12 Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

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Why you Should Walk During Pregnancy

It is crucial to remain active and adapt to all the changes happening in your body during pregnancy. Walking is one of the best ways to do this because it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for women during pregnancy. Walking every day keeps the body fit and requires no equipment, fixed time, or money. Let`s discuss some benefits of walking during pregnancy.

12 Benefits of Walking for Pregnant Women

Maintains Body Weight

You know how pregnancy influences body weight, alongside the challenges women have losing weight after delivery. Going on frequent walks can help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent you from gaining more weight than required.

Improves Sleep

Has pregnancy disrupted your sleep pattern? Then slip into those walking shoes already. If you want to constantly have a good night’s rest in this phase you`re in, you need to make walking a habit. Walking for about half an hour every day will ease the tension and stress you have accumulated during the day and help you get enough sleep.

Relieves Body Pain

It`s natural to feel pain and discomfort in the muscles around your back and limbs. This is definitely not the time to sit idle. Try going on walks to ease muscular pain and feel much better.

Relaxes the Body

Taking a walk is one of the best activities you can engage in at this time to help you relax.  You constantly experience body aches and weakness, so a walk is definitely great for your body. Wear some lightweight clothing, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and hit the road already. What`s more? A walk will help clear your head and reduce the anxieties that come with pregnancy

Boosts your Immune Health

Your immune health is vital at this time more than ever because whatever affects you may also affect your baby. Going on a 30-minute walk every day will improve your blood circulation, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your metabolism. It will also eliminate toxins and keep your body healthy.

Combats High Blood Pressure

dates benefitsSome women experience fluctuating blood pressure levels during pregnancy, and that can be unhealthy, depending on the severity. Walking will do your heart some great benefit at this time. It will improve your overall circulatory health, and particularly prevent you from developing heart diseases.

Aids Digestion

Constipation and other digestion issues are inevitable during pregnancy. Here`s why you should go on frequent walks. Walking will support digestion and improve your metabolism. You could go on a walk after dinner to even get your food digested easily, and have a great night rest without indigestion issues.

Keeps Depression Away

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of emotional imbalance, and that`s not new. To protect your mental health, engage in frequent walking exercises. Walking benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing. As your body experiences wellness, your mind is also refreshed.

Reduced Risk of Miscarriages

Going on a walk for 30 minutes each day will control your blood circulation and prevent frequent hormonal changes that may lead to a miscarriage.

Glowing Skin

Walking improves blood circulation, and in turn, helps to maintain healthy skin. These walks will also expose your skin to the nourishing effects of vitamin D from the morning sun. This will reduce the symptoms of aging and some skin conditions like acne. It will also combat skin changes that may occur as a result of pregnancy.

Healthy Heart

Morning walks will reduce the risks of developing heart diseases and cause the muscles of your heart to work more effectively. Taking a 30-minute walk daily will regulate your blood pressure, and this, in turn, combats the development of a stroke or hypertension.

Cholesterol Level Management

Looking to control your blood cholesterol? Then hit the road already. Frequent walks and other physical activities will regulate your cholesterol levels and keep you and your baby healthy.

Tips for Safe Pregnancy Walking

You should speak with your doctor before going on walks during pregnancy; this way, you can tell if it`s safe for you and how far and frequent your walks can be. Warming up before going on a walk is essential. You may also take some time to stretch your body first, and also go on a fast-paced walk for two to three minutes. During your walk, you may take breaks when you feel exhausted, or even skip a day when you feel too.

First Trimester Walks

Morning sickness is common in the first trimester, as the body undergoes a lot of changes at this time. You don`t have to be straight-jacketed with your walks at this phase. Study your body and walk only when it`s comfortable. You may gradually increase the duration of the walks over time.

Second Trimester Walks

This trimester is the ideal time to increase the frequency and duration of your walks. Focus on maintaining a good body at this phase by keeping your shoulders back and head up. You should also swing your arms to make your walking sessions more intense, as well as give your body better balance. In all, ensure you don`t overwork yourself.

Third Trimester Walks

Pregnancy walk At this stage, your focus should be on mind-body posture. You may wear a belly support band or belt while walking to support your belly and lower back and avoid soreness in the lower back. Remember that it doesn`t hurt to take breaks when required, and don`t be too hard on yourself. You should also inform your loved ones of your destination and take a phone along.

More Pregnancy Walking Tips

Slow Down

It’s only natural that your steps become shorter when you’re pregnant. It’s okay not to move at the speed of light. Cover whatever distance you can within the allotted time, and be sure not to get overwhelmed.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable shoes with a good grip so don’t fall. Always choose the correct size. You may also add a gel liner inside the shoes for better shock absorption and more guaranteed safety.

Protect your Skin

Use sunscreen with SPF 30 if you’re walking outdoors. This will help you reduce the risk of melasma.

Hydrate yourself

Drink enough water before and after your walks to keep your body hydrated. You may also carry a water bottle along during your walks.

Eat Before Walking

Don’t go on walks hungry. Eat at least a snack 30 minutes before walking. Fruits are healthy snacks for you, particularly at this time. So try eating some bananas or apples if you’re not eating any food. This way, you’ll get some energy to walk. Remember, however, not to overeat.

Choose an Ideal Location

It’s okay to walk indoors or outdoors; the weather is a major determinant of where to walk. If it is humid, hot, or extremely cold outside, then it’s safe walking indoors. You may use a treadmill at home if you’ve got no space for a long walk. Just be sure to adhere to safety measures.

Amazing Pregnancy Facts

  • A baby has all of their fingerprints by 9-12 weeks in the womb.
  • At about four months into the pregnancy, a baby begins to urinate inside of its mother.
  • Water weight and other extra fluid make the feet of pregnant women swell.
  • Pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood, which is what makes them more forgetful.
  • Humans are the only mammals who do not ingest their placenta after birth.
  • Nine in ten women experience a change in skin tone during pregnancy.
  • The heart works harder and pumps more blood during pregnancy.
  • Some pregnant women lactate in late pregnancy when they hear someone else’s baby crying.