Best Mattresses for Body Pain Relief


Discover the Best Mattress for You

The causes of body pain range from age to stress and gender to health. Most times, the kind of mattresses you use to determine how peaceful your sleep would be. Over the years, people have given testimonies about how changing their mattresses improved their sleep routine and relieved their body pains. Physiotherapists and other medical elites have confirmed the possibility of mattresses helping in the treatment of body pains. Most body pains, according to them, are caused by the mattresses people sleep on. In fact, in most arthritis cases, part of the treatment process includes a change of mattress. Victims of arthritis are advised to change the mattresses they currently use to suit their health issues.

Have you wondered why you still wake up every morning stressed and tired? This is because you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress the whole time. If you have any challenges choosing the best mattress for your comfort, you have made the right choice by reading this article. This article suggests the best kind of mattress that would improve your sleep and relieve you of that constant body pain. A bad mattress can deprive you of your sound sleep and leave you weak and tired all day. Changing your mattress is your first and best step towards getting rid of mattress-caused body pains.

Aside from calcium and other nutrients, the mattress you sleep on, as well as your sleeping positions, also contributes to the health of your bones, joints, and muscles. Let us take a quick look at the different types of mattresses that exist.

Types of Mattresses

Memory Foam

This kind of mattress provides you with all the support you need as a side sleeper. It ensures that it supports your hip and shoulder while you sleep on your side. It makes you feel somewhat surrounded by partially wrapping you up, without any tendency of sagging in the middle. It consists of layers of foam that work to this effect. Choosing memory foam as a side sleeper is a great choice. It saves you from the early morning body pains and tiredness. Its soft texture helps relax your muscles and joints, giving you a peaceful and sound sleep.

Smart Gel Mattress

bedThe texture of the gel mattress is slightly different from the memory foam. Here, the gel is usually added to the foam used to make this mattress, thereby making it feel soothing, soft, and succulent. This kind of foam gives you the opportunity of choosing the type of texture or feel you prefer. More tenderness feels on the skin means more gel to the foam. Another importance of the gel mattress is, it distributes your body heat effectively. For instance, if you do not like how your mattress absorbs the heat from your body, choose a smart gel mattress; it would help.

Pillow Top

This is an additional layer of foam or mattress that is placed on your typical mattress to give you that ’embracing’ feel, just like memory foam. It is also known to be the best mattress for side sleepers. It provides enough support for your hips and shoulders, straightening your back and providing you with that comfortable support. Pillow top, just like smart, get a mattress, also gives you the opportunity of choosing the degree of texture or feel you need.

Coil Foam

This kind of mattress has within its layers of internal metal springs. A coil mattress is also known as an innerspring bed. The comfort you get from this kind of mattress depends on the number of springs in the mattress, as well as the distribution of those springs. An innerspring mattress is known for its unwavering back support. The kind of support you get from the innerspring mattress depends on the shapes and gauge of the springs attached. When you choose the right sort of innerspring mattress, you will enjoy a relaxing and comfortable sleep as either a back, side, or tummy sleeper.

Water Bed

The support system of this kind of mattress is water. Try imagining it. This kind of mattress is said to be the best for back sleepers. The mattress is made of water that is held together in a rectangular chamber and is supported by foam and other upholstery products. The comfort you get from this mattress depends on whether or not you want the water to flow freely beneath you. To some people, the movement of water in the bed can be disturbing, while to some, it can be comfortable. Choose which one works best for you.

Air Bed

Just like water beds, the support system of this kind of bed is air. Air is held together in a rectangular chamber, just like in the case of a water bed. The air-filled rectangular chamber is supported by foam and other upholstery products. It also gives you the opportunity of adjusting the firmness of the bed. This air bed is best for a back sleeper.

Latex Mattress

It is quite similar to memory foam. Unlike memory foam, which is made from synthetic materials, the latex mattress is made from natural products. This foam is best for the tummy, side, and back sleepers alike.

Adjustable Base Mattress

This is the most comfortable kind of mattress. It allows you to adjust the mattress to suit you. Here, you can adjust the mattress base to lift either your head or legs, depending on how you want it. It provides more back support than every other kind of bed. An adjustable base mattress also helps you maintain a good sleeping posture. It is the mattress-solution to almost all the sleep-related pains such as joint, bone, or muscle pains. The medical record holds that it contributes to the treatment of sleep apnea and heartburn.

Side Effects of Using the Wrong Mattress

Things to Note Before Buying a Mattress

To get the most out of mattresses, certain things should be put into consideration. With these things in place, the benefits of sleeping on good mattresses would engulf you.


Your body weight determines the firmness of your mattress. According to medical research, people who weigh 130 pounds should sleep on medium-firm mattresses (not too firm and not too soft.) Also, it is recommended that those who weigh below 230 pounds and prefer sleeping on their backs and on their sides should sleep on medium-firm mattresses as well. In other words, the weightier you are, the firmer your mattress needs to be. To cure back pain, try increasing the firmness of your mattress. Though this depends on individual preferences, following this firmness rules helps relieve your sleep-related problems by a whopping 85%.

Sleeping Position

tiredYour sleeping position determines the part of your body that would receive more pressure. For example, when you sleep on your stomach, more pressure is placed on your neck. This is why a standard has been put together to ensure the reduction of pressure on those areas. For instance, if you decide to sleep on your back, it is better to get a medium-firm mattress because it provides support for your spine by alleviating the pressure in that area. People who sleep more on their stomachs should consider easing the pressure on their necks by using an adjustable base mattress. Sleeping on your side requires that you use a medium-firm bed to provide support for your hips and shoulders in order to reduce the pressure in those areas.


Materials used in the production of these mattresses should be placed under consideration as well. Some upholstery materials tend to be soft, while others tend to be hard. The choice of materials depends on individual preferences.

When all the mentioned factors are put together, you will experience little or no sleep-related problems with the right kind of mattress.

Who knew mattresses could help in the treatment of arthritis, sleep apnea, heartburns, and other sleep-related problems? The kind of mattress you sleep on decides the contributory factor to your joint, muscle, and bone health. These mattresses are characterized by their functions and purposes. Getting the right mattress for yourself means having sweet and sound sleep. This is an urgent call for you to change that bad mattress. Make a list of what sleeping positions and what mattress materials suit you the most, then use this compiled list to get yourself the best mattress.