Neem: 17 Amazing Health Benefits of this Herb


Why You Should Not Ignore This Wonderful Herb

Have you always doubted the potency of Neem? Have you always wondered why most people in some parts of the world cherish this herb and cannot spend a day without adding it to their meals as a supplement? Have you become a staunch fan of sweet things and cannot stand the herb’s taste despite knowing how much your body needs it?

Then this article is for you. Here, you will find numerous tangible reasons why you should not ignore neem, why people cherish it so much, and the benefits of adding to your entire well-being.

Neem, popularly known as ‘Dogo Yaro’ in Nigeria, is well-known for its medicinal, insect-repellant, and skincare value. Its potency has been proven in many cases over many years in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. However, this herb’s therapeutic value is mostly associated with the treatment of malaria, which makes it very underrated in this part of the world. To know more about what this amazing herb has to offer you, you must read this article to the end.

Neem, which most people believe was first discovered in India, is a tree with proven medical powers both in its leaves and in its bark. The seeds which are crushed to produce oil and its twigs are not left behind in the medical-wonder- business; no part of it is a waste. Despite the wonders it wrought medically, its taste has been found by everyone to be awfully bitter. However, most people ignore the taste and are mindful of the value it brings.

Being an all-round herb that it is, it contains nutrients such as

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Minerals
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin-c
  • Carotene, among others.

The leaves alone are what many believe to be useful, but research has it that every part that makes up a neem tree is valuable, ranging from the bark to the seeds, the leaves, and even the twigs of the tree. To be used as medicines, these parts of the tree are either boiled, soaked, crushed, or dried.

Neem paste These are enough to convince you to overlook its awful taste and add it to your diet as you stand to gain a lot of medical wellness.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of neem are a big deal, no doubt, its health values are neither overrated nor exaggerated. If you are following closely, I will take you through the amazing health benefits, uses, side effects, and effects of the prolonged use of neem. After this article, you can then decide what to do with the herb.

  • Cancer:

This plant is famous for its usefulness in the killing and shrinking of cancer cells. Also, it can be used in the prevention of cancer, this means you should no longer worry our head over developing that genetic cancer, as long as you are willing to add this free nature’s gift to your daily diet.

  • Purification of Blood:

It does a remarkable job of blood purification and circulation. Making tea out of the leaves or crushing the leaves into a paste is perfect for blood purification and circulation treatment. It cleanses the blood of every impurity.

  • Wounds and Ulcer:

Due to the vitamin-c contained in it, it is one of the best options to opt-in for if you have an ulcer, burn, scratch, or other form wounds. Keeping it handy where there are children who are learning how to walk is just perfect. All you do is squeeze out the juice from the leaves or boil the twigs and bark, take it orally and watch it work wonders.

  • Eye Treatment:

Rinsing your eyes with cold tea from neem leaves can keep your eyes healthy by preventing eye issues and treating eye-related illnesses.

  • High Blood Pressure:

Neem leaves juice when taken before or after meals can help normalize and relax blood pressure.

  • Diabetes:

The terrible taste you have always avoided has been proven to be extremely useful in reducing blood sugar to a reasonable amount. Are you diabetic? If yes, use neem leaves tea or paste orally. This will keep the Doctor’s needles away from you.

  • Malaria:

Neem is generally known for its antibiotic nature. It cures malaria, fever, and typhoid. Think of those days when there were no healthcare facilities, and neem leaves had always been the savior of the day. It treats both old and young while leaving you healthy and agile. Boil the twigs, the leaves and the bark of neem, and boom! Your anti-malarial drug is ready.

  • Chicken Pox:

The unimaginable pain associated with chickenpox cannot be easily ignored. Taking regular baths with neem tea and its oral usage can help beat down the fever that comes with chickenpox, clear the bumps and get you back on your feet.

  • Nail Infection:

Research holds that soaking your nails into neem leaves paste will reduce at least 60% of nail infection. If you have been battling with whitlow or any other form of nail infection, do not look too far, neem is here, and it has you covered.

