Top Running Tips and Benefits


What Are the Benefits of Running?

There are many workout gurus who would agree that running is the best form of exercise. The good running does to your body is so colossal. Running reduces the risk of developing various detrimental ailments and early death. The ideal exercise of running at 6 miles per hour for about 10 minutes daily can keep you healthy and increase your lifespan. You will experience a quantum leap in your mental fitness, aside from your physical fitness. You have a lot to gain from running, no matter how old you are. Here are some tips, and then some benefits of running.

12 Best Running Tips

When engaging in running as an exercise, here are a few tips you can use to improve the output of the exercise.

Time Yourself

It is always best to work with time, especially when you are just beginning. Don’t try to know how far you’ll go, just focus on the time you spend. If you are a beginner, you can set how long you want to run and work towards completing the exercise in the given time. This is a way of motivating and encouraging yourself, irrespective of the distance you cover.

Always Warm Up

You see some people warm up before each workout session, and you might have wondered if it is necessary. It is necessary, and you should warm up before you start running too. When you do this, you are getting your mind and body prepped for the exercise. Your body has to be prepared to run.

Practice the Run-and-Walk Technique

This is for starters. You might find it difficult or torturous to run all through the set time, so it’s cool if you break the run into some seconds of walking. The walking interval will help your body adjust to the stress that comes with running at a stretch. After some time, you may then reduce how long the walk takes until you are fully capable of running all through the allotted time for the exercise.

Rest your Body When Required

A lady who just woke upSome running trainers have stressed the importance of listening to our bodies. You should know when your body needs to take a break from running for recovery, a day or two. If your muscles get sore and you keep pushing, you may be risking injuries. It’s fine to be persistent, but it’s also wise to make a meaningful pause.

Breathe Right

You must be conscious of how you breathe when you run. There are a couple of great breathing techniques out there from which you can adopt when running. The main thing is for you to get adequate oxygen as you run. Your lungs and muscles need oxygen for strength, so you must have enough oxygen intake. Breathe through both your nose and your mouth. You may as well adopt the breathing maxim:‘Breathe in for two steps, out for three steps’.

Maintain a Steady Pace

Running comes in different paces, and everyone runs at a pace. For starters, you are expected to start running at a relatively slow pace then gradually increase the pace over time. Keep your pace steady and without sudden changes.

Right Body Form

Among a few things you need to get right when running, maintaining the right posture is necessary. If you walk or run with a bad body posture, it is possible for that to reduce the positive effects of the physical exercise on your body. The wrong posture when running is often the cause of back and neck pain. If you wish to run, keep your gaze and spine straight. Your hands should not rise above your waist and your elbows should be kept jutting out.

Try Running Barefoot

For some reason, our feet are designed to have direct contact with the ground, but we wear shoes for protection from dirt and hurt. If you have a plain grassland close by, you can try running barefoot there. When you run barefoot, you massage the acupressure points on your feet and heels. You should ensure that the grasses don’t have sharp or hard objects that could hurt your feet. If you can’t go barefooted at all, you can also wear some minimalist footwear that can engage your feet as if you are barefooted. You should also start slow with a jog before breaking into a run.

Invest in Good Running Shoes

Most of us who won’t be running around barefoot must choose the right shoes. If you get the wrong shoes for running, you may be facing pain and unnecessary stress. You should pick running shoes with adequate room and cushion. Of course, you won’t have fun running with weighty shoes either.

Run on Sand

We’ve talked about running barefoot on grass; running on sand is equally great. You will find out that running on sand requires more effort because of the unstable and moving surface. this encourages your muscles to work better. This will help to improve your muscle strength and tone. So, it is a great idea to run around whenever you are on the beach. If your house has a sandy plot around, even better!

Run Uphill

Just as running on sand makes you put in more effort, running uphill encourages your body to do more and improve in strength. Whenever you run upwards, you can move with short strides then relax with longer strides as you race downhill.

Increase Foot Turnovers

You can increase your foot turnovers by taking shorter strides as you run. This will help reduce the stress on your shin. If you take about 180 steps each minute, running can have a more positive on your skin and muscles.

If you follow these tips, your running will become more fruitful with less stress.

6 Benefits of Running

Keeps your Heart Healthy

Running is an exercise that has a direct effect on your heart and blood vessels. Running frequently can greatly reduce the risks of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular complications. As you run, your heartbeat is regulated and the pumping of blood is normalized. Running and jogging for an extended period of time can help to keep fat from interrupting blood circulation; this also lowers the tendency for arteries to be clogged or blocked.

Strengthens Bones and Joints

Benefits of Brazil NutsRunning will reduce the risk of having bone-related diseases by building stronger bones and developing better joints. As long as you run regularly, your bones and joints will be strengthened.

Reduces Belly Fat

Yes, running can help you cut the belly fat. Most of us who have issues with a bulging stomach only need to have a dedicated schedule for running to experience a change. Running naturally helps to burn body fat and strengthen your muscles. Regular running builds your core muscles, including your obliques, transverse abdominis, and erector spinae. This then keeps your belly in shape without flabs.

Tones the Legs

It does seem obvious that the first parts of your body to be affected by running are your legs. Running gives your legs a complete workout; it builds your thighs, calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The muscles of your legs are toned and made stronger after you recover from each running session.

Helps you Get a Good Dose of Vitamin D

Your skin produces vitamin D whenever it is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is necessary for the proper functioning of your bones, immune system and skin. Those who suffer inadequate vitamin D often suffer from weak bones and poor immunity. Going for a run under the sun will help your skin manufacture enough vitamin D.

Fights off Common Cold

Running is an aerobic exercise, and frequent engagement in aerobics can reduce the occurrence of infections in the respiratory tract. As a runner, if you ever get caught in the snares of common cold, you will have less time and trouble with the cold, since you already have an immunity boost against it.