10 Essential Oils that Combat Ageing

Are there Essential Oils for Anti-Ageing?

Ageing comes inevitably with time, and there will be a time that your skin will surely give you clear and obvious signs of it. Sometimes, your skin starts ageing a little too early and you will only need little time to look older than your peers. So, what do you do about a skin that’s revealing more than your age? Many of us are familiar with some anti-ageing products, and also know that there is a wide variety of them to choose from. Some of these anti-ageing goods are based on certain chemicals we don’t really know or trust, so we go for essential oils. These oils are a natural way of dealing with ageing skin. They are rich in some antioxidants which are great at mitigating the signs of ageing. However, there are some skin products that are effective at creating an anti-ageing effect on your skin.

10 Essential Oils that Combat Ageing

A couple of conditions such as exposure to heat, pollution, and dryness can lead to the early development of wrinkles and ageing skin. These essential oils which are great are slowing down the skin ageing process. Let`s take a look.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

The pomegranate seed oil is a powerful antioxidant which contains some anti-inflammatory components. It is a great way to protect the upper part of your skin. Its contents strengthen and maintain the skin`s elasticity. Pomegranates can help protect you from ultraviolet ray effects which speed up ageing.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is very useful at keeping your skin at optimal health. This essential oil has many antibacterial properties that can take care of a number of skin conditions like acne, rashes, eczema, and spots. Rosemary oil is also effective in preventing oxidative stress. This oil prevents early ageing of your skin by stabilizing the oils of the outer layer of your skin.

Lemon Oil

25 Benefits of Parsley Essential OilThe Lemon essential oil has some antioxidants that cancel out free radicals in order to defend your skin from oxidative stress. Lemon oil comprises glutathione, ascorbic acid and an anti-ageing component called alpha-Tocopherol. These powerful agents in lemon oil make it a healthy choice.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil protects the outer part of your skin from toxins and destructive bacteria. This oil is great at maintaining your skin tone and retaining its elasticity. Frankincense oil uses its anti-inflammatory properties to support the growth of tissue, and through this, boosts the healing factor of your skin. This essential oil also improves your skin’s ability to clear scars and reduce wrinkles.

Rosehip Oil

Another anti-ageing essential oil is rosehip oil. This anti-ageing agent possesses nutrients which will have anti-inflammatory reactions on your skin. Some of the contents of rosehip oil are vitamin E, linoleic acid, phenolic acid, and carotenoids. The abundance of phenolic acid in rosehip oil fights against inflammation. Also, its ability to stop oxidative stress helps your skin stand against the ageing process.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil can act as an antidepressant and antioxidant. This essential oil weakens harmful free radicals which are responsible for damaging skin cells and quickening the ageing process.

Ylang-Ylang Oil

The ylang-ylang oil is derived from the flower of the Cananga Odorata which originates from Southeast Asia. This essential oil is often used in aromatherapy and some other types of skin treatments. It contains antioxidants which counterattack the free radicals that may be ravaging your skin. When these toxins are flushed out of your skin, the possibility of a quick aging process is greatly reduced. Ylang-Ylang oil cleanses your skin from within.

Carrot Seed Oil

This essential oil is popular for its ability to protect the skin from the sun. It can also give your skin some protection from ultraviolet rays, and make some antioxidant impact. The carrot seed oil will replenish your skin and maintain youthful skin by sustaining healthy skin cells.

Rose Geranium Oil

Rose Geranium oil has loads of benefits to offer. While it can serve as a powerful antiseptic agent, this essential oil can also help with the healing of wounds and scars. The healing function of rose geranium oil makes it super effective for peculiar dermatological cases and common skin conditions. The antioxidant contents of this essential oil regulate the oil on the surface of your skin, helping it maintain a youthful outlook. A great fact about rose geranium oil is that as effective as it is, it has virtually no side effects.

Sandalwood Oil

a picture of garlic oilSandalwood oil is processed from the aromatic heartwood of the sandalwood trees. It is widely known for its multipurpose use. The sandalwood oil has some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the skin. It will help your skin to combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Sandalwood oil is also an active agent for healing skin conditions like acne, warts, and eczema.

How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be of great help to your skin however, you need to learn how to use it the right way. Most of the time, there is a necessity to use an essential oil with a carrier oil. Essential oils are pure forms of oil, and applying it to your skin can cause irritations, hence the importance of diluting your essential oil with a carrier oil. Whenever you apply an essential oil on your face, it is safe to dilute it with a carrier oil. Some carrier oils you find around include grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and apricot oil. You can easily get any of these oils at a store near you. To use an essential oil with a carrier oil, follow these steps:

  • First, mix 10 drops of the essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil in a container.
  • Then apply the mixture on your skin two times daily.

As a precautionary measure, you will do well to perform a patch test before using the oil. To do a patch test, simply rub a drop of the essential oil and carrier oil mixture on a soft spot on your skin, perhaps the inside of the elbow, and allow it stay for a day. If your skin reacts to the oil, this means you can’t use it.

Essential oils are pure, however, they may stimulate allergic reactions. You need to figure out which oil mixture is suitable for your skin. Some of the reactions you may experience include bumps, rashes, hives and redness of the skin. Some allergic reactions you may be faced with are catarrh, itches, runny nose, and sneezing.

If you are going to try any of the essential oils based on citrus fruit, you may want to avoid direct sunlight for extended periods because they make the skin photosensitive. You may also apply sunscreen cream to avoid the negative effects of sun exposure.
Before you use essential oil mixtures, consult a dermatologist to be safe.

Some Facts About Wrinkles And Ageing

  • These creases develop on the skin and are caused by fatigue, stress or ageing. Wrinkles are the most obvious sign of ageing; in some cases, they surface a little too early.
  • Wrinkles come in types; they are not all the same. The wrinkles on your skin may be static and dynamic. The wrinkles which emerge in the course of time after some muscle activities are known as dynamic wrinkles.
  • Static wrinkles are caused by some environmental factors such as heredity and lifestyle habits or the results of the natural ageing process of your skin.
    So the wrinkles that develop after frowning or smiling over the years are dynamic wrinkles while those natural creases are static wrinkles.
  • If you smoke, you may be at risk of quick ageing of your skin. Smoking takes some oxygen in the blood, making it difficult for the blood vessels to transport blood to the skin cells. There are some harmful chemicals that are introduced into the bloodstream. The chemicals in cigarettes have some negative impact on collagen and elastin.
  • Wrinkles and ageing are most likely going to surface earlier because of poor diet, stress, extreme temperatures, and excess exposure to sunlight.