Penis Shapes and Sizes you Should Know


Are there Different Types of Penis?

Just as the carriers are different, so are penises. There are no bad shapes or sizes — there are just different penises. Many penises have a cylinder shape, while some curved upward, downward, and various other shapes. Let`s see the possible penis shapes, sizes, and girths.

6 Penis Shapes that Men Usually Have


The c-shaped penis has a noticeable curve to the right. Men with such penises can experiment with different angles during intercourse. They could penetrate their partners on their side with their curve pointed toward the sky. Their receiving partner can lie on their back in a T-angle at such times.


The straight penis is quite a common shape. It maintains the same shape from shaft to head. Men with this straight penises can explore virtually any sex position without any tweaking.

Curved Upward

penisSome penises are curved upward like a banana, particularly when they are erect. The upward curve is advantageous because such penises stimulate the right spots in the vagina, thereby causing toe-curling full-body orgasms.

Curved Downward

Flip the banana around and you’ll have this penis type. Just like the curved upward penis, this too is usually only noticeable during an erection.

Narrow Base with Larger Head

The type of penis is long and thin with a much larger head, just like a hammer. It sure has the right features for good nailing. The extra girth at the tip stimulates the vaginal or rectal walls, which gives great satisfaction to both partners.

Bigger Base with Narrow Head

This type of penis is thicker at the base and narrows as it gets closer to the head. Its uniqueness is the narrower head that makes for easier entry, and a wider base that brings about more stimulation the deeper it goes. If you and your partner are open to anal sex, the cone of this penis type seems built for butt play because the gradual increase in girth is perfect for stretching the anus.

5 Types of Penis Length and Girth

As penises come in different shapes, so do they come in various lengths and girths too. Let`s discuss this.

Smaller-than-Average Length and Girth

Even though this penis type falls on the shorter and narrower side of average, you shouldn`t underestimate its potential. Men with this type of penis perform excellently with the doggy style if they know how to use their small-but-mighty tool.

Shorter-than-Average Length and Thick Girth

The type of penis is shorter, stout, and able to stimulate the vaginal or rectal walls wonderfully. It is packed with lots of sensitive nerve-endings, and as a result, brings about toe-curling penetration for both parties.

Men with this penis size can use lots of lube, take it slow, and mimick the yoga pose during sex to have some real good time.

Average Length and Girth

Not too big, not too small, just right for any sex position. Experiment with various positions and find the ones that are just right for you and your partner.

Larger-than-Average Length and Girth

winkThis is the “dream penis” of many men who don`t understand that various penis shapes and sizes are just okay. It`s the type of penis you’re most likely to see in pornography; it`s long and thick. One of the ways to make the most of this penis shape is by using lots of lube and exploring positions that give the receiver some level of control. Some of the best positions to try are the missionary, spooning, and rear-entry positions.

Larger-than-Average Length and Thin Girth

This penis size is longer and narrower than average. Tight-legged positions are the best for men with this penis size. The tighter space gives both partners more pleasure and lets the receiver have more control over how much of the penis length they take in.

Penis and Sex Facts you Should Know

  • The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds.
  • Some studies that persistent smoking can shorten the penis by a centimeter.
  • The average sex lasts 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation.
  • Red meat and dairy are some of the foods that make semen taste terrible.
  • A teaspoon of semen contains about seven calories.
  • On average, 200 men break their penis every year.
  • The largest penis ever recorded is 13.5 inches long.
  • There is a museum in Iceland dedicated to the penis.
  • In Japan, there is an annual festival devoted to celebrating the penis.
  • The male G-Spot is located on their prostate.
  • The blue whale has the largest penis of any animal.
  • Only 6% of the world’s population of men needs an extra-large sized condom.
  • In a rare condition called diphallus, males are born with two penises. Only one fully works, with 100 men affected the world over.
  • The adult male elephant has the largest penis among all land animals, with 6 feet on average. Their penis is S-shaped when fully erect.
  • On average, a man will ejaculate about 7,200 times during his lifetime. 2,000 of this is from masturbating.
  • The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour.
  • Having sex at least once a week can lower a man’s risk of diabetes by 40%, heart disease by 30%, and stroke by 50%.
  • A man has an average of 11 erections per day, 9 of which are at night.
  • About 30 million Americans struggle with erectile dysfunction.
  • Penises smaller than 2.8 inches in length when stretched are considered micropenises.
  • The penis stops growing when a man is in his early 20s.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, shoe size does not determine penis size.
  • The average penis measures 3-4 inches from tip to base.
  • Most penises are the same size when erect, which is about 6-7 inches.
  • In 24 American states, women can file for divorce on the grounds of impotence.
  • As men age, they are more likely to suffer from a condition called Peyronie’s syndrome, a condition in which their penis bends so much in a certain way during sex that it causes small tears in the tissue and makes the penis have a curved shape.
  • 30% of men over the age of 15 have been circumcised.
  • The cerebral cortex and the limbic system are essential in boosting a man`s libido.
  • The limbic system is responsible for motivation, emotions, and sex drive.
  • When a man gets sexually aroused, signals migrate from his cerebral cortex to other parts of the brain and nerves. This makes his heart rate increase, causes an increase in blood flow to his genitals, and gets his penis erect.
  • Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of the voice, muscle development, male sex organ development, growth of body hair, bone mass,  and sperm production.
  • Testosterone heightens in the morning and lowers at night.
  • Sex increases immunity to pain because orgasms trigger hormones that increase the pain threshold.
  • Ithyphallophobia is the fear of seeing, having, or even thinking about an erection.
  • Upper Paleolithic art as far back as 30,000 years ago depicts people using dildos for sexual pleasure.
  • Studies have shown that sex cures headaches.
  • People who have sex thrice a week are likely to look five years younger than those who don`t.
  • Research claims that people who masturbate often are less likely to suffer from diabetes and insomnia.
  • It`s only a myth that masturbation causes cancer, blindness, and hairy palms.
  • Some studies claim that married people are more likely to masturbate than singles.