Weight Loss The Right Way

6 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

I have had my fair share of frustrating weigh-ins on the scale. It almost makes you want to completely give up on your weight loss journey. What gives? You have followed all the rules. You cut down on calories, you ignored the snickers bar on sale at the checkout counter, and generally, you did a good job of making sure that you didn’t eat past 7 pm, so why are your love handles still not budging, and your back fat? why is it still there? If this is your story, fear not, many people including myself are on this same journey and continue to struggle to find the answers to these tough questions. Thankfully, there are some answers to some of these very tough questions and I am here to share them with you. Here are some of the possible reasons why you are not losing the weight as you should. Hopefully, you will find this helpful and implement it in your life accordingly.


I know this seems like a strange concept, but it is, in fact, a harsh reality. Many times, when we are faced with a multitude of stressful conditions, overeating can become an unhealthy habit. What happens here is that whenever we are faced with immensely stressful, adrenaline inducing situation, our brains immediately kick into overdrive and produce chemicals such as  adrenaline and cortisol. I talked about adrenaline in my past article and how it can produce “fight or flight” feelings in our bodies. When the adrenaline wears off in our bodies, cortisol takes over and reminds our brains that we need food. It is at that point that we reach for an extra piece of pumpkin pie, or whatever other unhealthy food is within reach.

How to fix it

Exercise a sense of self-control that is unbreakable. Learn to say “no” to your cravings when you are under very stressful situations, and if there is ever a situation whereby you actually feel hungry or in the mood to eat, aim for healthier food options, and you will see the difference in your waistline.


There is no denying that beer has a rich, amazing taste (depending on how you view it though, and what brand you like). Many people drink beer for social purposes. They reach for a bottle, and then another, and another until they have a large pile of beer bottles next to them. It is an addictive, delicious drink quite alright, but on the contrary, it is very bad for your overall well-being. On average, a can of beer has about 155 calories. If you are socially drinking with friends, chances are that you will consume more than one can of beer. It is best to watch out for this by being very careful with your general beer consumption because it is fattening and does add to the weight around your belly area most specifically.


How to fix it

Avoid beer and alcohol in general, at all costs. I know that this may sound out of reach, because what is a super bowl party without a crate of bud light ready to go, right? But doctors have confirmed that beer is one of the most calorie-dense drinks, and tends to cause immense weight loss. If you are out with friends and have an insatiable need for a drink, opt for clearer drinks like vodka (in moderation, of course). It has fewer calories but also has a less appealing taste in general.

Insufficient Sleep

Many times when we suffer from stress and anxiety, we become so overwhelmed that we lose sleep. Sleep is a very vital piece of weight loss. A lack of sleep may disrupt the functioning of ghrelin and leptin, which are the main chemicals that control our appetite. We also crave carbs when we are tired or grumpy from lack of sleep. Finally, not getting our precious sleep really destroys our willpower and ability to resist temptation when it comes to making smart choices about food.

How to fix it

Sleep! I am not saying that you should totally abandon your regular routine and become a couch potato, all I am saying is that in order to achieve the weight loss that you are looking for, your body needs ample sleep to rejuvenate itself and prepare to burn calories during your weight loss journey.

No Cardio? That’s Wrong!

Cardio is the heartbeat of weight loss. Effective and sustainable weight loss is rooted in a person’s ability to go the extra mile and exercise even when it seems like cardio is a waste of time. The truth is that the diet aspect of weight loss is totally useless without any cardio plan set in place. These days, many health coaches and quite a number of people online say that it is not compulsory to do cardio because there are other ways to get in shape, but cardio has been, and will always be an effective weight loss measure. A person needs to have a plan to sweat it out somehow, or else their efforts are entirely in vain.

How to fix it

Go running, join a Zumba class, start jogging, get a gym membership and stick to it. Remember not to exhaust yourself though, you have other parts of your life to attend to, so don’t forget that. In choosing a type of cardio that works for you, remember that people are different in their preferences. While I may enjoy sprint running on a treadmill based on my body structure, you may not enjoy it as much, so it is all based on your preference.

Health Conditions

There are some health conditions that trigger weight loss, as well as make it very difficult to lose some of the accumulated weight. An example of such a health condition is: sleep apnea, which is a condition whereby the brain just doesn’t get enough oxygen during a sleep cycle to properly function. This leaves the victim of sleep apnea feeling groggy, always tired and exhausted; making your life unbearably miserable. In North America, up to 30% of men suffer from sleep apnea, and about 15% of females have it. This is a pretty big statistic considering the fact that sleep apnea can really affect your lifestyle.

How to fix it

It is important to talk to your doctor about sleep apnea and any other medical condition that you feel may be inhibiting your weight loss efforts; speak candidly with your doctor about your options.

Too Many Carbs

Carbs are great for energy but horrible for weight loss progress. While it is good to take them once in a while, they are generally not good for sustaining a weight loss action plan or regimen, because they will not help to show you the results that you need. Because carbohydrates are dense, it is often difficult for the body to further break them down, and this can cause you to have significant weight gain.

carbs breads baked foods

How to fix it

Cut down your carb intake, and replace it with more green vegetables and protein instead. The added advantage that protein gives you on your weight loss journey is that it boosts your metabolism and also reduces weight, but in the same light, if you do not eat more calories than you burn, then that could end up being a problem in the long run as well. There has to be a healthy balance during the whole process.


Although weight loss can be a hard journey, it is totally doable. Do not feel the need to give up at any point. Instead, if you are not seeing the results that you want, then it is time to regroup, carry out some research and execute your plan again. You’ll be glad that you did.