Health Benefits of Massage Therapy


Why You Should Not Ignore Massages

Massage therapies are important in the treatment of muscles and joints. Massages are also known to be effective in relieving stress and anxiety, it is also known to help boost blood circulation and improve sleep and relaxation. The benefits of massage therapies are too good to be ignored. The treatment of injured or stressed muscles can be faster when massage is introduced.

Getting a massage after a stressful week is not a bad idea. It keeps you up and working, active, and smart. Massage to some people is food for the mind and energizer of the body. After physical exercises, massage is the next thing your body needs to stay strong and fit. In this article, there is a breakdown of the importance of massage to your body and mind.

The various parts of the body that get the greatest benefits from massage are the muscles and joints. However, in order to keep your muscles and joints active, physical exercises, as well as a healthy diet need to be incorporated into massage therapies. The nutrients needed to strengthen and develop the muscles and joints are discussed in the second part of the article.

Nutrients Needed for Healthy Muscles and Joints

  • Calcium: calcium does not only strengthen the bones and teeth; it also energizes the muscles and allows for easy muscle contraction.
  • Iron: Iron aids in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the muscles
  • Omega 3: omega 3 is also a healthy nutrient for the strengthening of your muscles.
  • Vitamin D: vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium (the most important muscle nutrient). Without Vitamin D, it is difficult for calcium to get absorbed into the body system.
  • Magnesium: just like calcium, magnesium allows for easy contraction of muscles.
  • Zinc: it helps your muscle recover from soreness or injury after strenuous physical exercises or accidents.

Both muscle nutrients and massage therapies need to work hand-in-hand for you to have healthy muscles, bones, and joints. None should be done in isolation; one is meant the complement the work of the other. Why is massage so important?

Importance of Massage


When the body undergoes excess stress, an unhealthy hormone known as cortisol is usually produced. This cortisol can lead to headaches, sleeplessness, and unhealthy weight gain. However, studies show that massage therapies reduce the cortisol level in the body, which helps the body recover. Massage therapy for stress helps the mind and body relax; it improves mood and reduces the effects of stress on the body.

Blood Pressure

Massage therapy is popular for its effectiveness in the reduction of blood pressure in high blood pressure victims. It tackles high blood pressure triggers like anxiety, tension, and depression. It has also been found to reduce kidney and heart disease risks.


Massage therapy reduces pain and enhances emotional stability. It is a great pain management therapy. It calms the nerve and manages the feelings of euphoria.

Muscles Relaxation

This is what massage is popularly known for. It targets the sources of muscles and body pains and combats them. In the process, it increases the flexibility of the muscles and helps them relax. Massage therapy also helps the body release endorphins, a hormone that kills pains. It also eases muscle soreness.

Blood Circulation

Through the use of pressure with the hands, blood circulates throughout the body. Massage has also been found to enhance the circulation of blood to damaged areas of the body. It also allows for the flow of blood into the tissues. Twisting and squeezing during massages help eliminate toxic hormones like lactic acids and cortisol from the muscle tissues.


poor poseIt helps correct bad postures by eliminating the causes of those bad postures.

Immune System

Massages help strengthen your immune system. This helps keep illnesses away from the body. Stress makes the body susceptible to illnesses like sleeplessness and fatigue; however, with the introduction of massage therapy, the immune system is able to fight off such illnesses.

Massage therapy also tackles digestive disorders and headaches.


Massage therapy is a healthy treatment method for insomnia.

Types of Massage

  • Swedish massage: This is a kind of massage that requires gentle strokes, vibration, and tapping. It helps energize the muscles, bones, and joints.
  • Deep massage: This kind of massage targets the deeper part of the muscles and tissues. It involves the use of more pressure and more strokes. It is used to treat muscle soreness and damages from exercises and accidents.
  • Sports massage: This kind of massage is majorly for people who engage themselves in sporting activities. It is similar to Swedish massage; however, it is only for people who participate in sports.
  • Trigger point massage: This massage targets damaged and stiffened muscles and joints and heals them.

Best Oils for Massage

Olive oil

Olive oil is best for a Swedish massage. Though it takes time to get absorbed into the skin, it is great for muscle relaxation. It boosts blood circulation, relieves pain, and makes your skin glow. It contains nutrients that help relieve your body from stress.

Fractioned Coconut Oil

This kind of coconut oil is known to be less greasy and light. It is said to be a healthy and effective oil for massage, according to professional masseurs.  It is mostly used to target some injured muscles and tissues. It is a very cheap oil that is easy to afford. It does not have the regular coconut oil smell and as well cannot stain your sheets.

Jojoba Oil

It is an oil extract from the jojoba plant. Just like fractioned coconut oil, it is less greasy and cannot stain your sheets. It is a good substitute for coconut oil, especially in the cases of people who are allergic to coconut oil. It has antibacterial properties that help fight off bacteria from the skin, especially for people who are prone to back acne. Jojoba oil is odorless and does not in any way irritate the skin. Another benefit of jojoba oil is its quick absorption nature.

Sunflower Oil

Just like jojoba oil, sunflower oil is an extract from the sunflower seeds. It is non-greasy and light. The skin quickly gets absorbed into it and is healthy for the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids; the skin needs to glow and stay healthy. Sunflower seeds oil helps replace the linoleic acids on the skin that reduce due to old age, harsh scrubs, and harsh chemicals. Some people are allergic to sunflower, and this group of people is advised to use fractioned coconut or jojoba oil as a substitute.

Almond Oil

It is the most popular massage oil widely known among various massage therapists. It is an extract of almond seeds. Due to its oily nature, almond oil allows for the easy glide of the masseur’s hands over the body during a massage. It gets absorbed into the skin as well, but not as quickly as the other oils. It is a healthy skin therapy oil, and it does not irritate the skin. People who are allergic to nuts are advised not to use almond oil. The only downside almond oil has that other oils do not is the fact that it stains sheets. However, this does not affect its benefits to the skin.

Apricot Oil

8 Benefits of Eucalyptus OilIt is similar to almond oil but is more expensive. It is extremely rich in Vitamin E and easily gets absorbed into the skin.

Side Effects of Massage

  • Massage worsens sickness. If you engage yourself in a massage therapy session, and you are slightly ill, there is a tendency that you will feel worse.
  • When the pressure of massage becomes too much, and when massage gets too frequent, the muscles begin to get tender and weak and might cause bruises and constant soreness to the muscles and tissues.
  • Sleepiness is usually the immediate effect of massage due to the relaxation the massage has brought their bodies, as well as the healthy circulation of blood throughout their bodies. Most people who cannot control their sleep drive to their houses in such conditions and end up having accidents as a result of sleepiness.
  • When the massage gets too tight, it can lead to a headache. Rehydration is advised in a case like this.

In conclusion, massage is a healthy way to manage stress and body pains. The oils used for these massages are healthy enough to relieve stress, enhance relaxation, and promote skin glow. However, going for massage therapy and supplying the body with essential food nutrients that are muscle friendly is perfect for healthy muscles, bones, and tissues.