The Wonders of Sleeping on the Floor

Some things just come off as shocking. This is definitely a shocker. Would you ever have imagined that sleeping on the floor could be more rewarding and beneficent than sleeping on a bed? As it turns out, that is absolutely true. Surprised? Well, I was too when I found out. We are so accustomed to conventions, whether true or false, right or wrong, that we are not open to other possibilities.

A number of studies have ascertained this premise, and one concluding summation is that sleeping on the floor is of more benefit than sleeping on a bed. This must sound so contradictory as many people associate punishment with sleeping on the floor and comfort with sleeping on a bed. No wonder the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold”. I know you must be wondering how this is possible seeing that you have probably been used to a bed all your life and nothing has gone wrong with you. Well, keep in mind that the claim here is that sleeping on the floor is better, not that sleeping on a bed or mattress is malignant. I guess your every thought now is, “how is this possible?” Well, let me alleviate your fears and worries. Some acclaimed benefits of sleeping on the floor are a better quality of sleep and better muscle building. However, one key benefit of sleeping on the floor is that it improves posture. In fact, a handful of medical practitioners have agreed upon this fact that sleeping on a bed that is too soft would eventually cause back pain and some have equated lying down on extremely soft beds to slouching. Think of it this way: Which car would drive smoothly? A car on a tarred road or a car on a moist road that any car would sink in because of its weight on such road? It is obvious that it is the car on the tarred road. In relation to sleep, think of the floor you sleep on as a tarred hard road that does not bend or gallop at any point. It is simply just straight. And then, imagine a bed which is soft that at any point pressure is applied, it immediately recedes, creating an imbalance. The thought of that should signal discomfort, but somehow, we have been completely oblivious to that fact. So, your body on a flat surface is balanced and that means the pressure is even for all parts of the body. Pressure assists the body in massaging the muscles, so think of the floor as practically an all night long masseuse.

a man sleeping

There have been many accounts of people whose back pains were “miraculously cured” after they slept on the floor. It has nothing to do with the miracle. It is simple logic and science. As a result of the alignment of the floor, it consequently helps the alignment of the back by helping to straighten it out. The spine is straight or seems straight, hence, it would need a straight platform to rest on. Uneven surfaces do not work well. There would be some kind of misalignment. There are accounts of cultures that approve of sleeping on hard surfaces like the floor. Some for medicinal purposes, some just for sleeping. There are accounts of this in the Japanese culture, Chinese culture and the Korean culture and these sets of people are usually associated with good health. Since sleeping on the floor affects the muscle, just like any activity that affects the muscles, the early stages of the trial would be uncomfortable and may even cause some pain, but that is understandable because it is a sign that the muscles are trying to adjust to being stretched and would subside subsequently. Stated below are some of the benefits of sleeping on the floor.

Alleviates Pain

In many cases, sleeping on the floor takes away that incessant pain felt at the back. Pain in the back is usually as a result of misalignment or excessive bending of the back. So, the floor helps align the back properly because of its flat surface.




 When one sleeps on the floor, it allows the body to fully be massaged, stretching necessary muscles which eventually lead to healthier bones and muscles and relieves the body of unnecessary pain. Sleeping on a bed prevents the body from fully stretching because as a result of the pressure on the mattress which causes it to recede, the body is put in some kind of compressed position that does not allow flexibility.


Hip Alignment

 We have established that the major benefit of sleeping on the floor is body alignment. Practically all parts of the body that require some kind of alignment would greatly benefit from one sleeping on the floor. So many problems stem from poor postures and misaligned hips. The floor can help with that.

What else?

Some other fun benefits of sleeping on the floor include; the feeling of being grounded; no worries of falling from that bunk bed or that bed. Since the floor is all on the same level, you really have nothing to worry about. Personally, when I have to wake up early, I sleep on the floor. It gives me some sense of urgency. I am consciously aware of the fact that I don’t need to relax and I wake up early.

Better Posture

As we have established, sleeping on the floor can help in giving great posture because of its alignment. Practically all the benefits of sleeping on the floor lead to the healing of the back. People generally have problems with their backs. If the bed was so helpful, how come the pains remain? It simply straightens out your back. So, get to that floor and get a free massage on your back!

How to Sleep on the Floor

There is no specific way to sleep on the floor, but one detail to be aware of is that sleeping on the floor works mainly on the back and that is really the one place that has almost the same flat surface as the floor. Any other part may cause unnecessary pain. There are also some other things to be mindful of when sleeping on the floor.

The Temperature of the Floor

Make sure it is not too cold as that may cause lung problems, and in harsh cases, may cause pneumonia.

Ensure the Floor Is Clean

A dirty floor may cause some discomfort while you sleep.

Have a platform

It could be a carpet or mat you can spread to avoid problems such as the temperature of the floor, germs, and other things that may cause discomfort.

Final Words…

This goes without saying that this is not for everybody. People with physical challenges are advised not to undergo such. Even without problems, some just aren’t meant for the floor. Then again, sleeping in wrong positions may cause more problems for individuals. There is also the debate of what kind of floors to sleep on; whether concrete or wood. Regardless of the material of the platform, the end result remains constant. As long as it is hard enough and flat, it simply should do the trick.

You want to get that lovely posture with your hips aligned, your muscles stretched and body pain vanished? Then you might want to leave that bed. Go spend some time on the floor. *wink*