Seven Uncommon Exercises you should Know


Time for chest workouts? You probably have barbell bench press in mind. How about the shoulders? Maybe military press. Conventional exercises are great, no doubt. However, there comes a time when your body says a resounding NO to these regular work-outs simply because it is tired of being subjected to the same body movements. After all, variety, they say, is the spice of life! *winks*

Exercises are important for healthy living. In fact, the important roles they play cannot be overemphasized. However, you might have gotten used to the usual exercises and so, adjusting the work-outs you do becomes a little weird. But then, what do you do when the same old exercises haven’t left any appreciable difference on your body? Definitely, you try something else. And talking about something else, here in this article, we will discuss seven uncommon exercises for uncommon muscle and body health.

But before then…

What Are the Benefits of Exercise?


You probably must have heard how exercise is important for you. Especially for the teens, fitness experts recommend about one hour of light to vigorous exercising every day. Now, we’ll take a run-down of a few extra benefits you could derive from exercise.

Exercises Are Good for the Mind as Well

exerciseRegular exercise stimulates the body to produce chemicals which cause the body to feel good and make you generally happy. What’s more? Exercising also helps you sleep faster. other psychological issues to get out of their problems.

Exercises Keep you Looking Fresher

skinBy burning calories, regularly exercising helps you look fresh and good. People who carry out regular work-outs burn calories — more than those who don’t. And that is important in you looking trim and taut, rather than being fat and chubby.

And, of course, if exercise helps you lose weight considerably, then you do not need a soothsayer to know that it also helps in combating weight-related diseases!

Exercising also Helps you Age Slowly

womanWant to remain young forever? Keep at your exercise schedule. You’re probably thinking, ‘but this isn’t important right now, is it?’ While you may be correct, if you do not pay attention to your body outlook in your youth, you may end up living your old age full of regrets.

For example, osteoporosis — a disease that causes weakening of the bones — usually affects a sizeable number of people at old age. And of course you don’t want that for yourself, so it’s better you hit the gym asap!

Uncommon Exercises for Uncommon Health

As much as it is important for you to hit the gym regularly, it is important for you to take the best exercise regimen for you.

And so, we’re gonna talk about seven uncommon exercises you can rely on to keep you feeling healthy and strong. Shall we?

One-arm Dumbbell Floor Press (Extended Range)

Target Region: Chest and Thoracic Region

You’re probably thinking right now, ‘what exactly is unique about this?’ Well, it’s quite simple. You lie on the floor. You tilt your body to one side at a time, especially in the front end. What’s more? You could choose to make this work-out harder by employing a kettlebell if the dumbbell doesn’t match your expectations.

Besides, easing this exercise into your workout schedule is as easy as you could think. All you need do is kick off with the heavy bilateral movements. You can carry out this unique exercise just before or immediately after single joint chest exercises. Usually, 3 sets of 10-12 reps should do the magic for you.

Cuban Press


Target Region: Rotator Cuffs and Shoulders

The shoulder and rotator cuffs movement required for this exercise is quite different from the usual seated dumbbell press. You start this exercise with your body positioned in a scarecrow manner, with your arms parallel to the ground and your hands pointing downwards.

There are various methods with which you can carry out this exercise, however, it’s better you begin with an outward rotation, then go right into the shoulder press.

The Cuban press passes for an excellent warm-up for your shoulder days at the gym; it can also be done after heavy presses, with about 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Key Tip

While doing the Cuban Press, you should ensure a smooth motion between inhalation and exhalation.

Hold your breath and stabilize your torso right after inhalation, then exhale at the end of each rep.

Calf Machine Shoulder Shrug

Target Region: Upper Traps

This time around, there’s a slight shift from the normal. Instead of handling the weight or dumbbell, the load rests comfortably on your shoulders. If straps cause you to lose your hold on weights, the shoulder shrug could help do more reps.

Like every other uncommon exercise, easing the shoulder shrug into your work out isn’t that difficult. You can easily do this exercise instead of the usual upper traps. Do it for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps and you’re good to go!

Key Tip

If you happen to train in a tank top or something of that sort, do make sure to place a towel or two above your shoulders so you don’t begin to feel uncomfortable when your shoulders start to pull on the pads.

Clean from Blocks 

Target Region: Entire Body 

Why`s this Exercise Unique?

This exercise is a variation of an Olympic powerlifting move which has been proven useful for Cross Fit trainees. Apart from taking care of your upper limbs, taking a squat after meeting the bar will easily wear out your quadriceps.

Easing this exercise into your work-out involves doing this after your usual squats for 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps. However, the use of moderate weight is advised.

Key Tip

Because of the complexity of the move, it is important that you grasp the exact motion before proceeding to add more weight.

Box Skip

Box Skip

Target Region: Hamstring and Secondary Muscles 

To do this plyometric bodyweight move, you’ll need two boxes, separated by a distance of about eight feet. As is the case with most plyometric moves, you need an explosive motion to rise as high as you can.

Including this move in your work out involves first doing it in your hamstring workouts for 3 sets of 10 reps, or on the days you’re sure not to hit the gym, so long as you won’t be doing any thigh training within the next 48 hours.

Cable Incline Pushdown 

Target Region: Lower Lats 

This exercise is quite akin to a straight-arm pulldown combined with a pull-over. In doing this, it’s important you ensure that the bars are coming all the way down to your thighs and not stopping somewhere around your bowels. This will ensure that your lower lats are well engaged.

This exercise is best carried out last in your back work-out for 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Farmer`s Walk 

Farmer`s Walk

Target Region: Entire Body

Sometimes you may wonder, what do the world’s strongest men do to toughen their grip and forearms? Well, we’re pleased to announce that this is it. Even more unique about this exercise is the fact that it’s not done for the normal reps, but for distance — or even time.

Ideally, this should start your grip, shoulder and arm work-outs because once your grip gets tired, you’re as good as useless at the gym. It’s best you attempt 3 sets of 50-100 steps.

Finally Words…

It’s important to note that there are other unique exercises, however, these are highly beneficial in keeping you healthy and strong. You should maintain a good diet to complement excellent exercising and you’ll lead a happy life!



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