Best Workout Routine for Weight Loss

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Why You Need to Stick to Your Workout Routine

A wise woman once said, “Realizing that you are obese and overweight is a good first step to losing weight and keeping fit.” It is quite easy to detect when you become bigger or fatter with two or three glances at yourself in the mirror. However, for those who believe in the strength of workout as an enhancer of weight loss, coming up with a workout routine and sticking to it becomes a major challenge.

It is possible that after looking in the mirror, the fat version of you, which you obviously do not like, stares back at you and gives you many reasons why you should act fast in order to get your sexy looking shape back by adopting a weight loss workout routine. It is quite possible that the level of your dedication to your weight loss workout routine becomes very high in the first few days and reduces with time. Though the reason for this is still unknown. However, according to a survey, most people get tired of engaging themselves in those physical exercises due to muscles and joint soreness. In contrast, others get tired as a result of their natural laziness to work. Along the line when you must have stopped your workout routine halfway, you stare again at you in the mirror and still see those flabby arms, folding neck skin, fat cheeks, and heavy-duty stomach, and you begin to wonder why on earth you found it difficult to stick to your workout routine.

This article elaborates on the importance of workout for weight loss, as well as achievable ways of sticking to your workout routine. These methods help make your routine enjoyable instead of tiring. If you doubt whether you should begin a weight loss plan or not, then this article is for you. If you have decided to resort to working out to get rid of your general excessive body fat and find it difficult to stick to a workout routine, this article is also for you. All you need to do is, skim through with rapt attention to every single detail.

Importance of Weight Loss Workout Routine

  • To begin with, exercises generally keep your mind and body active. In other words, asides from losing weight, engaging yourself in a workout routine, keep your mind healthy and strong.
  • It reduces your risks of developing unspeakable health issues like heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.
  • It helps you burn more calories, helps you lose fat, and energizes your muscles, keeping them strong and alive.
  • It prevents you from experiencing muscle loss. Workouts help preserve your muscles such that your body is able to use and burn calories efficiently.
  • It makes your bones strong and energizes you to withstand some physical pressures.
  • Finally, it helps you lose weight more easily than dieting and liquid weight loss beverages.

Best Weight Loss Exercises

  • Jumping a rope
  • Running up a hill or stairs
  • Cycling; cycling is effective at keeping people fit. It helps you lose excess laps fat and as well reduces your risks of developing chronic health issues.
  • Stationary bike; this can be done either indoor or outdoor. Either way, it is convenient and quite easy to add to your workout schedule.
  • Squats; the after-effects of squats on your glutes can be painful, but the result is usually evident a few weeks into the workout routine.
  • Push-ups; this is very effective at getting rid of belly fat. Though quite inconvenient, but conspicuously effective.
  • Planks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Walking; being a normal everyday thing, walking can be easily incorporated into your daily workout routine. All that is required of you is, park your car a few kilometers away from your destination and walk your way down to your destination. Doing this every day would help you stick to this routine easily.
  • Jogging and running, just like walking, is also an easy way of losing weight. Both running and jogging are great exercises that help in the loss of butt and belly fat. To begin with, jogging back and forth three to four times within your street would help.
  • Swimming; this exercise is fun and relaxing. While catching fun, you lose weight and improve your rate of flexibility in the process. This makes it easy to be incorporated into your workout plan.
  • Yoga; does not only help you burn calories; it also makes your mind sharp and alert. It improves your concentration level and also helps you watch your food cravings and aversions.
  • Pilates; many people find pilates enjoyable. According to fitness professionals, it is a beginner-friendly workout that helps you lose weight, gives you balance, flexibility, and surplus strength.

Weight Loss Workout Plan

Workout plans are a set of goals with dates and times convenient for you to engage yourself in physical exercises. These plans vary from individual to environment. Below is a sample of a workout plan.

Monday (45 minutes): Jong walk

(15 minutes): Jogging

Tuesday (20 minutes): Stationary cycling

(30 minutes): Pumping jacks

(10 minutes): Push-ups

Wednesday (30 minutes): Walk

(30 minutes): Rest

Thursday (30 minutes): Jogging with weight

(30 minutes): Yoga

Friday (1 hour): Swimming

Saturday (1 hour): Yoga

Sunday (40 minutes): Cycling

(20 minutes): Rest

This is a sample of a workout routine plan. You can decide to add or remove some of it for your convenience. Also, as time goes on, you can decide to increase your workout time, depending on how convenient it is for you.

In addition, adopt a healthy weight loss diet. Within this diet, there should be more low-calorie foods and more energy-giving foods.

How to Stick to A Weight Loss Workout Plan

See the Goodness of BaobabHaving identified these different exercises that can help in weight loss, adding them to your daily schedule and sticking to them might become difficult. However, the second part of this article explains how you can stick or adapt to a workout routine.

  • Set a goal. To begin your workout journey, you have to set reasonable and achievable goals. These goals should include what you intend to achieve at the end of the day and how you intend to achieve them. For example, you could plan to lose weight by running within your street two times back and forth every morning without stopping.
  • Make a workout plan. This could involve picking convenient dates and times to engage yourself in this workout routine.
  • Pay attention to your body. As a beginner, your muscles would definitely feel sore. Do not get discouraged by this; instead, let it motivate you to do more. Also, it is important to note that you should not overdo the workouts to prevent muscle injury. Take rests between workouts and take one- or two-days workout-off day within a week.
  • Write out your workout goals and plans on a piece of paper and paste them in a visible place. This would always remind you of your workout routine.
  • Set alarms and reminders for your workout routine. These would help you separate your workout time from your other daily activities without one interfering with the other.
  • Constantly remind yourself of your current weight gain. Do not allow this to affect your psychological health; instead, allow it to motivate you to stick to the workout plan.
  • Do not allow any form of distractions.
  • Make your workout time fun by playing music and singing along while exercising.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Do not under-eat or overeat. Eat healthy and well as this also contributes to how active you would be in carrying out those physical activities.
  • Finally, you can download workout applications with timers, reminders, and motivations to keep you going.

Other Tips for Weight Loss

In conclusion, a workout is a fastest and most effective method of losing weight. Though the process is usually tiring and difficult, the results make up for the stress and time taken to do it. Many exercises have been identified to help with weight loss, as well as a healthy mind, bones, and muscles. This is proof that working out to lose weight also means keeping healthy bones, muscles, and a healthy mind, at the same time. It is important to adapt to a workout routine, and dedication and discipline are major factors that make this achievable.