14 Tips to Stay Healthy

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How to Stay Healthy

Everyone wants to be healthy, and you definitely want to stay healthy too. Today, there are many studies and researches aimed at better understanding how to attain the best health status in humans. You know, as the cliché goes, health is wealth. You obviously cannot buy good health, neither can you pay to maintain good health. If your health is poor, you really can’t enjoy life to the fullest.
The average health status of the world’s human population today is not great. A lot comes with urbanization, radical technological advancements, and the adoption of a less active lifestyle around the world. For some reason, there’s a spike in the mortality rate of people due to medical complications and new threats to human health. Cancer has become an increasingly worrying subject in developed countries, and we are now working tirelessly toward finding a cure to new forms of diseases.
Now, that looks pretty bad. But what if we can improve our health and reduce the risk of facing any of these health dangers? There are some trusted ways you can stay healthy and worry less about complications or diseases. Here are our 16 tips for you to stay healthy.

14 Tips to Stay Healthy

Exercise Regularly

No surprise why this is topping our list. If you want to stay healthy, you must exercise regularly. There are several types of exercises that can be beneficial to your health. You may choose to engage in simple aerobic workouts which exercise the muscles of your heart and energize your body. Workouts like jogging or walking can improve your health in ways you may not imagine. You can keep your exercise schedule at 30 minutes daily.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Most times, all that is needed to avoid going down with flu is to maintain proper hygiene. You should make it a personal culture to maintain good hygiene. Bathe regularly, brush frequently, and wash your clothing too. Hand sanitizers are a great way to keep bacteria and other harmful microbes away from your hands. Your kitchen must be neat at all times — you don’t want to have insects and rodents invading your meals.

Reduce your Intake of Salt

We all use salt in our cooking, and it’s cool, but a little too much can be hazardous to your health. You must mind how much salt you consume daily and make sure you are using lesser quantities of salt. Adding too much in your meals may cause high blood pressure and some other heart complications. It will be best if you consume less than a teaspoon of salt per day, this will keep your daily sodium intake under 2,300 mg.

Watch your Diet

You should watch what you eat. When people say that you are what you eat, they obviously don’t mean you are food. The type of food you eat can have a positive or negative effect on your health over time. You will steer clear from unhealthy fats and meals high in bad cholesterol if you want to reduce the risks of developing heart disease. Processed foods are usually unfriendly to your health too because of the overload of calories and harmful forms of fat.
Being inclined to eating more junk food is an invitation to obesity, hypertension, stroke, and other poor health conditions. You will be wise to stick with fruits and vegetables which will provide you with much need nourishment from vitamins, fiber, minerals, and water. When watching your diet, take note of the unhealthy and potentially damaging meals, then move on to remove them from your diet. Eat with moderation and gradually eradicate junk food from your menu.

Have a Balanced Diet

We have talked about watching your diet and the sort of food you eat. If you want to be on the safe side, always have a balanced diet. To eat well doesn’t mean eating much, you only need to eat just about enough of what is right.
You may combine and space your meals in such a way that you enjoy all the essential nutrients in the right proportion. Your daily diet should be having enough proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals and carbohydrates.

Practice Yoga

The popularity of yoga can be credited to its widespread use to improve the quality of life of those who practice it. Yoga builds your body and mind. It can improve your physique by working on every muscle in your body. A sound mind has an effect on your health status, and so yoga improves your mental wellbeing too.

Don’t Sit Continuously for Long Hours

Always avoid sitting in one position for extended periods of time. A sedentary lifestyle eventually leads to poor health. Long hours of sitting on a spot may make your muscles get weaker when your metabolism slows down.
Try to move around as often as you can, get up from your seat frequently and move around if you find yourself sitting for too long.

No Late-Night Meals

Some recent health studies have shown the relationship between eating late-night meals and health complications such as obesity. If you have been eating late, try to stop doing so as soon as you can.

Avoid Smoking

Many people smoke habitually and have different motivations for it; it might just be a casual habit too. Whatever it is, smoking is terribly bad for human health. Cigarette smoking increases the risks of having lung diseases, cancer, and heart problems. If you want to have a truly healthy lifestyle, you must quit smoking.

Get Proper Sleep

Peach Juice: Benefits and Side EffectsAdequate rest for your body comes when you sleep properly. If you deprive yourself of sleep, your body will react negatively to not having rest. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is ideal for your body every day. When you get enough sleep, your mind and body are rejuvenated for every day’s tasks. Sleep also improves your productivity and keeps fatigue away.
What`s more? Sleep enhances cognitive development and better metabolism. You will be dealing with less stress, and this will keep heart diseases at bay. Your immune system becomes stronger as a result of proper rest at night.

Control your Alcohol Intake

Sometimes, you want to have a little bit of fun and get more relaxed, but this should not push you into the habit of excessive alcohol consumption. The World Health Organization estimates 3 million deaths worldwide are directly linked to the abuse of alcohol. Too much alcohol in your system can be very detrimental to your health.
Aside from intoxication and the many dangers you are exposed to, alcohol takes a heavy toll on your liver, and may cause some damage in the long run. Drink your liquor moderately and abstain from it as much as you can if you really want to stay healthy.

Check Nutrition Labels

This is something many of us don’t do; we sometimes say that we really don’t have the time to read the package of our food! If you are so occupied, always dedicate less than a minute to check the nutritional label of whatever you are eating if there’s one. You have to know what nutrients you are consuming and how much of them too. You’ll be looking out for the amount of sugar, saturated fats, sodium, and trans fats that are in your packaged foods.

Have Plenty of Fluids

Stay hydrated, stay healthy. Your body needs enough water to function optimally. If you are not drinking enough water, you will be reducing the functionality of your body system and risking health complications. Your body needs a minimum of eight glasses of water to allow it to flush out toxic substances and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Avoid Pessimistic Thinking

You might be wondering how your thoughts are connected to your physical health. A poor mentality can encourage poor health to get even worse. Always think positively and maintain an optimistic attitude.