Fastest Ways to Get Your Muscles Ripped

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Procedure To Get Your Muscles Ripped

Our today’s topic is quite significant for both men and women, young and old. If you are interested in having a really great body, looking confident, and living longer, this is the information you need at your fingertips.

Read this if you want to get lean and ripped. Having a ripped body is the dream of every average person interested in bodybuilding. Excitedly, after leading you through today’s procedure, you get to stay ripped and lean all year round. This article will intermittently reveal to you how to preserve muscle and gain as many muscles as you would like. And all these you can do while losing body fat. If you have high blood sugar, are diabetic, or have a family history of diabetes, you will also be learning how to reduce sugar hunger and cravings.

Now, the next few lines you are going to be reading here would be a lot methodological.

However, I am confident you are smarter than the average person, and you’ll quickly grab what will be shared here. It’s just essential information you should know about your body and why you’re not getting the results you want.

Fat Burning Hormones

Naturally, when fat loss and hormones are discussed, most people will think about the basic stuff such as Thyroid hormones, which boosts your metabolism. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes belly fat and also enhances insulin. Insulin is a hormone in the body that regulates blood sugar when you eat carbs and sugars. These mentioned hormones are produced by glands and organs. Just as testosterone is provided by your testicles and estrogen by the ovaries.

In this situation, the ideal sense of balance would be higher thyroid, lower insulin, and lower cortisol levels. However, these are topics for another day. We will discuss something else you need to be aware of right now.

Fat Loss Hormones Formed by Your Cells

There are other hormones linked with fat loss that people have recently been speaking about. These hormones are

  • Adiponectin, this hormone lowers blood sugar and burns fats.
  • Ghrelin is the hormone that increases one’s appetite, stimulates hunger, and stores fat.
  • Leptin, this is the hormone that reduces your cravings, makes you feel full & burns fat.

Now in a healthy body, the ideal sense of balance for these hormones would be—Higher Lower Ghrelin, Adiponectin, Higher Leptin.

Interestingly, all these hormones are not produced by glands or organs, but by your primary fat cells.

Regrettably, the more the fat cells in your body, and the higher your body fat, the more unbalanced these hormones are.

And this is the major reason the fatter you get, the harder it is to lose the fat. Thus, even more, the motivation to lose fat so you can stay lean and get ripped year-round.

By the way, you can improve all of these hormones by taking one pill containing natural ingredients, herbs, and amino acids. You can get all the details in this article, so relax and ride with me on this.

photo of burn fat write upFat Loss Hormones Produced by Your Gut

And now we arrive at today’s leading topic – fat loss hormones produced by your gut. More specifically, two hidden fat loss hormones that rarely any scientist or doctor speaks about and certainly not the average “fitness expert,” and that’s GLP and GIP. GLP stands for Glucagon-like Peptide, while GIP stands for Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide.

Alright, enough of the boring science talk already, let’s get into the central business for the day.

Now, all you essentially need to know is that when these two hormones are correctly balanced, this procedure you will get to learn how to do in a matter of minutes, the balanced hormones can shut down hunger. It is also proven to effectively reduce your appetite and cravings. It also reduces muscle breakdown, invariably meaning more muscle (this is important for people to people that are aging, and as well as lift weights), improve insulin sensitivity, and help lower blood sugar. It will also help to increase fat burning, especially belly fat. The end result will not only be to make you eat less but to lessen the foods and calories, you take in each meal, get utilized for energy, muscle, and tissue building, rather than get them stored up as fat.

So, do I have your attention right now? I know you are waiting eagerly for this, and trust me, it is worth the wait. First, you need to know somethings about why your body acts the way it does. Why it seems, all you are doing to lose weight is not just working, and it appears it is taking a lot of time for those ripped muscles you were hoping to develop during your workouts is taking so long to appear.

It’s Really All About Your Hormones

It is one’s hormones that make some people eat whatever they want and never get fat. It’s genetics and hormones. Fat loss isn’t a simple matter of having a calorie algorithm at the back of your palm. It is more than checking the calories taken in and calories let out. It is, however, a complex interaction of hormonal biochemistry and genetics.

Of course, it is impossible to change one’s genetics, but there is a good chance of having our hormones improved, and this can be done at any age and by any gender. And as earlier stated, you can get this done taking a natural pill. You can, however, get it done with food as well. It is all up to you to go with what you believe works for you. But I must warn, don’t get addicted to combining the natural pills with the selected food. It may become addictive, and depending on your body makeup, it may not be advised.

Nevertheless, one of the simplest ways to accomplish this proper balance between GLP and GIP is to avoid feeding on meals that are both high in fats and carbs. Regrettably, this is what most people do, and all the tasty foods have this combination.

  • Pizza, one of my favorite foods, is precisely this – primarily high fat and carbs.
  • All snack foods – pastries donuts, chips, and so forth – are chiefly fat combined with carbs.
  • Ice cream, this is another food, people are addicted to. Nonetheless, ice cream has sugar and fat.
  • Bread and cream cheese and butter are high carbs and fat. This combination is another unhealthy food selection filled in so many homes and enjoyed by both young and old.

In fact, the combination of sugar with fat is highly addictive to both your body and brain. This is a fact widely known by the food industry, which is why so many foods have this combination. Their chief aim is to get you addicted enough to get fatter, buy more, and eat more, and this disgusting cycle goes on and on.

Cheese with vegetableGet Involved in This Instead

What you want is a meal that’s majorly rich in fats and protein or protein and crabs but never primarily fats and carbs.

For instance, you can have salmon with vegetables. That’s protein plus fat and small amounts of carbs. Or, you can enjoy grass-fed bison plus white rice or yam. That’s mostly protein plus small amounts of fat, and crabs.

It is beautiful to know, you will still have a little amount of fat with protein and carbs with these other meals. There’s no way around it, and that’s fine. The best times to eat your higher carb meals would be before and after your workouts and before bed. For the rest of the day, your meals should be principally protein and fat.


Alright, so, now you have it, and I hope you adhere to it for a beautiful result. If you want to get ripped, lose fats, liver longer, get muscular, have more energy, look super sexy, improve your fat-burning hormones, and have all that. One meaningful way is with your diet, and this you can do by not eating a meal that’s high in both fats and carbs You can also take specific supplements and pills that will help accomplish this goal.

Some of the supplements you could readily take to improve your hormone are omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium, probiotics, and liver enhancing nutrients. If you’re in a rush and want more natural and faster results, you can combine the two methods that are taking the supplement with dieting. Just don’t get addicted to them.