Here’s Why we Love Hibiscus Flowers!

From beauty to amazing health benefits; this multi-purpose plant has it all! Just last week, I had to pick up some hibiscus flowers from our local garden because my sister needed it for some sort of practical. While in the garden, I got talking with the gardener and she shared a couple of amazing things that Hibiscus could do asides being a wonderful specimen for Biology practicals. I’m pretty excited about them so I’ll share all I learned with you. Let’s start with meeting this plant!

Meet the Hibiscus!

From Rose Mallows to Hibiscus, this flowering plant is entirely great for everything health! Botanically, it is referred to as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. The plant is native to the tropical regions all over the world; although it may also be found in temperate regions with the right conditioning.  Hibiscus is a sweet-smelling delicate flower that has been the farmers’ delight for so many years. There are so many species of the Hibiscus plant. In fact, researchers say that there are nearly 629 of them! They range from Tropical hibiscus, Hardy hibiscus to Perennial hibiscus and so many others. The Tropical Hibiscus is native to Hawaii. The perennial Hibiscus can only be found in the springtime while the hardy hibiscus behaves just like the perennial hibiscus; they disappear in the winter time and reappear in spring. Now, that is something!

What Does the Plant Typically Look Like?

questionAlthough there are so many species of the Hibiscus plant; they can all be identified by a single feature, which is their trumpet-like flowers. Typically, the plant has simple, alternating green leaves and flowers that adopt a trumpet-like shape. These flowers often come with five petals; although there could be more with some species.

I always thought that Hibiscus flowers are only red in color until I dropped by the garden that day. When I walked in and requested Hibiscus flowers, the gardener gave me a series of plants that were colored white, pink, red, orange, peach, yellow and even purple! That really got me! She told me that although Hibiscus flowers were typically colored red, they could come in a variety of other colors; depending on the plant species. Variations in atmospheric conditions may also lead to changes in the color of the Hibiscus plants. In fact, it is rare for the Hibiscus flowers to remain in a single color all year long. Many of the plant species have a spectrum of colors which they adopt as the seasons come and go. These flowers are also four to eight centimeters broad.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers

Since ancient times, Hibiscus flowers have been used to treat so many health conditions, especially in its liquid form. Hibiscus flower tea is the go-to drink to ensure that you maintain a healthy body. Here are six health benefits of the Hibiscus flower tea.

Handling Body Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure

With all the junk food going around, it’s best to incorporate Hibiscus Flower tea into your diet to help you deal with bad cholesterol and body cholesterol levels. Experts say that the bioflavonoid compounds contained in hibiscus tea help to control and reduce cholesterol levels; leading to a healthier heart. In addition, this can help to prevent heart attacks plus other cardiovascular conditions.

Blood pressure levels can also be regulated by a regular drink of Hibiscus flower tea. According to experts, this tea is a natural regulator of blood pressure levels. It doesn’t alter body potassium levels or affect salt-water ratios in the body.  Little wonder this mixture has become a popular remedy prescribed for hypertension.

Dealing with Fevers, Constipation, and Colds


In ancient Egypt, Hibiscus tea was used to cure fevers and lower body temperatures. Guess what? We still use it for the same thing today. Hibiscus flower tea can be used as a diuretic to cure fevers and lower body temperatures this is because the Hibiscus Flower tea has a cooling effect.

Hibiscus flower tea aids digestion too. As a result of its diuretic properties, hibiscus flower tea helps to regularize bowel movement and body waste removal. It also helps in weight loss, improving the overall health of your gastrointestinal system and helps to prevent colon cancer. It relieves constipation and prevents indigestion. It is also used for the treatment of colds.

Safeguarding your Liver

Want your liver to remain healthy? Why not try a cup or two of healthy hibiscus flower tea today! Researchers say that Hibiscus flower tea contains a healthy dosage of antioxidant properties that`ll protect your liver and keep it healthy. These antioxidants keep your liver healthy by neutralizing the free radicals that can be found in body tissues and cells. They also help to cure a number of liver-related infections.

Burning off Excess Calories

We all know how difficult it is to burn off those excess calories that are not exactly healthy for us. This is where your hibiscus flower tea comes in. Truth is, you are likely to add weight and have so many unwanted calories in your body system if you keep consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrate and cholesterol.

Experts say that Hibiscus flower tea contains chemical components that help to slow down the absorption of starch and glucose into the bloodstream. In addition, the plant itself prevents the secretion of the amylase enzyme; an enzyme that aids the quick absorption of carbohydrate. This is why drinking Hibiscus tea could prevent the quick absorption of carbohydrate and starch.

Maybe you didn`t know that many weight loss products often contain hibiscus flowers extracts.

Say Goodbye to Mood Swings and Depression

vitamin D3Depression can be an extremely terrible phase in one’s life. But what if I told you that a cup of Hibiscus flower tea is all you needed to keep away anxiety and depression? Well, I just did. Hibiscus flower tea is rich in flavonoids; a mineral substance that contains antidepressant properties. Pretty cool right?

Apparently, consuming a healthy cup of Hibiscus flower tea may be all you need to keep your nervous system calm and reduce anxiety and depression. This is because Hibiscus flower tea has a relaxing effect when is consumed.

Safeguarding your Immune System

immune systemWe all know how important it is for the immune system to remain healthy and active. One way to ensure these is to incorporate Hibiscus flower tea to your diet. This tea contains antibacterial properties that help to boost your immune system and stimulates its activities.

Any Side Effects?

Now, this is important. Hibiscus flower, in any form, may not just be healthy for everyone. Here are a few things you should note.

  • Persons who have been diagnosed with hypotension; a condition of low blood pressure, may need to stay off Hibiscus flower tea. This is because hibiscus flower tea lowers blood pressure levels and this may lead to faintness or dizziness for persons who have been diagnosed with hypotension.
  • In addition, pregnant women are advised to avoid a hibiscus tea diet as it may lead to hemorrhage. Hibiscus flower tea may also have a hallucinating effect or make you feel intoxicated. Be sure to speak with your doctor before you begin to incorporate hibiscus flowers into your diet; in any form.

Final Words…

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of Hibiscus flower; especially in its liquid form, why don’t you step out to the gardener’s and get a bunch or more of rich Hibiscus flowers? You would be glad you did!