17 Tips for Traveling with a Newborn

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Is it Safe to Travel with a Newborn?

It is customary of mothers in various parts of the world to remain indoor for some time after childbirth. This to spend some time taking care of their newborn and protect them from infections and diseases out there. It is not impossible, however, to have an urgent and unavoidable trip shortly after delivery. At this time, your bundle of joy looks so tender and fragile, so leaving them with a caretaker may not sound great. You also don`t think it is safe to travel with them. Unfortunately, it appears you can neither postpone nor miss the trip. Is there a safe way of traveling with a newborn? Yes, there is, and we`ll discuss 17 things to consider in order to have a safe trip with your newborn. These tips will make your journey stress-free and reduce the risk of health hazards for your baby. What should you know before traveling with a newborn? Here you go!

17 Things you should Know Before Traveling with a Newborn

Consider the Season

It is not all seasons that are favorable for traveling with a newborn. You might need to check the season to decide if you should still travel or know the precautions to take if you must travel. A flu season, for instance, may not be great for traveling with a newborn, especially if you`re traveling among other travelers. If you must travel with them, you could speak with your doctor before going on the trip, to get some medical advice on how best to keep your baby healthy.

Take Necessary Vaccines

Depending on your destination, get your newborn vaccinated. If there is an outbreak of a disease at your destination, you might need to delay your trip. If you can`t delay your trip, discuss with your pediatrician for vaccinations and other safety measures required to keep your baby healthy. Your health too is important, so speak with your doctor to know how to safeguard yours.

Prepare your First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should contain basic medications such as antihistamine, paracetamol, and other medications that your pediatrician recommends. This way, you`re sure that you can take care of minor health issues that may come up during your trip.

Take Medical Information along

If your newborn has any health challenge, get a letter from their doctor, explaining the medical condition, the doctor`s contact details, and a list of medications, dose, and other requirements for treatment.

Take a Car Seat along

If you`re traveling on public transit such as a bus or train, it is safe to take a car seat for your baby. This is to provide some protection for your baby during the trip. If you`re in a taxi or your car, ensure that your baby rides in the backseat. Before the trip begins, properly install the seat, checking that the belts are well threaded.

Guard against Sunburn

If you`ll be spending more time than usual in the sun, it`d be safe to protect your child from the sun. You may use a hat, clothing, sunglasses, or some covering ― just ensure that you guard against sunburn.

Take More Clothing

An image of clothing for babiesYou have packed some clothes, and you feel reluctant to take some more. Remember that it`s better to have excess than not have enough. When you don`t change your newborn`s clothing when you ought, it could cause some discomfort for them. Take more clothes than you think you need to avoid regrets. Also, consider the weather as you take clothes, so you take the appropriate ones.

Take Enough Diapers

Like clothes, diapers are important. You may need to change your newborn`s diapers three to six times a day. Looking for diapers to buy may be uneasy, depending on your route. It`s safe to take enough along.

Get your Sanitizer Handy

Babies touch a lot of things and put their fingers in their mouth frequently. Their immunity is not strong enough for such exposure, so you might need to sanitize items around them, and reduce the contacts they have, as much as possible. So remember to take a hand sanitizer along with you on that trip.

Prepare for Emergencies

Don`t be caught unawares; anything can go wrong on a trip — unfavorable weather, a flat tire, whatever! Do all you can to make these occurrences less stressful if they occur. For instance, taking thick clothing for cold weather is one of the things you should consider doing.

Get Some Entertainment

Get a goody bag filled with your baby`s favorite toys. Musical toys would make some amazing companion for your baby during this trip. You may also take some rattles, pop-up toys, and other kinds, as appropriate for your baby`s age.

Have a Tag Team

If you can, have someone travel with you and your newborn — perhaps your partner or a caretaker. While one drives, the other could sit in the backseat with the baby. Your newborn needs all the attention they can get at this time. It can be uncomfortable trying to multitask when they`re in that stage. It`s also wise for the person caring for the child to try to sleep when the child does, so they`re refreshed enough to take care of the baby when s/he is awake.

Drive at Night

If driving at night is safe on your route, by all means, do so. Before the trip, prepare your baby as you would every night — bathe them, change their clothing, sing lullabies, and set out on your journey. This makes your newborn feel like it`s the same old routine they`re used to. Because the journey falls within their sleep time, they`d be less disturbed.

Learn to Massage your Baby

An image of someone massaging a baby`s feetLearn simple massage techniques that are suitable for newborns. This is important because your baby can get uncomfortable from sitting or lying for long hours. Occasional massages would do a whole lot in making the trip less disturbing to your newborn.

Be Strong!

You probably got a short notice for the trip, you got worried about your baby and tried to cancel but couldn`t, you summoned enough courage to go for it, and there are still some hitches here and there. All of this can be depressing. Try not to give in to frustration and discouragement. Those emotions aren`t the best for such a time as this, especially with your newborn needing your care and attention.

Rent an Apartment

You’ve arrived at your destination, and you have the opportunity to choose between a short-let and a hotel room. For your newborn`s sake, choose the former. A hotel environment may not be healthy for your newborn for various reasons. For example, you need access to a kitchen to wash feeding bottles in a sink, not a washbasin in a bathroom, as hotel rooms would have.

Locate the Nearest Pediatrician

You don`t wish that anything goes wrong, however, you need to plan for emergencies. Save yourself the time of looking for a pediatrician if you need one. Because you`re in a new environment, locate key places you may need, such as the nearest pediatrician’s, the nearest grocery store, and some other vital places.

Now that you Know…

With these 17 tips, traveling with your newborn will be safe and much easier. Of course, if you have the option not to travel, opt for it. However, if you don`t, you now know how to travel safely.