Find Out How Healthy Bitter Leaves Are

bitter leaf

How Nutritious is Bitter Leaf?

Have you ever wondered how healthy those residing in rural areas of the world are? It is no doubt that villagers remain healthy and safe from most health issues due to their massive consumption of natural food. Adding the satisfaction derived from these fresh food items, most of the vegetables consumed are filled with remarkable health benefits.

The Bitter Leaf plant, a prominent herb and vegetable found in abundance in Nigeria is used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

This article aims to open our eyes to facts about bitter leave plants and how to stay healthy with it.

Bitter Leaf Treats Insomnia

How far have you gone with medication to treat your sleeplessness? You should not disturb yourself any longer; juice from bitter leaf plant is all you need to send your body to a long sleep.

Insomnia is a condition where victims experience habitual sleeplessness. These individuals often find it difficult to get a night’s sleep, no matter how hard they may try.

Although the plant’s bitter taste is a big reason not to consume it, you just don’t have to forget that your healthy sleep is paramount. A Nigerian adage says, “sweetness ends bitter leaf” the bitterness in this plant does not last long, after which you feel some sweetness on your tongue.

Enhances Fertility

Several research studies have proved bitter leaf to boost the chances of becoming pregnant among women with difficulties in conceiving. And this is due to the detoxification strength of bitter leaf, which prevents the contamination of antibodies that fight pathogens, aid tissue regeneration and repair.

Bitter leaf is known to boost ovarian development, as well as getting rid of ovarian cyst and hence prevent premature ovary.

Bitter Leaf Treats Malaria Fever

As one of the plants I have used on several occasions to cure fever, bitter leaf performs wonderfully well when it comes to dealing with headaches and related fever signs. It is also very effective in malaria treatment, which is why most African homes have at least a bitter leave plant.

It contains a large amount of quinine, which is well known for its magical strength on fever and malaria. The juice is “enjoyed” three (3) times per day for the desired result.

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Incredible, isn’t it? Drinking the extract from the leaves or eating fresh bitter leaves is well known to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the sugar level to normal range.

This is possible because the bitter leave plant contains andrographolide that contributes to blood sugar reduction and further reduces the risk of diabetes.

Also present in a bitter leaf plant is potassium, which is another good mineral that helps prevent hypertension.

This mineral also helps to evacuate the accumulated salt, spiking sodium levels in the bloodstream and causing high blood pressure.

Beneficial to Smokers

cigarette smokingBitter leaf is very active in protecting your body against deadly and harmful pollutants that often come from some dangerous gas and cigarette smoke. You should cultivate the habit of drinking bitter leaf juice if you are a smoker since bitter leaf plant is said to shield pollutants from atmospheric fumes, including smoking.

Fight Against Fever

Bitter leaf plant is very high in flavonoids; these flavonoids have increased potential to fight against free radicals (as an antioxidant) and thus preventing several health challenges such as fever.

Some elements like glucosides, andrographolide lactones, and diterpene are also packed in the leaves, and all work together to reduce fever symptoms.

Just a glass of bitter leaf juice is enough to combat fever symptoms and reduce its effects.

Improves Body Metabolism

Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, plays an important role in lipids, glucose, and amino acids, metabolism in the human body.

Vitamin B1 is an important food nutrient that occurs naturally in bitter leaves, which helps the body synthesize lipids by oxidizing fatty acids.

Lipid metabolism is commonly similar to that of carbohydrates, which can still be converted into fat molecules by known processes.

Bitter leaf is thus very effective in breaking down these food components (metabolism) because of Thiamine.

Treats Stomach Upset

Bitter leaf can be eaten raw or squeezed to get the juice; the extract is highly effective in treating bowel anomalies such as stomach upset, diarrhea, dysentery, and other related issues.

If you often get stomach cramps or aches, then you should consider taking some bitter leave for the desired relief. Get about a handful of fresh the leaves, wash thoroughly with salted water. Squeeze the mashed leaves to extract the juice; taking just two glass of this juice two times in a day is all you need to flush off stomach issues.

You can also chew any tender stem of the plant and swallow the bitterness to put a stop to the ache within a few minutes.

For Healthy Bones & Teeth

A lady`s lips and teethAscorbic acid, or fondly called Vitamin C, is a mineral with potent antioxidant effects. It is found in bitter leaves; it plays a very special role in your body (maintenance of teeth and bones and the prevention of other vitamin C-associated deficiencies).

It also has a trace of vitamin K, which functions to extend beyond blood coagulation. It also includes the maintenance of healthy bones and the prevention of osteoporosis (bone tissue weakness).

Fights Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung inflammatory disease condition that may either be caused by bacteria or viral pathogens; it is identified by the presence of pus in the air sacs and further solidified. In severe cases, both lungs get inflamed (double pneumonia).

However, this miraculous plant is capable of combating this condition. All you need do is squeeze some fresh leaves of bitter leaf plant and take only three glass of it daily. Always take note to warm the extract before drinking (not boil!). Fights Free Radicals

Tocopherol, another nutrient found in the bitter leaf and known as vitamin E, serves as an active antioxidant that helps our body fight against harmful free radicals and also essential in reproduction processes. Bitter leaf plant also contains an anti-bacterial compound (sesquiterpenoid) that gives its bitter taste. The main function of sesquiterpenoid when taking is to wipe free radicals away from your body.

Prevents Memory Loss

Drinking bitter leaf extract helps cure memory loss even though it could be a symptom of some disease conditions such as diabetes or another sickness entirely. This remarkable herb, bitter leaf, helps the brain to retain effectively.

Treats Prostate Cancer

Research studies have proved that men above forty years of age are most vulnerable to prostate cancer. And one of its known signs is difficult and painful urination.

Bitter leaf is up to the task of eradicating this ailment. It reduces the pain by increasing urea flow and reducing the spread of the cancerous cell.

To treat prostate cancer with bitter leaf, squeeze some fresh bitter leaves in water and take four glass of it daily while you keep going for a routine checkup. You’ll notice frequent urination; this shouldn’t disturb you as it is part of the healing process.

Keeping Liver and Kidneys Healthy

The kidney is a vital and precious organ to the body system and should be guarded well. This is because any damage to your kidneys would affect other organs of your body. Bitter leaf is an excellent herb when it comes to taking proper and appropriate care of the liver and kidney. No wonder some people often call bitter leaf a “cure-all herb.”

Detoxifies Your Body

Bitter leaf is high in vitamins, proteins, and essential minerals that help ward off toxic materials from the whole body and boost the immune system.

Aids Normal Synthesis of Female Hormones

The gift of nutrients like ß-carotene in bitter leaf helps in the synthesis of most female hormones. These allow women to remain agile, active, alert, young, and healthy for quite an extended period. Bitter Leaf on Fatigue

Some African researches have also found bitter leave effective on activating our body systems against fatigue or stress.

Aid The Production of Quality Breast Milk

You may wish to boost the quality of milk you lactate but don’t know how to go about it, drinking bitter leaf juice might help your desire. Several research studies have proved Bitter Leaf helpful to nursing mothers by boosting quality breast milk production. Bitter leave extract boosts milk production in breastfeeding mothers and is also useful for uterine contraction during labor. It also improves appetite alongside.