Some Unhealthy Foods to Stop Taking

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We Should Not Wait till These Foods Kill us

Of course, we know that everyone has a varying knowledge of what is healthy and what is not, and it is a clear fact that all food affects each individual differently. There some foods and ingredients that do no good across all boards. You will never hear me preach about gluten, dairy, or veganism as the only way to stay healthy. Personally, I would only give information based on professional studies, advice, and our bodies. However, we always feel comfortable saying the foods below are best to be eliminated from your diet (or consume in moderation).

To do this, we asked sugar experts, nutritionists, and the like for such foods that fall into a category (unhealthy food). Below, discover their advice;

Such Foods include the following;

  • Cheesy Fries

It is not a secret that fries are very high in fat, salt, and calories, and still adding huge amounts of cheese to this already dangerous food makes this a deadly recipe for your health. A usual portion of fries contains about 420 calories. Throw up another100g of cheddar cheese on this, and you will be accumulating an additional 35g of fat and 400 calories to the fries.

  • Sugary Drinks

Sweetened sugar is among the worst ingredients in the modern diet.

However, some sugar sources are risky than others, and sugary drinks are prominently harmful.

When you take liquid calories, your brain does not register them as food. Thus, you will end up abruptly raising your total calorie level.

When taking in large quantities, sugar can spur insulin resistance and is well linked to non-alcoholic liver disorder. It is also linked with numerous serious issues, including diabetes, type 2, and heart disease.

Some folks believe that these sugary drinks are the most fattening agent of the current diet, and drinking them in huge amounts can drive obesity and fat gain.


Drink soda water, water, coffee, or tea in place of the drinks. Adding some slices of lemon to soda water or water can provide a pack of flavor.

  • Fried Desserts

Any food deep-fried is a very poor health choice, and topcoat, a dessert that is already packed in sugar and fat in the batter, is what you should strive to avoid. Fried foods often clog up your arteries and thus can, over time, lead to strokes, heart issues, and diabetes. Don’t think it does not apply to banana and pineapple fritters as well. Because they are fruit and have been prepared in batter, hence will also be floating on a sugary syrup.

  • Most Pizzas

Pizza is among the world’s most cherished junk foods.

Most commercial pizzas are prepared with unhealthy ingredients, together with highly refined dough and over-processed meat. Also, pizza tends to be very high in calories.


Some restaurants, however, still use healthier ingredients. Homemade pizzas, most times, are very healthy, as long as you select nourishing ingredients.

  • Cereals

Many of us kick off our days with a dish of cereal, but in most cases, this diet choice can contain many deadly ingredients.

Some cereals (specifically those for children) are high in preservatives to make them stay longer on shelves (e.g., artificial dyes, flavorings, and high quantity of sugar). A freshly published article in the Journal of American Dietetic Association discovered that cereals meant for children contained more: carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and calories per gram than the other ones not targeted to children. Where possible, hold firm to cereals that are rich in fiber and contain less sugar.

  • White Bread

Most of the commercial pieces of bread we see out there are unhealthy if taken in large amounts, as they are manufactured from refined wheat, which is very low in fiber and some essential nutrients and may trigger sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.


For folks who can put up with gluten, Ezekiel bread is an excellent choice. The whole-grain type is also more wholesome than white bread.

  • Pork Scratchings (Pork Rind or Crackle)

Perhaps obviously, deep-fried hog skin covered in salt layers makes it onto our list of the unhealthiest foods not to eat. If you have ever gotten a bag of pork scratchings, then you ought to have had the pleasure of seeing a piece that still has some hairs on it. Pig hair is often removed by burning the body rapidly before it is opened up, but intermittently, some hair remains over the skin and may not even soothe eating.

  • Most Fruit Juices

Fruit juice is often believed to be healthy. While juices are high in some vitamin C and antioxidants, it also packs great amounts of fluid sugar.

This juice carries just as much sugar as common sugary drinks like Pepsi or Coke, and sometimes more.


Some juices from the fruit have been shown to have great health benefits despite their sugar levels, such as blueberry and pomegranate juices.

However, they should be seen as occasional supplements and not an everyday fraction of your diet.

  • Fizzy Drinks

Although they are not food, these drinks still rightly deserve to be numbered among the unhealthiest foods not to eat. The health issues of regular intake of fizzy drinks include such like tooth decay, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Fizzy drinks are packed with an enormous quantity of hidden sugar, with the mean can coke having about 10 teaspoons. Even such diet drinks that appear more wholesome should be avoided. Although they might even be lower in calories than the full-fat types, they still contain some synthetic sweeteners, which can trigger tooth enamel rot over time.

  • Cookies, Pastries, and Cakes

muffinMost cookies, pastries, and cakes are unwholesome if taken in excess.

Packaged types are generally not made with natural sugar, natural wheat flour, and in-built fats. Shortening, which is sometimes high in unwholesome trans fats, is often added.


Keep away from dessert, and go for fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, or dark chocolate.

  • Processed Meats

All processed meats have been modified to have nitrates and some other additives to preserve the meat for quite a long and boost the color. Some of these processed meats like sausages are made up of remnants, unwanted animal parts mixed up with a very high quantity of salt and fat. Eating processed meat can also cause health complications, including increased heart disease, blood pressure, and some other forms of cancer.

  • Gluten-free Junk Foods

About 1 of 3 of the U.S. residents actively strive to avoid gluten in their diets. Yet, folks often replace wholesome, gluten-containing foods with unwholesome (processed) junk foods that are gluten-free.

Gluten-free replacement products are high in refined grains such as corn starch or tapioca starch. They are also high in sugar. These products may initiate a rapid increase in blood sugar and are not high in essential nutrients.


Go for gluten-free foods, such as unprocessed plant and animal foods.

  • Frozen Meals

Although ready frozen meals are always a convenient choice, they offer little nutritional value. To suddenly turn something that stays in your freezer for months on end into food (I mean edible meal), manufacturers often add in very high levels of sodium and preservatives to the food. Rather than just stocking your freezer with ready meals, prepare your homemade options and freeze the individual pieces.

  • Chicken Nuggets

foodDo not be deceived into thinking that these processed chicken are a healthy option all because they contain chicken. The truth remains that chicken nuggets seldom contain just chicken breast mixed with leftover parts of the carcass (nugget has 50 percent more fat and carbohydrates than protein) and bulking agents. Instead of bulking agents for the deep-fried nuggets, prepare your wholesome chicken nuggets in your kitchen home by making use of a lean chicken breast shred into pieces and covered in breadcrumbs.

  • Agave Nectar

This sweetener is often marketed as wholesome. However, it’s too refined and very high in fructose. High levels of fructose from supplemented sweeteners can be highly deadly to health.

This product is even very high in fructose than most other sweeteners.

Whereas the common table sugar has high-fructose corn syrup around 55percent and 50 percent fructose, and surprisingly agave nectar is about 85 percent fructose.


Erythritol and stevia are very natural, healthy, and calorie-free alternatives.

  • Ice-cream

Ice cream may seem to be delicious, but it is packed with deadly sugar. This dairy item for consumption is also very high in calories and easy to overdose. If you take ice cream as a dessert, you are piling it on top of the normal calorie intake of your body.


Go for healthier brand names or prepare your ice cream using less sugar and fresh fruit.