  • Viruses:

Drinking neem leaves tea can help boost your immune system and help your body build immunity against viral infections. All you need to do is boil its leaves and twigs, and you are one step close to developing an undefeatable immune system.

  • Venom and Stings:

Looking for a first aid treatment for a snake bite or scorpion sting? You are in the right place. After tying and cutting open the sting area, apply ground neem leaves or preferably, neem seeds into a paste and add it on the surface of the sting or bite, then rush the victim to the hospital for advanced treatment.

  • Skin Cleansing:

Neem leaves or seeds paste work wonders in the beautification of the skin, and this is why most cosmetic industries use it as ingredients for the production of their skincare products. Neem cures 95% of skin-related issues. It cures acne and has anti-aging effects, it tones the skin, cures eczema, rashes, skin dryness, sunburns, and so on.

neem pasteFor eczema, dry the leaves and burn them, then apply it to the affected area. For skin toning, skin lightening, or other skin problems, grind to paste the leaves or seeds, add cucumber, and turmeric to get better results.

  • Hair Treatment, Growth, and Baldness:

Have you endlessly sought ways to grow back that hair on your head after experiencing an incident that left you bald? Or does your hair seem to remain at one spot, not minding all the care you give to it over the years? Is your hair screaming for attention, or is it over demanding? Neem is the cheapest lasting solution to your hair problems. It contains anti-fungal properties that can leave your hair healthy and fungi and lice free. Leave-in neem leaves tea in your hair after shampooing and watch it show its profound gratitude.

In baldness cases, applying neem leaves paste on your scalp can bring back your hair that went incognito.

  • Dental Issues:

You must have seen locals of rural areas chewing neem twigs. Most of them do not know the dental value of neem twigs and only chew them to brush their teeth. However, eating neem twigs has kept them away from Dentists for a very long time. It treats dental issues, relieves toothache, mouth odor as well as whitens the teeth.

  • Contraceptives:

One of the natural ways of doing family planning is applying neem paste to the vagina’s surface before sexual intercourse. This helps to kill sperm and prevent pregnancy.

  • Leprosy:

Taking neem seed’s paste orally has been proven to be toxic, and this is why it is mostly used on the skin instead. Rubbing the seeds paste on the skin and drinking the tea [in appropriate quantities}, made up of the leaves, twigs, and bark can beat down the chances of leprosy and also cure leprosy.

  • Insect Repellant:

Applying Neem leaves paste on the skin can help ward off mosquitos, thereby preventing malaria. Also, using it on plants can help prevent insects from eating up your plants.

Side Effects and Precaution

  • When taken excessively, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and skin reaction.
  • For diabetic patients, taking too much of neem leaves, and the paste can reduce your blood sugar to a dangerously low amount, leading to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
  • Neem should not be taken during pregnancy, it has been proven to be harmful and can cause miscarriage.
  • Neem seed oil is highly toxic when taken orally. It should only be used on the skin and hair. It should be kept far from the reach of children, as swallowing it might lead to death.
  • Excessive usage of Neem leaves paste for birth control can cause infertility in men.
  • In most cases, Neem has been discovered to reduce or stop the effectiveness of medications. This means you should not use it while on drugs or after surgery.

tummy achesRisk of Prolonged Use

The prolonged use of Neem leaves, seed, bark, or twigs can lead to Neem poisoning. This automatically means that you can use it and enjoy all the medicinal benefits, but using it at appropriate amounts and not for a very long period will help you a lot.

In Conclusion

No part of the Neem tree is useless. Its properties treat as many health issues as you can ever think of. Ranging from cancer to diabetes, hair problems, dental problems, infertility, malaria, venom and stings, skin issues, and many more. However, prolonged and excessive usage of neem can be hazardous and can cause terrible health issues. Notwithstanding, if all the precautions of usage are followed, you will experience more of its pros than cons.