19 Health Benefits of Parsley

Why You Should Not Ignore Parsley

Parsley is a vegetable that is very common among people living in western Nigeria. In the Yoruba language, it is called; ‘ewedu,’ though it is always mistaken for ‘scent leaf,’ which has similar nutritional value as parsley. It is well known for its great medicinal value, especially in maternity homes. Its usefulness in the easing of childbirth is appreciated among the Yoruba people. It can be consumed either as an herb or soup; either way, the health benefits remain intact and cannot be over-emphasized. Its dark-greenish color is inviting, and its slimy nature, according to Yoruba myths, is what makes childbirth easy; they believe that the same way it slimes, is the same way it slips babies out of their mothers’ wombs without complications or pain.

Are you wondering how such a vegetable that almost means nothing to you has all these medicinal values? Just to prove this, this article will give you a highlight of the nutritional value of parsley. The nutrients contained in parsley are the ‘engineers’ behind its numerous functions to human health. Parsley has the following nutrients;

Imagine a natural, free gift with all these nutrients; you would agree with me that the health benefits of parsley are not exaggerated; they are real and genuine as the nutritional contents have proven it. If you happen not to know what parsley is, this is the right time to do your research and conclude after reading this article because it is all you need to know about the health benefits attached to this nature’s free gift. In it, you will also discover what happens when you overuse it and the risks you would be exposing yourself to if you take it excessively. To enjoy the benefits of such rich vegetables and herbs, you need to take them in appropriate proportions because it can be harmful when overused. This supports the general saying ‘too much of everything is bad.’

Eager to explore the health benefits already? Allow me to take you through it.

Health Benefits

Regulates Blood Sugar

Worried about diabetes or hypoglycemia? Put a stop to that worry. Parsley is naturally packed with properties that can help you monitor and control your blood sugar levels. It makes sure that your blood sugar is not so high and is also not so low. It leaves you healthy with 0% diabetes and hypoglycemia worry.

Healthy Kidney

Parsley helps get rid of toxins from your body; it is naturally a diuretic herb. It ensures that every harmful substance in your body is passed out through your urine; it works hand in hand with your kidney to ensure this while keeping your kidney healthy.


It contains properties that can shrink cancer cells. It contains anti-cancer properties; this means that including parsley in your diet means you would have no record of cancer, as it would send cancer far away from your domain.

Aids Heart Health

A picture of a man holding his left chest regionIt combats every form of heart issues, ranging from hypertension to cardiac arrest, and so on. With parsley, your heart health is safe even in your old age. It contains folic acid, healthy for the heart, as low folate in the body can be harmful to your heart.

Strengthens The Bones

Its Vitamin K content is its secrets for its bones-strengthening functions. It helps in the perfect formation and development of the bones; synonymously, it contributes to your teeth’ healthy growth and development.


Parsley contains fiber, which is very useful in the easing of the bowels. It ensures that your food digestion process is not hindered and does not encounter any barrier. It bolsters your digestive system, which in turn makes your food digest properly.

Boosts Immunity

With parsley, you should not worry about a low immune system. Parsley contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help your body maintain high immunity against diseases and infections, which in turn keeps you away from your Doctor.

Healthy Liver

It helps detoxify the liver, regulates cholesterol, and combats liver-related illnesses.


It has the ability to fight germs. Medical records have also proven that it can help combat fungal infections. It inhibits fungal and bacterial growth.

Healthy Eyes

woman`s eyesDo not forget that part of the nutrients that parsley is made up of is Vitamin A, a crucial and quintessential nutrient for healthy eyes. It contains other properties that help protect the eyes and prevent the eyes from oxidative damage. It also prevents the eyes from cataract, night blindness, and macular degenerations.

Healthy Skin

Parsley has anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for healthy skin. Its properties also help reduce wrinkles, irritation, and redness of the skin, leaving your skin fresh and young.


It is good news that there is a cheap natural herb that can get rid of your monthly cramps. The pain associated with menstrual cramps is unimaginable and indescribable. Parsley can be used as a natural remedy to help treat menstrual pain and balance hormone levels, making it effective in preventing the overproduction of milk during breastfeeding.

Parsley helps reduce irritation and inflammation in the bladder, making it easier for you to pass out waste.

Parsley treats allergies.

It reduces the degree of water retention in the body.

It is a good seasoning alternative. Medical practitioners have advised that if you want to reduce the amount of salt you take, use parsley as a substitute.

Parsley treats anemia. Parsley contains a lot of iron and Vitamin C, which automatically helps in treating anemia.

It enhances better hearing by clearing the inner ear of fluids and mucous because it is known to move mucous naturally throughout the body.

For Pregnant Women

Taking parsley tea or juice as a pregnant woman helps make childbirth easier. It is also known to induce labor.

Side Effects and Precautions

Despite all its nutritional value, it has side effects that you should look out for, and the majority of these side effects are attached to the excessive use of it.

  • Allergies; taking parsley in inappropriate amounts can lead to allergic reactions in some people.
  • It is bad for people using blood-thinning medications, as parsley contains Vitamin K, which assists in blood clotting.
  • Excessive consumption of parsley can cause a contraction in pregnant women.
  • Being a natural diuretic (which makes it cause the body to lose water or reduce water retention in the body), taking excess of it can cause your body to lose too much water, leaving you dizzy and dropping your blood pressure below normal.
  • For pregnant women in their first trimester, parsley should be avoided because, at that stage, it is possible to induce abortion (uterine contraction). It is advised that pregnant women consume parsley in moderate amounts and, more preferably, amounts that are typically found in foods.
  • When parsley seed oil is added to the skin, irritation and rashes can set in, thereby making the skin extra sensitive.
  • It might cause the body to retain more salt than normal.
  • Consuming excess parsley can make it over function in many ways, one of which is blood sugar regulation. In this case, it can drop your blood sugar level below normal if you are already on medications that lower blood sugar.
  • After surgery, avoid parsley, as it might prevent your blood from clotting and can prolong bleeding time. Avoid it at least two weeks before your surgery.

In Conclusion,

The beauty of parsley lies in its nutritional benefits to humans. This is why those who know its worth do not joke with it. With this vegetable in your kitchen, you have strong immunity, anti-aging tendencies, skin freshness, healthy eyes, bones and teeth, smooth and safe childbirth, healthy liver and heart, easy digestion, and zero cancer all packed in one vegetable. These can help you stay healthy all year round and forget old-age illnesses and make you feel younger every passing day. However, to enjoy these benefits, it is advisable to consume parsley in moderate amounts. Taking it excessively can be dangerous for your health, hazardous because it would reverse its health benefits, which can land you into critical conditions. Include parsley in your diet today, monitor your parsley intake, and enjoy all the nutritional benefits therein.