12 Yoga Exercises for Slimming the Face

Can Yoga Exercises Slim the Face?

It`s not surprising that yoga is a physiological exercise that a larger percentage of the civilized world today is acquainted with. The practice of yoga is an ancient one that originates from the Asian continent and aims to promote the unity of the body, mind and the world around. Although we recognize the ancient history of yoga, it is difficult to make an accurate account of its inception or say the exact time it began. Yoga, from inception, was an exercise aimed at affecting the physical and spiritual wellbeing of those who practice it. It is meant to create a unique form of harmony between your body and mind.

You can also use yoga to change the way you stand or walk. You can extend this to the adjustment of the shape and size of some parts of your body, including your face! Surprised? If you didn’t know before now, yoga can affect the shape of your face. So, if your face is a little too round or chubby, you can ditch such a look for a slim and less round shape.

There are many other exercises that are aimed at changing your facial look and making your face slimmer. Yoga exercises are 100 percent natural practice and they`re not radical. They can also make permanent impressions on your body shape and posture.

12 Yoga Exercises for Slimming the Face

Jalandhar Bandha or the Chin Lock

Jalandhar Bandha is one of the famous yoga positions that can easily change your facial attributes. This pose helps you to have a more defined face shape. It also helps to tone the muscles along the jawline. As the name implies, the chin lock has a significant impact on your chin; it is an effective way to cancel double chins out.
The Jalandhar Bandha pose is easy to understand, all you need to do is to maintain the position for some time.

Here’s how to do the chin lock pose: Assume a lotus position while sitting and breathe deeply. Keep your hands on your knees and let your sternum connect with your chin, then allow your head to tilt forward, bending downward.

Chin Lift

chin liftThe Chin Lift is a yoga practice that affects your neck, jaw, chin, and throat. It is another exercise that works against the double chin.
You can assume this pose while standing or sitting. After making yourself comfortable, look up toward the sky and allow your eyes to follow the same movement. Squeeze your lips and extend them as if you are kissing the sky. Keep this pose for a few minutes and repeat it after some time.

Simha Mudra or the Lion Pose

This pose is one of the types of asanas that work on the muscles of your face. It strengthens your neck and protects your thyroid glands.
There are a series of body movements with which you can achieve the lion pose. One of the movements is by putting your hands on both of your thighs while you are kneeling. Open your mouth as wide as you can, allow your tongue to push against your chin; be sure to drop your jaw while doing this, then breathe loudly till you make a loud sound like a roar. Continue doing this numerous times at once.

The Mouthwash Technique

The Mouthwash Technique is an oral exercise that benefits your face. It is a proven way of curbing double chin and toning your cheek.
Pump your mouth full with air, then start mimicking the movements of rinsing your mouth with the air in it, just as you would with water or a mouthwash. This is meant to allow the air to push against the inner walls of your mouth, from one side to another. You can do this as long as you can before expelling the air and then repeat the process.

Cheek Uplift

The Cheek Uplift, just as the name implies, helps you to give shape to your cheeks. It is a great way to shape your cheekbones and remove some fat around them. To achieve this pose, you must be seated and well balanced in that position. Give a wide smile and put both hands on your cheeks. Use both your index and middle fingers to make the contact. Use your middle fingers and index fingers to raise your cheeks toward your eyes. Keep your cheeks held up to this position for about 15 seconds before releasing them. You can repeat this pose continually for a few more rounds.

Jivha Bandha

The Jivha Bandha, also known as the Locked Tongue Pose, is another yoga exercise that can help you achieve your slimmer face goal. It shapes your face and supports its muscles. This pose will also make your jawline have a definite shape.
To practice Jivha Bandha, you must first assume a lotus position or a cross-seated posture while sitting. Keep your hands on your laps and curl your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Hold your tongue in that position as you slowly open your mouth until you sense a tightness in your throat. While doing this, make sure you breathe normally. Keep this going at different intervals.

The Fish Face

This position helps to fix your flabby cheeks and tones the muscles around them by stretching them tight. This posture is a simple one: You only need to contort your face like that of a fish and try smiling. To create the fish’s face, suck in your lips and your cheeks. You are to continue this until you feel your cheeks and jaw burning — by now, you can release it and try again from time to time.

The Jaw Release

This is a chin and jaw exercise. The Jaw Release cuts out the true shape of your cheekbones for you by properly building the muscles surrounding them. It prevents the development of double chin and manages it if you already have one.
While sitting, close your mouth and chew on nothing as if you are actually eating. A few seconds later, open your mouth as wide as you can and put your tongue on your lower set of teeth. Keep breathing normally as you do this.

Eye Focus

yoga exercises for face slimmingThis yoga posture is particularly beneficial to the region around your eyes. It will make an impression on your face as a slimmer one.
Keep your eyes wide open without wrinkling your brows, then concentrate on a particular object from a distance. Do this for some ten or fifteen seconds before relaxing and trying it out four more times.

Neck Roll

An active neck and any form of movements involving the neck is the most reliable way to stop the development of a double chin. They strengthen your neck muscles and tone your jawline and cheeks. This exercise also prevents the surfacing of wrinkles on your skin.
You can take this pose while sitting.

While sitting, keep your head straight as you look forward, then turn your head in a circular movement, maintaining a straight spine and shoulder. These movements should both go anti-clockwise and clockwise. Keep this going with leveled shoulders.

Blowing Air

This exercise builds up the muscles of your face and neck. The Blowing Air pose also counters the growth of a double chin and slims down your face.

While you hold the erection of your spine, slowly bend your head backward until your eyes are looking up to the sky. Begin to blow some air out with your lips pulled out for about ten seconds before you relax. You will continue this process until you’ve done it about ten times.

Lip Pull

The lip pull helps you to put off an older look by giving you a more pronounced jawline and promoting firmer muscles around your face. To practice the Lip Pull, you can make yourself comfortable while sitting or standing. Make sure you are looking straight ahead as you start lifting your lower lip to its extreme. Let this go on for some minutes before you release your lip and lower jaw from the stretch. You can repeat the Lip Pull a couple of times.