Pillows Can Help Improve Your Sleep pattern


Find Out Which Pillow Works Best for You

Adequate sleep is equal to a healthy mind, and for the brain to function properly, a healthy sleeping routine has to be adopted. Some factors have been identified to improve the quality of sleep, and one of these factors include “pillow”—our subject of discussion today. Though not everyone likes sleeping with pillows, some people who sleep with pillows have confirmed the comfort and peace attached to sleeping with a pillow. If you desire quality sleep and have tried out different methods of improving your sleep routine, try using a pillow. Also, if you already use a pillow and you still do not get as much sleep as you want, it is a clear indication that you need to change your pillow.

Lack of quality sleep can lead to challenging health issues ranging from mental imbalance to unnecessary weight gain. One of the ways to avoid this is by reading this article. This article dissects the need to get quality sleep; it also helps you understand the role of pillows in enhancing sleep. Finally, this article is contained a long list of pillows that have been designed to suit your body and sleeping positions. To begin with, let us take an in-depth look at why your body and mind needs a healthy sleep.

Why A Healthy Sleep Pattern Is Important?

Sleep is nearly vital for your health. It is as important as eating and should not be treated with levity. However, some things have been identified to interfere with sleep patterns, such that people sleep below the required number of hours an average human is expected to sleep. Therefore, this has reduced the quality of sleep while increasing the health issues attached to lack of sleep in the process. The following are reasons why sleep is important to your health.

  • Quality sleep improves concentration and productivity. One of the enhancers of cognition and concentration is quality sleep. Also, sleeping below the required number of hours leaves you weak and stressed all day, thereby making you unproductive.
  • Quality sleep makes you active and can improve your performance during engagements in physical exercises.
  • People who do not observe a healthy sleep pattern are usually exposed to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke risks.
  • Poor sleeping habit ushers in depression.
  • Quality sleep improves the function of your immune system.
  • Poor sleep has also been identified to be a cause of weight gain.
  • Poor sleep pattern encourages the growth and development of acne-causing bacteria on your face.

Roles Pillows Play in Ensuring a Healthy Sleep Pattern

  • Pillows give support to the spine, especially to the spine of people with spinal disorders. Getting the right kind of pillow helps improve the quality of your sleep by wrapping you with all the comfort you need. In order words, pillows help align your spine.
  • Pillows also help support your body by reducing the pressure placed on your muscles and joints.
  • Aside from sleeping with a pillow, most people prefer sitting on a pillow while at work in order to provide their backs with support and balance.
  • For the neck, pillows create a balance between your head and your body. It fills in the gap between your shoulder and your head and supports your neck in the process. Sleeping with a pillow prevents you from waking up with a pain in your neck.
  • It is believed that the same way pillows align the spine is the same way they align the airways, thereby making breathing while sleeping easier. This means sleeping with a pillow can also help improve the condition of people suffering from sleep apnea.

Types of Pillows and Functions of Each

Peach Juice: Benefits and Side EffectsBefore shopping for your next pillow, it is important to know the different types of pillows that exist, as well as understand the level of comfort each offers. The comfort pillows offer to depend on their texture and size. Some people find hard pillows more comfortable than soft ones. Understanding what kind of pillow your body craves is very important. The following are the different kinds of pillows that exist;

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are made up of soft, tender, and fine feathers. These factors make feather pillows soft and fluffy. They help your head sink right into it and envelop your head with all the comfort it has within it. Feather pillows are versatile and provide comfort for all kinds of sleeping positions.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are designed to provide you with support by adjusting themselves to your shape. This pillow allows your shoulder, head, and neck rest in a natural position, thereby supporting your shoulder and neck in the process. It also allows for easy movement on your bed during your sleep time. Just like a feather pillow, the memory foam pillow is also convenient for all forms of sleeping positions.

Microbead Pillow

Microbead pillow is made up of tiny soft beads that are known as unexpanded polystyrene. This pillow provides cushioning to the neck and the spine. Most travel neck pillows are microbead pillows. They provide you with peaceful sleep during travels.

Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are usually used during travels. They are designed to provide support to your spine so that your neck and head are positioned properly for convenience and comfort.

Body Pillow

These are big pillows that are placed in-between the legs when sleeping. They are also known as cuddle pillows. They are designed to provide you with lower back and hip support. Research has also found it to be a good choice of pillow for pregnant women.

Lumbar Pillow

Just as the name implies, the lumbar pillow provides support for the lumbar area (somewhere around the lower back). If you are a regular lower back pain patient, a lumber pillow might be all you need to feel well again. A lumber pillow allows the lumber to relax naturally.

Wedge Pillow

A wedge pillow is usually triangular in shape and can be used to provide comfort and support to various parts of your body. It is made up of loads of foams and is a great pillow choice for reading in bed. It can also be used to raise your legs or any other part of your body. Wedge pillow relieves the discomfort in the veins and is a great pillow for pregnant women. Using a wedge pillow during pregnancy helps prop the belly up to give the always-aching-back support.

Latex Pillow

Latex pillow is designed for those who seek firm support. The materials used to make the pillow is derived from the rubber tree. It is available in both low and high loft, such that the former provides firm support for back or stomach sleepers, while the latter provides support for side sleepers.

Pregnancy Pillows

pregnancy pillowThey come in different sizes and shapes, but the majority of them are c-shaped. They are designed to provide support and comfort to pregnant women during uncomfortable nights.

Cooling Pillow

A cooling pillow is made out of fabrics that are soft and cushioning. It helps regulate body temperature. Some brands of cooling pillow come with shredded gel foams that give the pillow a cool-feel.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pillow

Sleeping Position

Before choosing a pillow, it is important to put your sleeping position into consideration. Some pillows have been identified to be best for back and stomach sleepers alone, while other pillows have been found to be perfect for side sleepers. Picking the right pillow for yourself in relation to your sleeping position would help provide the comfort and support your neck, head, shoulder, and body need in general.

Pillow Size

The size of your pillow also determines the quality of your sleep. When your body complements the size of your pillow, then the quality of your sleep increases.

Pillow Filling

Fillings are materials that are used to make pillows. They include foam, feather, and polyester. Each comes with its own degree of support and comfort.


The firmness of pillows also determines the extent to which you would enjoy your sleep. Some people cannot bear sleeping with soft pillows, while others see sleeping with hard pillows as punishment. Identifying the one your body welcomes is important.


Some pillows are designed for special purposes. Some pillows are majorly designed for pregnant women’s comfort, while some are designed to provide lower back support. It is important to choose a pillow that works best for you.

In conclusion, asides from mattresses, pillows also play important roles in enhancing sleep patterns and routines. Varieties of pillows have been invented for man to choose from. Also, making the right choice of pillows makes sleeping more comfortable and convenient.