Ever Heard of Maca Root?


Discover Amazing Health Benefits of Maca Root

The news about how maca improves curves has filled the whole internet. All that ladies want to hear is; ‘chew raw maca root and get that killer shape in one week.’ After trying it out, one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month, three months, and there are still no physical changes or enhancement of their curves. They would leave the root and feel deserted because all their hopes and dreams about how they would flaunt their new curves have been dashed against a rock. Are you one of those ladies? There are quite a lot of misleading information on the internet about maca root. However, in this article, you would understand the real potentials of this root. You will also note its authentic and genuine functions, potency, and its usefulness in the fertility world, both for men and women, old and young, so this article is also meant for you as a man, as long as you are a human being.

The fact that maca root did not work for you in the past is because you were using it the wrong way and to achieve a goal that it is not capable of helping you achieve. Do you get it? It is just like using petrol to quench the fire, or chewing paracetamol to cure cancer. You actually do not need to rule out the root in your mind because you used it for the wrong purposes. Also, while you were busy eating it to enhance your curves and it was not working for that, it was busy carrying out its actual functions in your body by supplying you with all the health benefits and protection it has within it. Still, you were focused on something else, such that you could not notice how beneficial this root was to you while you were using it.

Curious about the health benefits of maca? And the health protection it supplied you while you were consuming it to achieve something else? Then you are finally in the right blog because this article has every information you need on the health benefits of maca root.

Maca root is a medicinal root that grows underground and looks like a turnip. It comes in various colors like red, black, white, or gold. Just like roots have been known since time immemorial to be very potent in the healing and treating illnesses and symptoms, maca root has lived up to its name. It gets rid of illnesses like chronic stress, fertility problems, depression, tuberculosis, and many more. So, let us quickly dive in and look at the nutrients contained in this root.


Health Benefits

The health benefits of maca include;

  • Management of Anxiety and Depression

It contains compounds like flavonoid that helps to eliminate anxiety. Instead of taking alcohol and hard drugs to improve your mood, try resorting to maca, which is natural and has no side effects.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

An illness like high blood pressure is almost inescapable for any aged person, especially women, in their postmenopausal age. However, the research found that aged people, especially women in this age bracket who spent their middle ages consuming maca root and adding it to their diets, had no single record of high blood pressure. Are those dots beginning to connect? It means that if you begin to add maca to your diet today, you will save yourself from the various illnesses awaiting you at old age, thereby making you a healthy old man or woman.

  • Shrinks Enlarge Prostate

Marca helps reduce prostate size. It is famous for its significant effectiveness at this.

  • Boosts Immunity

Marca contains compounds and nutrients that improve the body system. It makes you healthy by helping you fight antibodies. Its iron content helps prevent illnesses like anemia, leukemia, and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Improves Skin Condition

massageIt was used over the years to treat skin issues and is still in use. According to medical researchers, it treats acne, clears blemishes and dark spots, reduces skin sensitivity, irritation, and allergies, and gives the skin sunscreen protection.

  • Increase Libido and Sex Drive

The potency of maca in the improvement of men’s sexual health cannot be overemphasized. It helps increase men’s sexual desire. With maca, you become a man who can confidently walk up to his wife and give her all the satisfaction she has always been craving for.

  • Heals Erectile Dysfunction

It is a superfood that helps improve the condition of men with erectile dysfunction. Maca makes you a man that you are. It brings back all your confidence and respect in the eyes of your wife. Isn’t it amazing? Would you try it out? 100% natural, 0% side effects.

  • Improves fertility in men and women

  • It Balances Hormones

This is where the misconception begins. Most people have leveraged on this fact to create false hope in the minds of ladies that taking maca would massively increase their curves. The function of maca here is balancing hormones, not exacting hyperactivity on hormones to provide massive curves. No confirmed medical record until now has provided support for the enhancement of body curves or shape in women using maca.

  • Boosts Memory

The mindNatives of Peru where maca originates use maca to improve their children’s performances in school. It gives retentive memory and boosts your memory and intellectual capabilities. As a student, let maca be your secret to excess, as in those courses that seem hard to crack. It has also known to increase the brain function of those with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Heals Menopause Symptoms

Before menopause, the hormones of a woman fluctuate and cause different symptoms, which include mood swings. Maca, in its balancing of hormones functions, eases these pre-menopausal symptoms. Menopause can be an alarming stage in a woman’s life, that in some cases, it turns the woman into the opposite of what she used to be. From soft and gentle to harsh and aggressive. Maca would help you maintain your sweet and lovely nature without menopause interfering with your mood.

  • Vitamins and Other Various Nutrients

It is a rich supplier of vitamins and minerals, just about all the available food classes, including amino acids. It also contains antioxidants like glucosinate, the same nutrients as there are in broccoli, cabbage, and other vegetables, which are very healthy and good for you.

Side Effects and Precautions

  • Maca is unlikely to cause backlashes when taken in moderate doses.
  • Maca, when eaten raw, has side effects and should be avoided.
  • It mutates DNA. However, cooking or boiling maca before eating would help suppress this mutating effect. Cooking or boiling it would not reduce the nutrients and benefits of it by any percentage.
  • Avoid maca if you have thyroid problems because it contains goitrogens, a substance that interferes with the thyroid glands’ proper functioning.
  • Also, when undergoing treatments such as fibroid, breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer treatments, maca should be avoided as it modifies levels of hormones, which might interfere with the treatment process.
  • It is recommended that lactating mothers and pregnant women should consult their doctors before using maca to avoid complications.


There is no standard recommendation of maca doses that should be taken, but all you need to do is take it inappropriate amounts because too much of everything, including good things, is bad. But suggestions say that you can begin with 2g to 6g per day. You can mix maca powder in your smoothies, tea, or oatmeals.

In Conclusion,

The benefits of maca are numerous and are medically confirmed. It is effective in treating and managing illnesses and symptoms, which include fertility problems, imbalanced hormones, enlarged prostate, menopausal symptoms, and so on. Of the benefits mentioned, enlargement or enhancement of curves is not included. As a woman, try to avoid falling for cheap misconceptions about herbs or drug combinations for big curves, as these can have harmful effects on you. There are really no side effects of maca, except you are already suffering from a health issue, such as cancer or fibroid. Reading this article has given you numerous clarifications about the genuine and unique functions of maca.  Adding maca to your diet is a significant first step to living a healthy life both now and in your old age.