Another Cup of Tea, Please!

Drinking some tea

There are things we love to eat and drink which aren`t so beneficial to our health, there are other things that are beneficial, but we really don`t enjoy putting them in our mouths, perhaps because they don`t taste so good. How about the things we love and are ultimately beneficial? I call them the finest things of life. Tea is one of them.

Right from childhood, I didn`t need anyone to tell me to drink tea. I`ve always loved it. I remember sitting with my then old father in our living room on days I didn`t have to go to school, sipping some hot tea and listening to tales of past wars and his life experiences. I remember vividly, he always added honey to his tea, I preferred sugar. That was back in the day. Growing up, I began to read and hear the amazing functions of tea. I was grateful to my dad, though late already at the time, for those bright and ever-memorable mornings.

This article would take you over a week to read, if we had to include all the known benefits of tea, perhaps it would have taken a week longer for me to write it. In the next few paragraphs, you`ll take a smooth journey through the amazing world of tea—six reasons you should ask for another cup of tea. Each reason like a wonderland, you will be amazed at how much favor you`ve done yourself or are yet to do by sipping that tea again and again.

Why ask for another cup of tea?

Tea reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

heart attack

Tea contains antioxidants which reduce the risk of suffering a stroke, while the flavonoids in tea prevent the artery walls from narrowing, also reducing the chances of suffering a stroke. Another function of tea is to prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots which often are the cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Tea lowers blood pressure

checking blood pressure

Black tea reduces your blood pressure at night by 10% and limits fluctuations of your blood at daytime. Drinking two cups of green tea per day reduces the risk of hypertension by a whopping 46%. Pu-erh, a variety of fermented tea produced in China has a high level of antioxidants which lower blood pressure and prevent the buildup of cholesterol.

Tea strengthens your immune deficiency

green tea

Tea boosts the body`s defense system against infections. It is no longer news that the immune system is the gatekeeper of the entire body system. Keeping it strong ensures fewer illnesses. Theanine, a water-soluble amino acid that is found in tea leaves helps fight infections and builds immunity. The anti-bacterial proteins in the blood of tea drinkers are five times more than non-tea drinkers`.

Tea aids digestion

the digestive system

From the mouth to the stomach, and intestinal tract, herbal teas make digestion pretty easy. Herbal teas regulate the digestive system, relieving feelings of bloating and constipation. Ginger tea, specifically, stimulates your metabolism and generally improves digestion.

Tea creates a calmer but more alert state of mind

Drinking some teaTea, as a result of thenine which it contains, promotes relaxation by reducing sympathetic nervous system responses to stress. This gives a dovelike calming effect. This thenine gets absorbed by the small intestine, then has some effects on neurotransmitters, creating an alpha brain wave activity. This leads to keen alertness. What a stupefying combination—calmness and alertness.

Tea keeps your skin acne free


Green tea has an inexplicable way of clearing acne. It reduces the sebum production of the skin. It also reduces the inflammation level and boosts the immune system which in turn combats the disease. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate, an acne busting antioxidant polyphenol which lowers androgen levels and reduces Candida albicans which causes acne.

What do you think?

Really, what more can one ask for? It tastes good, gives a great feeling, and has all these health advantages and more. It really is one of the finest things of life. Take it with sandwiches, cakes, cookies, muffins, or you just savor it without a snack, tea will do your health some great benefits. So drink that tea and remember to have another cup of it.