Herbs and Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

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What Herbs Can Make you Gain Weight?

Although it appears that the entire universe wants to lose weight, there are still people who need to gain weight. Because some people are underweight, some have a high metabolism, and others just desire to gain weight, healthy weight gain remains a relevant discourse. If you desire to gain weight healthily, there are herbs you could include in your diet. Don’t know which to use? Keep reading, so we reveal the weight gain herbs to you.

Top 10 Herbs for Healthy Weight Gain

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle is used in bitter tonics to increase appetite, improve digestion and cause weight gain. People who struggle with being underweight will find it super helpful.


Gentian roots are effective at treating people who suffer low appetite and unwanted weight loss. The roots also help the body absorb food properly, and increases bile flow, as well as gastric sensations. It is a bitter herb, and like many other bitter herbs, it increases appetite.


Cannabis is one of the most effective herbs that increase appetite and help people add some weight. Because cannabis is only used for medicinal purposes in the US and some other countries, you will require a prescription to purchase it legally.


Chamomile contains some appetite-increasing properties. Consuming it daily will improve your appetite and cause some remarkable changes in your weight. If you are underweight, chamomile and its extracts are your go-to solutions.

Custard Apple

Custard apple is a reliable herb for weight management. It has a cooling impact on the body and increases the chances of weight gain. Custard apple also works effectively to counteract anorexia.


Licorice is an effective natural supplement for healthy weight gain. It is particularly ideal for people who suffer weak immunity. It is an immunity-boosting and weight enhancement herb.


This popular Indian herb is celebrated for its rich and natural supplements. It increases appetite, boosts energy, and combats fatigue. Incorporating ashwagandha in a nutritious diet will definitely bring about some healthy weight gain.


gingerFor many years, people have used ginger to treat intestinal issues. It is effective at treating nausea, an upset stomach, and dyspepsia. It also boosts appetite. That`s not all, as ginger warms the digestive tract.

Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots are a rich herbal supplement that increases appetite and aid weight gain. They’re also highly nutritious, and as a result, enrich the body, in addition to supporting weight gain.

Chen Pi

This dried citrus peel supplement improves the digestive system and increases appetite. It also treats dyspepsia and serves as a relaxant. What’s more? It increases appetite and boosts the body’s natural secretions. It also gives some relief from abdominal distention.

17 Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

Prepare yourself Mentally

The initial and probably most important part of weight management is mental readiness. To gain weight healthily, you need to prepare yourself for the journey. Be ready to adhere to dietary and lifestyle changes. Remember that this is not about mindless eating; it is a healthy process.

Set your Goals

A healthy weight gain plan should not attain higher than 5kg of additional weight per week. This way, you gradually gain some weight healthily, without blowing it out of proportion.

Plan your Meals and Stick to it

The idea is not to eat whatever comes your way. No! You should plan your meals and ascertain what you’re incorporating into them to achieve your weight gain goals. You’re also advised to set up an eating schedule that you can stick with long-term.

Avoid Junk Foods

Although snacks, cakes, cookies, and crisps may cause weight gain, they’re not healthy foods and could increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Understand your Body

Because of their genes, some may people may find it extra difficult to gain weight. Whatever the case is, just ensure that your weight is healthy, and you’re fit. You may see your doctor to know what your minimum weight should be.

Sleep Well

Quality sleep does many wonders, and healthy weight gain is one of them. Other benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are stress and anxiety reduction. By all means, sleep well, especially now that you plan to gain some weight.

Seek Treatment

If you remain underweight, despite your efforts to gain weight, please see a doctor to get proper treatment. You may need to get some physical, as well as mental examination, depending on what your doctor diagnoses.

Reduce Cardio; Focus on Muscle-Building Workouts

Your weight may be too low for the calories you burn during cardio-based work out sessions. You may just need to take a cardio break and focus on building muscles instead. Doing lots of reps with small weights will help to tone your muscles, however, using heavier weights with low reps will do the actual muscle-building that you need.

Don’t Hit the Gym Daily

picture of a woman exercisingInasmuch as workouts will help you, ensure you give your body a lot of rest between workouts. It’s okay to go to the gym only twice or thrice per week if you’re on a weight gain plan.

Go on a Little Walk Before Eating

Doing some form of physical activity before having your meals can help stimulate your appetite. You may go on a walk or do some light exercise to make you feel hungrier without burning too many calories.

Consume 200-300 More Calories than you Burn Daily

This is an effective way to meet your weight gain goals more weight quickly. It must have become obvious to you that on this weight gain journey, you have to be calculative, particularly with calories.

Track your Calories and Exercise

You should keep track of how many calories you consume and how many you expend. This way, you can target the areas where you need to make healthy changes in order to achieve your healthy weight gain goals.

Be Happy

As you begin your weight gain journey, be sure to do the things that make you happy. Celebrate your success as you achieve your goals, and encourage yourself when you fall short. Buy yourself new clothes to look for good on your new weight, and just give yourself treats. Your state of mind at this time is crucial to the achievement of your goals.

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is your most important meal as a weight-seeker; take it seriously. It gives you a healthy dose of calories to start your day on a healthy note. It also makes up for other meals you may miss later in the day.

Add Extra Protein to your Meals

Do you want to get 200 calories per day? Then you just read a healthy way to do so. Extra servings of lean protein in your diet will go a long way in helping you achieve your weight gain goals faster. That`s not all, as it will also help you gain some muscles. So lean proteins should be your companion during your weight gain season.

Consume Healthy Carbs

Carbs are your go-to nutrient at this time when you desire to gain some weight. Add some healthy, simple carbs, such as white rice, and pasta to your meals to do better with your weight gain goals.

Drink a Glass of Red Wine Before Eating

Having a small glass of red wine before dinner can increase your appetite and help you enjoy your meals more. And of course, away from your weight gain goals, you get to enrich your heart with red wine.