11 Health Risks of Skipping Breakfast

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Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

What are your excuses for skipping breakfast? Are you trying to keep fit? Do you think making breakfast early in the morning would make you get to work late? Or do you just skip it for skipping sake? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are skipping breakfast for no good reason, and you are doing it at your health expense.

Despite the warnings everywhere by medical practitioners about the risks you expose yourself to when you miss breakfast, people still ignore this warning and live their lives without breakfast while expecting that they will remain healthy.

The effects of skipping breakfast are attached to so many health issues, aside from the fact that it exposes you to poor eating habits. You might be asking yourself what exactly the effect of this act is, follow me through this article, and I will show you all that you are likely to suffer from if you continue to live without breakfast.

As trivial or minute as you think it might be, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can decide to miss lunch or combine lunch with dinner, but missing breakfast is a ‘don’t’ and should be stopped if you have made it your daily habit. If you are interested in knowing if you should keep skipping breakfast or if you should stop it with immediate effect, I would suggest you look through this article and then make your final decision at the end of it.

Excuses for Missing Breakfast

  • ‘I Am Watching My Weight’

Most people believe that in a bid to keep fit, one of the ways of being on a diet is skipping breakfast. Such belief is so erroneous, and this can cost you your general well-being.

  • ‘I Will Be Late for Work; I Do Not Have Time For Breakfast’

I know you love your job, and you are meant to resume by 7 am, but this, however, is not a good excuse for skipping breakfast.

  • ‘My Stomach Does Not Open Up to Food Before 11 am’

This is not a good reason for you to put your life at risk. If your stomach does not open up to food before that time, why not train your stomach to get used to opening up for breakfast in order to save you from health issues. You own your stomach, not the other way round.

  • ‘I Am Always Too Lazy to Cook In The Morning’

What if I told you that this laziness of yours could deprive you of your sound health, make you spend all your income on medical bills, and make you a regular customer at hospitals, would you believe?

Why I Insisting on You Having Breakfast Regularly

  • Breakfast provides your body with essential nutrients to work with.
  • It reduces your chances of falling ill.
  • It gives you sufficient energy to start your day with.
  • Prevents you from having bad eating habits and over-weight.
  • It activates your brain, stimulates your energy, and protects your heart.
  • It balances your sugar level.
  • Breakfast increases your productivity and concentration.

Effects of Skipping Breakfast

The negative effects of skipping breakfast outweigh the positive impact a hundred times. Skipping breakfast after knowing this fact would not be a wise decision for you to make. What are those things you expose yourself to when you skip breakfast?

  • Weight Gain/ Obesity

obesityRemember, you said you are missing breakfast because you are watching your weight. It is unfortunate to announce that you will gain more weight if you keep skipping breakfast. It seems surreal, but that is the real truth about skipping breakfast. Did you just ask how? Yes, I will tell you. Skipping breakfast makes you crave sugary and fatty foods when you eventually become hungry, and at this point, you are ready to eat whatever it is you can lay your hands on, of which junks and fatty foods are not excluded. With these, you are on your way to gaining two times your healthy weight and size.

  • Skipping Breakfast Would Expose You to The Risk Of Developing Type-2 Diabetes

  • Cancer

Unhealthy eating habits are a significant result of skipping breakfast. It makes you eat carelessly, such that you become obese, and research holds it that people who are overweight or obese have more risks of developing cancer.

  • Affects Your Metabolism

Being the first meal of the day, breakfast helps you kick start your body. The body is like an engine house that needs ‘servicing.’ Breakfast is the ‘servicing’ your body needs every morning, depriving your body of this ‘servicing’ makes it break down without notifications or signs like an engine.

  • Skipping Breakfast Would Deprive Your Body of Quintessential Nutrients Like Fiber and Vitamins

  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

Adding too much stress on your body is a big risk factor of low blood sugar. Now imagine when you do this stress, and do not eat properly, or skip meals, especially breakfast. Your body would automatically shut down, and your blood sugar level will have a fatal drop.

  • Affects Your Immune System

Skipping meals generally can damage your cells, which hits your immune system really hard and exposes you to all sorts of health issues.

  • Increases Your Level of Acidity

The body is programmed to release acid that would digest your food when the body feels hungry and needs to be fed. If the acid is secreted and there is no food for it to work on, it will affect areas close by, like the stomach itself, the food pipe, and the heart, eventually leading to acidity.

  • Bad Breath

How? Starvation/ Hunger strike causes saliva production that flushes the bacteria in the mouth out, and with little or no cleaning at all allows bacteria to grow in the mouth resulting in offensive odor from the mouth.

  • Migraines

One of the things the brain needs to function is glucose. Lack of glucose in the blood could lead to migraines, also known as extremely severe headache. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can make the level of glucose in your body drop dangerously. This explains the trouble you feel when you skip meals.

  • Tampers with Your Mood

The famous saying, ‘a hungry man is an angry man’ is not any shade of bluff, it is real and has been proven over time. If you skip breakfast, your mood and energy would be tampered with. You will feel weak, tired, stressed, and angry the whole day.

To cap it up, a man who claimed he skipped breakfast for 10 years mostly for his convenience made him develop gallbladder stones. He also spoke at length about how difficult it is for his body to process and digest food now.

After knowing this and hearing about the real-life experience, would you still experiment with your body with it? At this point, I am very confident you are ready to make that decision, but before then, let me take you through ways in which you can prevent or stop skipping breakfast.

Best Way to Prevent Skipping Breakfast

  • Planning and Reminder

Wake up earlier than necessary if you have to get to work by 7 am without skipping meals. You can do this by perhaps setting a reminder to wake you up to prepare the meal, or if waking earlier than normal seems so stressful for you, you can make the meal the night before and just warm it in the morning. Either way, you would get to work early and also have breakfast.

healthy womanAll your life, you thought skipping breakfast meant little or nothing, and it is so insignificant to notice. However, its effects have proven to be fatal over the years, which is why health practitioners warn against skipping breakfast. The most significant dish of the day is breakfast.

Breakfast prevents you from having a low immune system that could expose you to the risks of falling sick. Illnesses like cancer, migraine, acidity, and obesity are associated with skipping breakfast. Who knew this little thing could cause this great harm! Funny enough, people skip breakfast for no good reasons at all. Some claim that making and having breakfast would delay them from going to work, some say skipping it would help them fit, some even say they are too lazy to prepare breakfast! All of these at the expense of their health. Proper planning, as well as reminders, help put a stop to skipping breakfast.