9 Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

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Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss?

We have talked about body weight and highlighted what the relationship is between your weight and your health. There are a couple of natural ways you can lose weight, and one of such is by consuming green tea. Let`s find out how green tea can really help you to lose weight.

9 Ways Green Tea Aids Weight Loss

Contains Fat-Burning Caffeine

Green tea is effective for weight loss, thanks to its fat-burning caffeine content. Caffeine affects the balance of energy in the body by increasing the number of burnt calories.
By doubling your current consumption of caffeine, you may experience a 22% increase in weight reduction and a 28%  decrease in fat mass. Consuming green tea just before working out even works better.
The caffeine in your cup of green tea is essential to your efforts in unlocking fat mass reduction, BMI decrease, and the stimulation of fat loss from exercises.

Boosts Fat Metabolism

Great tea helps to improve metabolism. The catechins and other antioxidants in green tea flush toxins out of the body. The effects of catechins will lower the risk of having metabolic syndrome and oxidative stress. If you consume green tea at its full strength, fat metabolism in your body can improve by 12%. Even when you are on a high-carb diet, drinking green tea for a number of weeks will also improve fat oxidation.
The caffeine in green tea increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure in your body system. You could also lose more weight through fat metabolism when you drink green tea before each workout session. All this will help to improve your resting metabolic rate and aid weight loss.

Low in Calories

Green tea is one of those foods you will consume without risking much intake of calories. A cup of green tea has just about 0.47 grams of carbs and a tiny amount of about 2 calories. If you are eager to experience a significant weight loss, you should switch to green tea.

Reduces Belly Fat

absIf there`s a short list of beverages with the ideal properties to cut down on belly fat, green tea is definitely on the list. All that excess abdominal fat, otherwise known as belly fat, and how best to deal with it has become a serious issue for most of us. Belly fat is linked to some heart diseases, some types of cancer, and diabetes. The good news is that the catechins in green tea can help you to reduce excess abdominal fat.
If you can drink green tea frequently, you will also be able to reduce more visceral fat than your overall body weight.

Helps Maintain Weight Loss

If you succeed in losing the weight you so desired to lose, it isn’t guaranteed that you won’t have issues with excess body weight anymore; sometimes, it is more difficult to maintain the weight loss. Belly fat could return, and it might become tough keeping your new body weight.
However, green tea can help you to maintain your weight loss and keep excess body weight at bay. If you can consume green tea with its full caffeine strength, or with a caffeine mixture, you will experience improved thermogenesis and fat oxidation which will help to maintain your body weight in the months after weight loss. So, keep drinking your cup of green tea daily and you could be preventing the addition of more body weight.

Contains Beneficial Catechins

You have seen the term, ‘catechins’ more than once here, and you might be wondering what they are and why they are so important for weight loss. Catechins are some polyphenols which are found in green tea. These catechins come in four groups: the epicatechin(EC), epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin-3 gallate (ECG), and epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG.
A cup of green tea brewed for about 5 minutes will contain about 51.5 to 84.3 mg/g of catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most dominant type of the catechins, as it makes up between 50% and 80% of the total amount of catechins in green tea.
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-obesity, and anti-cancer properties. According to a Japanese study, a 690mg catechin intake for 12 weeks reduces body fat, waist circumference, and BMI.
The catechins in green tea, specifically Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG), will help you reduce cholesterol levels, abdominal fat, blood insulin levels, and blood sugar levels. Green tea, through EGCG, might be able to suppress the genes that stimulate fat synthesis and allow more fat breakdown to help with the weight loss.

Improves Exercise Performance

We have discussed how important exercise is to your body and health a couple of times, and you must be fully engaged with some kind of workout or planning to start exercising. Regular exercise is also a great way to lose weight, but many of us avoid it because we feel tired almost as soon as we start; this is a result of low stamina and less strength. You can actually rely on a cup of green tea to energize you and prepare your body for physical exercise.
You can increase your muscle endurance with the green tea extract. Green tea extract (GTE) has been tested for its ability to improve muscle recovery and boost your performance in physical exercise. About 500mg of GTE daily will give you the desired result after two weeks. Fat oxidation is also increased by about 17%, with green tea catechins saving up on your total energy consumption.

Suppresses Appetite

You know now that green tea reduces fat absorption and fat synthesis, and improves fat oxidation to assist you in losing body weight. Aside from these, the caffeine, fiber, and catechins in green tea can help you to suppress your appetite. Some researchers claim that the consumption of green tea can tame your appetite and help you get satisfied quickly due to its dietary fiber content. Green tea increases your satiety levels by making you feel full rather than affecting appetite-suppressing hormones like adiponectin and leptin.

Regulates Obesity Genes

Now, this is especially interesting. Scientific research shows that green tea could help to regulate some genes which are obesity-related. Green tea extract is also credited with the ability to induce the browning of some white adipose tissue, this process helps to reduce obesity too. It inhibits the expression of the proteins which are involved in inflammation through the enhancement of gut barrier function while influencing some genes that are responsible for fat deposition. By interacting with these obesity-related genes, green tea extract has a direct impact on weight loss.

Best Types of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Having known nine ways green tea can help you lose weight, let`s take a quick look at which types of green tea are best, and how you can put green tea in the heart of your diet to encourage your daily consumption.

Some of the more effective green tea types include matcha tea, loose-leaf green tea, and oolong tea. You may drink your green tea with mint, lemon, maple syrup, organic honey, or cinnamon. Avoid using refined sugar since you are trying to lose weight. You can drink a cup of green tea as you wake up or just before breakfast.

Make sure to drink your tea warm and choose trusted tea brands. Also, watch the volume of tea you consume; two or three cups are enough for the day, to avoid excess caffeine intake. Always remember to check how to brew the tea because some brands differ in preparation. Drink up and enjoy the benefits of healthy green tea!