16 Medicinal Must-Have Plants in Your Garden

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Herbs to Have Handy in the Home

Having medicinal plants in the garden in your house is just like having a natural first aid box. These plants come in handy for the treatment and relief of symptoms and ailment. They also serve as first aid given to an injured or sick person before proper treatment comes. These natural remedies are like “time buyers,” they buy more time for injured and sick people pending the time proper and adequate treatment comes their way.

Medicinal herbs are wholly natural and easy to use. You can easily use medicinal herbs for the treatment of headaches, stomach ache, irritation, snake and scorpion venom, and skin infections. Essential oils can also be extracted from some of these plants. These essential oils are healthy for eating and massage.

Herbal remedy for the treatment of ailments has been a long age practice among different cultures of the world. These herbs have been effective both in the past and have worked wonders even today, which has successfully earned them scientific backings and support as proof of their effectiveness.

Some selected kinds of simple herbs that are easy to find and plant in your house have been discovered by professional herbalists. In order to know what the combination of these herbs are, you need to read this article to the end to understand how these herbs function and how they can be used for various ailments.

Must-Have Medicinal Plants


Basil is a common plant that is included in salads. Asides from its medicinal value, it also has an amazing flavor it adds to your meal. Basil contains vitamin K and iron that help combat ailments. It is also rich in manganese that aids metabolize different compounds in the body. Basil is a medicinal herb that can be made into tea and oils.

Health Benefits:

Stress reduction

Rich source of antioxidants

Antibacterial properties

Prevents quick aging

Reduces painful swelling and inflammation

Strengthens muscles, bones, and joints

Boosts metabolism and immunity

Helps digestion.

How to Use:

Sprinkle sliced basil leaves on your salad or blend it and add it to your smoothies.


The catnip herb has a nice scent that would not only make your environment smell nice but would also provide you with health benefits. It serves as a mild sedative and an ultimate stress battler. It aids sleep, treats skin issues, and encourage relaxation.

Health Benefits:

Repels insects, especially bugs

Relieves skin inflammation from bug and insect bites

Relieves stress, calms anxiety, and restlessness.

Relieves stomach aches

Helps with quick recovery from cold

How to Use:

Make a tea from the plant or

Dry the leaves and burn to release scent for repelling insects

Apply the oil extract to relieve skin inflammation

Cayenne pepper

chilliCayenne pepper is a natural detoxifier for humans. It also serves as a natural pain reliever and lowers cholesterol levels to the barest minimum.

Health Benefits:

Body detoxification

Boosts metabolism

Helps with digestion

Treats stomach upset

Improves blood circulation

Reduces the effect of body pain

How to Use:

Add to soups, stew, and sauces.


Chamomile contains high antioxidants content, which makes it effective enough to treat various ailments. It is commonly consumed by people like tea. Research shows that drinking a cup of chamomile tea day and night would relieve you of stress and aid relaxation.

Health Benefits:

Improves skin conditions

Reduces pain

Aids sleep

Eliminates swellings and inflammation

Treats congestion

How to Use:

Sprinkle dried leaves on the hot water and boil for 3 to 5 minutes

Inhale of the oil

Apply this essential oil on the skin


The dandelion plant is both medicinal and edible. It contains vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. You should have a rethink before uprooting that dandelion plant from your garden. Every part of the plant has its own benefits. For example, the roots are used for tea, the leaves are used as salad garnishes, and the sap is healthy for the skin.

Health Benefits:

Protects the liver by detoxifying it

Treats skin condition

Enhances overall bone strength

Treats urinary infections

How to Use:

Make a tea out of the roots.

Use leaves as food garnishes.


The flower of the echinacea plant is a natural immune system booster. It also relieves severe symptoms of illnesses and speeds up recovery from a common cold. Echinacea has side effects such as dizziness and nausea when taken in large doses for a long period.

Health Benefits:

Boosts immune system

Relieves respiratory issues

Treats urinary tract infection

Combats infection

Treats symptoms of a common cold

How to Use:

Make a tea out of either the roots, leaves, or flowers.


balls of garlicGarlic is a widely known effective herb for combating infections. It also reduces the cholesterol level. Garlic is easy to incorporate into diets and can be eaten raw to get the most out of it.

Health Benefits:

Prevents heart disease

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Helps digestive health

How to Use:

Add it to all your meals’ ingredients.

Chew it raw for better results


Popular for its nice scent, it also serves as a natural remedy for stress; it calms the nerves. The oil extract from lavender is great for massage and hair treatment.

Health Benefits:

Reduces stress

Relieves aches and migraine

Aids sleep and relaxation

Helps hair growth

Smoothens the skin

Treats respiratory tracts problems

How to Use:

Make a tea out of the leaves.

Apply oil externally on the skin

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm can be used to fend off harmful insects from your environment. It has a natural insect repellant property to this effect.  Asides from this, it is also great at relieving stress, anxiety, and calms restlessness. It is delicious and can be added to meals, salads, and ice-cream.

Health Benefits:

Calms stress, anxiety, and restlessness

Combats inflammation

Relieves menstrual cramps

How to Use:

Make a tea out of the leaves.

Sprinkle on smoothies, salads, and soups

Apply oil to the skin externally.


Marigold contains antioxidants that make it a healthy herb for consumption. It also serves as an insect repellant and fragrance within your home.

Health Benefits:

Reduces inflammation

Treats ear infection and ear pains

Treats skin diseases

Sharpens vision

How to Use:

Make a tea out of the leaves.

Apply the oil extract externally on your skin

Sprinkle on your meals as a garnish


Parsley is a natural immune system booster. It has high levels of antioxidants that enhance its healing strength. It is also the best remedy for halitosis and bad breath.

Health Benefits:

Relieves stomach ache and bloating

It eases digestive tract congestion.

Strengthens bones, muscles, and joints

High antioxidant level

How to Use:

Sprinkle on dishes as a garnish

Make tea or juice from the leaves.


This herb is present in most chewing gums, desserts, and toothpaste. It is known to relieve stomach aches, muscle pain, and nausea. Peppermint is also the best remedy for morning sickness in pregnant women.

Health Benefits

Treats muscle pains

Supports digestion

Eliminates bad breath

Soothes head, stomach, and muscle aches

High antibacterial level; in other words, it can be used as a disinfectant.

How to Use:

Make a tea out of the leaves.

Apply oil extracts externally

Inhale oil extract


Rosemary is naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, thus making it the power hub for the body. It boosts memory and remembrance and helps in the healthy growth of hair. One cup of rosemary tea is enough for a whole night’s study.

Health Benefits:

Improves blood circulation, especially to the scalp

Improves memory and brain functions

Reduces inflammation

Tackles bad breath

Supports liver

Boosts hair growth

How to Use

Make a tea out of dried leaves.

Apply the oil extract externally on your scalp and other parts of the skin


Though popular for cooking, it also has health benefits attached to it. Thyme has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevent the effects of food contamination and reduces the rate at which infection gets into the body.

Health Benefits:

Reduces the pain from sore throat

Treats respiratory problems

Fights infection

Boosts and supports the immune system

Helps with blood circulation.

Having these herbs handy would make your body and general health thank you. They treat symptoms of ailments, different types of aches, and most of all, fight infections by boosting the immune system. All of these herbs are easy to process into teas and oils at home, and the majority of them can also be used as spices and garnishes for food. Asides from these direct health benefits, some of them also possess insect repellant strength that protects you from insects and their bites. Above all, a number of them are appealing to the sense of smell. They keep your home fresh with nice scents.