14 Sex Tips Every Man Should Know


How to Be Better in Bed

Do you want to improve your sex life? Well, it`s not as difficult as you think. We have compiled sex life-changing techniques that could help you and your lover enjoy better sex. Think you`re great in bed already? Keep reading to discover that even the best can be better. We got you!

14 Tips to Improve your Sex Life

Talk About Sex

It`s natural for couples to get so used to each other and the same old sex routine that they almost never talk about sex. They only go through the motions without expressing what they really desire in bed. You can break this unhelpful cycle if you`re willing. And it`s simple: talk about sex. Ask your partner what they really want and how to achieve it. Tell them yours also. Some people find these talks creepy and as a result, avoid them, but would rather endure crappy sex or cheat om their partners. So how do you go about this seemingly odd conversation? Let`s show you how!

Find the Right Time to Talk

Sex-related conversations happen during sex, and that`s okay, however, it`s not the time to discuss serious talks like your displeasures, or make corrections. Discuss that at a different time. Target a mutually free time, and speak with your partner about your orgasm challenges, disgusts, and mismatched sexual desires that you have noticed. You should also care to find out theirs.

No Criticism

It`s not a time to share blames, no. It`s only a time to evaluate constructively. As much as possible, commend them, give recommendations, and commend them again. The idea here is to discuss how your sex lives can be better, not to focus on how bad it has been and whose fault that it.

Be Honest

By all means, don`t hold back. Say it all. What if your partner rarely ever arouses you?  Tell them. There`s nothing to gain in withholding information. Be as open as possible, so you both can discover ways to overcome sexual challenges.

Eat Healthily

foods that treat dry skinSupplying your body with the right nutrients in adequate proportion is vital in increasing libido. Consume less cholesterol and eat heart-friendly foods to improve blood circulation and enjoy peak performance.

Do Household Chores

Yeah, you wouldn`t expect this in the list, I know. But unknown to many men, helping around the house puts women in the mood for better sex. Sometimes, the best foreplay happens outside the bedroom. So do house chores and run errands, to make your partner feel valued, and of course, to make your home tidy. Then watch your sex lives skyrocket!


Yes, you`ve been waiting to see this. You finally have. Daily exercise of at least 15 minutes will improve your self-esteem and boost your libido. Regular exercise, in no small way,  makes the physical aspects of sex more delightful. It will also boost your cardiovascular health and improve erectile function. But of course, don`t overdo it. Excessive exercising may cause general feelings of fatigue and low energy. It may also disrupt sleep patterns and cause mood changes.

And yeah, if you`re exercising, why not just do it with your lover? Booost your libido and release endorphins together, and you know what comes after.

Abstain a Bit

Yes you read right. Abstinence is a sex tip. Practice abstinence for a few days, a weekend, or a week, if you`re both fine with it. It`ll make your hearts grow fonder and improve your sex lives.

Plan for Sex

Planning for sex is a great way to improve your sex life and satisfy your partner. It`s not strange to find busy couples who go months without sex. This is not relationship-healthy As much as possible, don’t let the frequency of sex dwindle due to fatigue or a busy schedule.

Leverage Technology

Put your lover in the mood for sex even before you get home to meet them. Send romantic pictures, messages, or chat with them in ways to arouse them by bringing back fond memories. Get home and get in already!

Compliment her Body

You`d be amazed how effective compliments are in working women into arousal. Spot those amazing features about your partner, especially those she`s particular about, and compliment her often. See how great this will turn out.

Focus on Relaxation

Men usually get excited for better sex, however, women are more likely to get in the mood through relaxation. Don`t give in to the rush that comes from excitement. Massage her scalp, cuddle her, get her relaxed, be relaxed also, and gradually, get in the act.

Do Foreplay

sexForeplay contributes hugely to more robust orgasms and improved sex. It gears up your autonomic nervous system to increase sensitivity, enthusiasm, and improved orgasmic reactions. It`s natural for men to want to rush through foreplay, however, don`t. Be patient and attentive, and you will definitely enjoy the results.

Be Romantically Detailed

Enough of the traditional romance already. Switch the game up by getting more detailed. Pay attention to her neck, her inner thighs, and feet. Tease her tirelessly, and make her want it desperately.

Change the Location

You`ve had sex in the same room since you got married. Why not try some other place? Changing location will add variety and improve your sex life. Try different places. You could even take it outdoors if your partner is cool with it.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are herbal remedies that can boost your sexual fucntions: ginseng, Maca, Tribulus, and gingko are some reliable ones. By all means, be sure to speak with your doctor before using any herb to improve your sexual health.

Try Sex Therapy

Sometimes, sex-related issues can be too complex for you to deal with yourself because there may be psychological twists to it. You just may need sex therapy to boost your libido. People who suffer depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem may affect your sex life terribly. You may discuss with your partner and plan to visit a therapist to seek help.

Some Interesting Sex Facts

  • A man`s libido is linked to the cerebral cortex and the limbic system.
  • During arousal, signals move from the cerebral cortex to other parts of the brain and nerves, causing the heart rate to speed up, blood flow to the genitals, then an erection happens.
  • The limbic system is responsible for motivation, emotions, and sex drive.
  • Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of the voice, growth of body hair, bone mass, muscle development, male sex organ development, and sperm production.
  • Testosterone heightens in the morning and lowers at night.
  • The word “clitoris”, in Greek, means “divine and goddess-like.”
  • A teaspoon of semen contains five calories.
  • The average speed of sperm during ejaculation is 28 mph.
  • Some people orgasm while working out, due to tedious core movement.
  • Some women experience nipplegasm: orgasm through nipple stimulation.
  • The average male orgasm lasts six seconds, while the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds.
  • Studies claim that women who take hormonal contraceptives are more attracted to men who have less physical masculine characteristics, and with lower testosterone levels.
  • The average woman can reach orgasm in about four minutes through masturbation, while through intercourse, it may take her 20 minutes.
  • The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, doubling the amount in the penis.