9 Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size

9 Natural Ways to Reduce breast Size

How to Reduce Breast Size

The breasts, or mammary glands, undergo a physical development in the female as soon as she hits puberty. Like most parts of our body, breasts vary in size and even shape from one person to another. However, you may acknowledge that your breasts are too small, too big, or just perfect for your body size. There are numerous factors that affect your breast size at one point in time or another. For example, you may notice that your breasts have increased in weight during or after a pregnancy period — this happens often. The size and weight of your breasts can make you feel uncomfortable or a little bit too self-aware. We`ll discuss a few causes of the changes you experience in breast size, and suggest how to restore them to a smaller size.

Before we identify the safe and natural ways to reduce your breast size, let’s consider some factors affecting the size of your breasts.

4 Factors that Affect Breast Size

Genes and Genetics

Genes control human growth and development to a considerable extent. They influence the level and quantity of hormones responsible for the growth of your breasts and their tissues.


As you age, your breasts are most likely going to sag. This is a perfectly normal experience caused by the weakening of breast ligaments and tissues that are meant to be holding them firmly together.

Body Weight

A significant part of the tissues that make up the mammary gland comprises fat and other fat-based contents. Your body weight can significantly affect the physical appearance of your breasts. Breast size changes as you gain body weight, and when you lose some weight too.


Lactating women produce breast milk with the aid of some hormones. Your breasts swell and deflate while you produce milk and when you stop. As your breasts are inflated and deflated in intervals, their shapes and sizes will change too.

These are just a few factors that might be affecting the size of the breasts. The following are natural ways to reduce your breast size using natural methods or substances.

9 Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size


Ginger roots can be of great help to you if you are looking to reduce the size of your breasts and stop them from sagging. Your breasts’ tissues contain fats, so burning some of the excess fat will help keep your breasts in shape and maintain a moderate size. The consumption of ginger or ginger tea will speed up metabolic activities that will burn off accumulated fats. Try to drink some ginger tea about three times daily. If you are not familiar with preparing this tea, get a cup of water, one teaspoon of shredded ginger, and some honey. Boil the shreds of ginger in a cup of water for not less than five minutes, strain the brew, and add some honey to it.

Green Tea

A woman holding a cup of teaGreen tea is a healthy option for women looking to cut down on the fat causing their breasts to grow out of its natural size. Green tea is loaded with the antioxidants that will help to improve the metabolic rate of your body. About four cups of green tea daily should bring you the desired result after some time.

Fenugreek Paste

Yes, this paste is made from fenugreek seeds. Measure three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soak them in some water a night before use. You’ll then grind the fenugreek seeds and turn it into a paste. This paste has the ability to help your breasts keep their firmness and this, in the long run, will preserve the size of your breasts. It is a natural procedure for reducing breast size and minimizing sagging. Rub fenugreek paste on your breasts and leave it to dry up before washing it off. Apply fenugreek paste over three times daily and see the difference.

Fish Oil

Estrogen is a hormone, secreted by your ovaries, which influences female sexual development. It can boost breast fat and milk, which in turn increases the size of your breasts. Fish oil contains some fatty acids that work against estrogen activities, so this can make your breast return to a moderately small size. You can get fish oil from supplements or cooked fish. You should take fish oil supplements 1000mg a day, or eat cooked fish once in two days.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is another natural means of burning body fat. If you take Garcinia Cambogia frequently, your body will experience an increased metabolic rate and a lower body weight — this will further reduce your breast size. Get Garcinia Cambogia supplements and take about 400 mg of the supplement three times daily.


Flaxseeds, just like the fatty acids in fish oils, have anti-estrogen properties. Flaxseeds can help you reduce estrogen levels in your body. The control of your sex hormone will also control the growth of your breasts. You can consume flaxseeds in either of the following ways: mix ground flaxseeds (about a tablespoon) in a glass of warm water before drinking, or pour flaxseed powder in your food and drinks. Consume flaxseeds in these manners once every day.

Neem and Turmeric

After pregnancy or during breastfeeding periods, women usually experience swollen breasts. This is as a result of an increase in breast milk production and inflammation of the mammary gland. You can reverse this using turmeric powder and neem leaves. Drinking a juice based on neem and turmeric daily will cut down the size of your breasts after a few months. Boil some fresh neem leaves in 4 glasses of water for 10 minutes, strain the neem tea, and allow it to get warm before mixing two teaspoons of turmeric powder and honey. This drink will ease your breasts of any inflammation and reduce the amount of fat deposits in your breasts.


The type of food you eat and your pattern of consumption can really affect how your body grows. Diet plays an important role in breast growth and development. For instance, a high-calorie diet will result in weight gain and bigger breasts. In other words, your breasts add weight just as you gain more body weight.
This means that if your diet is based on meals with a modest amount of calories and fats, you will most likely have lesser fat content added to your breasts. You should avoid a fat-based diet with foods like cheese, red meat, and oily fried snacks. Increase your intake of fruits and dark green vegetables; cooked fish is also a rich source of protein with low-fat levels.


picture of a woman exercisingExercising is a great and more direct way to keep your body in shape; it will drastically burn calories away and reduce body fat after a few dedicated weeks. Here are some exercises which can help you burn more calories and reduce breast size.

5 Best Exercises for Reducing Breast Size


This is an effective way to get rid of excess fat in your body and reduce overall body weight. A quick jog for about 30 minutes in the morning, twice or thrice weekly, should be enough to shed off those extra calories and fat accumulating in your boobs.


Just like jogging, push-ups reduce body fats — specifically in the bust and abdominal regions of your body. This exercise develops your chest and makes your breasts firmer.


Yoga is well known for its flexible body posture and position exercise. Some yoga postures such as Half Moon Pose and the Prayer Pose also make your bust area firmer, and this can also affect the size of your breasts. These yoga poses will improve your posture if you continue taking out time to regularly practice them.


Swimming strokes build the muscles around the chest and shoulders. Regular swimming controls the development of your breasts and maintains a regular shape by strengthening the tissues holding your breasts firmly together.


You can have a daily breast massage using olive oil or coconut oil. A warm breast massage can reduce large deposits of breast fats and make your breasts firmer. Just get a moderately warm coconut oil or olive oil and rub your breasts in an upward circular motion. This massage should last about ten minutes before you wash the oil off.

Now that you Know…

These are proven ways to reduce your breast size. Maintain a healthier diet, drink more water, exercise, and avoid processed food and drinks. You should also wear the right bra size for your breasts. These tips will give you a smaller, firmer and perkier set of boobs.