive bile secretion, and getting minerals and vitamins from apples can balance the bile secretion. What`s more? It’s effective for easing labor pain. Aren`t apples just wonderful?

Improve Liver Function

Apples contain malic acid, which makes them great at enhancing liver health. Apples also stimulate urination, while their alkalinity cleanses the toxins in the liver. This is beneficial to the health of pregnant women.

Alleviate Symptoms of Asthma

Apples contain anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties that make them effective at relieving the symptoms of asthma. Asthma can be devastating during pregnancy. Pregnant women who consume it regularly find it helpful in improving lung health and reducing the risk of pulmonary diseases.

Improve Eye Health

eyeApples are rich in vitamin A, which is popular for improving vision and preventing eye disorders. Regular consumption of apples will help prevent and correct eye disorders of pregnant women, and tremendously affect their babies` eyes positively.

Combats Cancer

Apples contain flavonoids and phenolic acids that are effective in preventing the development of tumors and cancerous cells, and by this, protect pregnant women and their expected babies. Regular consumption of apples may also reduce the risk of colon and lung cancers.

Promote Skin Health

The vitamin C and antioxidants in apples will make the skin of pregnant women healthy. Skin-related reactions such as inflammation, itching, infections, cracked skin, and wrinkles may not affect them.

Enhance Brain Health

Apples contain polyphenolic antioxidants that prevent the death of brain cells. Apples are also useful in treating neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The fruit`s antioxidant content combats cancerous cells and protects pregnant women from the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Interesting Apple Facts

  • Apples are a fabulous source of pectin.
  • An apple contains five grams of fiber.
  • Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, and yellows.
  • Europeans eat about 46 pounds of apples annually.
  • The average size of a United States orchard is 50 acres.
  • Some apple trees will grow over 40 feet high and live over 100 years.
  • Apples ripen 10 times faster at room temperature than when refrigerated.
  • Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol-free.
  • A medium apple has up to 80 calories in it.
  • The pilgrims planted the first United States apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Pomology is the science of growing apples.
  • Newton Pippin apples were the first apples exported from America in 1768, some were sent to Benjamin Franklin in London.
  • Apples are the second most valuable fruit grown in the United States. Oranges are first.
  • In colonial times, they called apples winter banana.
  • The largest U. S. apple crop was 277.3 million cartons in 1998.
  • The world’s top apple producers are the United States, Turkey, China, Poland, and Italy.
  • The api apple is one of the oldest varieties that exist.
  • Some cultivated types of apples usually grow up to 6 to 15 feet, while wild apples can reach 30 feet.
  • There are 2,500 varieties of apples in the United States.
  • 7,500 varieties of apples exist throughout the world.
  • Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.
  • Most apples are still picked by hand in the fall.
  • Apples are propagated by grafting or budding.

Now that you Know…

Are you pregnant? Or plan to be some time? Now you know that apples are just the right fruit for you. For the sake of yourself and your expected babies, do relish the delicious taste and nutritiousness of apples. Just like every other fruit, you are advised to eat apples in moderate quantities.