Your Daily Activities and Your Health


How to Make Each Day Count

A day does not go by that you won’t get hooked into at least an activity. Activities keep your mind busy and make your day interesting, but what matters most is what you get engaged in. In our contemporary and advanced world today, staying safe and healthy is so challenging. So what you do daily contribute to the wellness of your overall health.

The habit and the things you do daily put you on a scale of productivity. Some days, most of us just wake up in the morning, hit the ground, and get a lot of stuff done, but it is either making you or defiling you. I want to put this to you that a lot of activities affect your health and efficiency. Some days are successful, while some are the other way round.

Things you never pay attention to, but they affect your health. They are:

Sitting for a Long Time

Your job, most of the time, comes with this. Desks job will always require you to sit from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit down the whole day. You use less energy to sit than when you move or stand. However, less sitting and more moving contribute to better health. Some health conditions are associated with sitting down for a long period. Health conditions like high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and obesity are linked with sitting for a very long time. It also raises the chances of cardiovascular problems and cancer.

It will also prevent you from doing some exercise, which will throw away your hard works. You can also develop DVT- Deep Vein Thrombosis; it is a clot that forms in your leg as a result of prolonged sitting down. It can also wreck your back by putting more stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine.

Solutions to It

Take a 30 minutes break after sitting down for a very long time. You can stand up while watching television or while talking on the phone. If your job is a desk job, strife to use a standing desk, or better still, you can improvise your desk with a high table or counter. You can look for an ergonomic chair, but no matter how convenient you can sit, your back won’t appreciate a long sitting period.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking are known to be injurious to your health. It is a rampant act most people do. What makes people do this differ from individuals. Most young people do this due to friends’ influence, while adults do it because of stress and boredom. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not bad, but doing it more often is dangerous to your health. Too much smoking can possibly lead to lung cancer, while drinking alcohol more often increases your blood pressure and increases the risk of a gastric condition, liver cirrhosis, and cancer.

Solutions to It

Stopping these acts will show some withdrawing symptoms. Cut your smoking routine day by day. An addicted fellow will not find it easy to abstain from smoking and drinking, but you can join a support group or lookout for help from a therapist. This will help you quit smoking and drinking.


19 Benefits of Jojoba OilThis is a habit I was once a victim of. I always feel good anytime I’m feasting on my fingernails, but I’m also causing damage to my fingernails. Nail-biting is a sign of emotional stress or mental stress. Your hand serves as a hangout for germs, and they seem to show your anxiety level to people around you when they see your fingernails eaten off. No health issue is associated with it; chewing them will make you swallow them into your body, which is capable of making you fall sick.

Solutions to It

Look for a better means to relieve yourself of stress and not by chewing your nails. You can get yourself a stress ball as an alternative instead. Another effective way is cutting your nail short and coat them with nail polish.

Skipping Breakfast and Eating Late at Night

The vital meal of the day is breakfast. For whatsoever reason, you skip breakfast in the morning; it leads to headaches and decreased blood sugar. What made you skip breakfast would prompt you to overeat your lunch to compensate for your breakfast. Eating late in the night disrupts your body pattern, while eating early before bedtime reduces the risk of health problems.

Solutions to It

There are sometimes you don’t feel hungry in the morning and at night. Get a snack either on fruit or yogurt. Plan to eat your dinner very early before bedtime and don’t go to bed early. If you get hungry very late in the night, you can either drink water or eat slices of fruit.

Using Phone Before Going to Bed and Immediately You Wake Up

Our phone has become an extension of us, and we are addicted to it. It is one habit that we need to overpower. Using your phone for a long period causes bad posture and sleeping problems. The phone is known to emit radiation and heat, capable of causing damage to the body. Most of us are fond of putting our phone in our pocket near our skin or putting it near us when we sleep, which is damaging your brain.

Solutions to It

Avoid spending more time on your phone; if your job necessitates the use of your phone, lower the screen brightness to save your eyes from some danger. Put your phone 5 feet away from your bed anytime you want to sleep.

Not Having Regular Sleep

Inadequate sleep can contribute to your overall health problem; it shortens your life span and puts you at the risk of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Most of us need a good quality 8 hours of sleep to function properly day by day, but what matters most is discovering how much sleep you need and then working towards achieving it. Many factors contribute to poor sleep, but it is caused by poor sleeping habits in most cases.

If you did not sleep, your mental health would definitely be a serious problem. You will find it difficult to concentrate on and making decisions. Sleeping boosts your immunity and your mental wellness. It increases sex drive, fertility, and prevent diabetes.

Solutions to It

The only way to put a stop to it is by getting more sleep. It is not something you can just start in one night, and it will work for you. Don’t rely on energy drinks or caffeine as an alternative means of getting enough sleep; they can only work for a temporary time. You can readily do this by ensuring you go to bed whenever you feel tired. Wake up with no alarm clock.

Drinking Less Water

waterYour body needs water for its proper functioning. If you fail to drink enough water per day, it will greatly have an adverse effect on you. It will start showing you symptoms like dark-colored urine, dizziness, muscle fatigue, extreme thirst, constipation, dry skin, and headache, possibly leading to migraine. Inadequate water in the body disorganizes the body’s pattern.

Some conditions are responsible for dehydration in your body; they include living in warmer climates, having sporadic access to water, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Solutions to It

The only way to keep yourself away from dehydration is to drink enough water. Instead of drinking a large volume of fluid at once, you can drink small quantities of fluid from time to time. Decrease your alcohol intake, manage your stress, and cut your caffeine intake.

Check Out These Things That Can Improve Your Health on a Daily Basis and Make Life Easy:

  • Put away the saltshakers on your dining tables; avoid salts.
  • Learn to manage your stress
  • Go to bed early; sleeping late is harmful to your health.
  • Keep good posture
  • Check your weight
  • Next time you are going to a higher floor, take the stairs instead and bypass the elevator.
  • Do some little stretching for your muscle, and after that, go for an exercise.

Now that you know, you can save yourself and your doctor from the stress of complaint anytime you pay a visit. Small changes you engage in can add up a big difference in your life, which will improve your health. Stay safe and healthy.