22 Nutritional Values of Ghee

ghee in a jar

Why You Should Add Ghee to Your Diet

You might be wondering what ghee is. Ghee is the butter extracted or separated from the breast milk of cows, buffalos, or goats. Ghee is common in northern Nigeria, and there it is called “man shaanu.” It is known for its benefits both in the kitchen, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries. Its nutritional benefits are way beyond what you can imagine.

Ghee is faintly yellow in color and has the smell of local yogurt, though some say the smell puts them off. Besides the nutritional benefits, ghee also has super strength in treating the skin and hair. Also, people in northern Nigeria cook with this butter, and according to them, it makes every meal you prepare with it taste extraordinarily lovely.

Are you also wondering why I am speaking so well about adding this fat to your diet? That is because this particular fat is a healthy kind of fat. It contains many nutrients, including fat, calories, vitamin A, E, K, and little protein. For years, ghee has been proven to have potent medicinal value.

To understand the value this healthy fat has to offer, you need to read this article to the end where you can make a decision whether to add it to your diet or not. Ghee is beneficial to all and sundry. Its nutritional value is not limited to any specific gender or race.


  • Gee is used for cooking
  • It is used as traditional medicines
  • It is an alternative to vegetable oil and coconut oil
  • It acts as a flavoring agent
  • It is used for baking.

Health Benefits of Ghee

What are the nutritional benefits I have been trying to introduce? Why should you use or cook with ghee?

  • As a natural fat that it is, it has 0% preservatives, hence the reason it is valued. It is not just a natural healthy fat, it is also a preservative and chemical-free butter that you can consume without fear of harmful preservatives’ backlash.
  • Ghee has been found to combat all forms of cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases.
  • Ghee contains vitamin E, a significant antioxidant. It neutralizes tissue-damaging agents.
  • The record has also found out that including ghee in reasonable amounts in your diet would help strengthen your immune system. It does this by bolstering the body’s ability to absorb quintessential nutrients.
  • Omega-3 is a significant content of ghee, and this helps promote a healthy heart. Research holds that people who consume ghee more would have lesser risks of developing coronary heart disease incidence.
  • Do you have allergies for dairy products? Ghee is best for you. It contains little milk or no milk at all in it, as the milk was separated or extracted from it, resulting in a bit of milk in it. This makes it suitable for you to eat as someone who is allergic to dairy products.
  • Ghee improves the functioning of the brain. It contains vitamins that are essential in the repair and maintenance of the general body.
  • Ghee has been discovered over the years to cure cough. Do you need an effective remedy for the treatment of cough? Try ghee. All you need to do is; heat one teaspoon of ghee, mix it with little ginger powder and swallow it, and your cough is gone for good.
  • It contains eyesight improvement properties. Why would you allow that eye defect or eye problem weigh you down and deprive you of your happiness when you have ghee lying somewhere on your kitchen table? Add ghee to your diet and make that eye problem history.
  • Constipation obviously brings so much discomfort. It leaves you bloated with bad breath and the urge to throw up and visit the restroom at the same time. However, ghee is the closest and cheapest solution to your constipation problems. It aids digestions and frees up your digestive tracts.
  • Just like it is an excellent antioxidant, it also has anti-inflammatory content that is good for your heart.
  • Being a healthy fat it helps in losing weight! Are you surprise that a particular kind of fat helps to lose weight? No need to be overwhelmed because it does. How? It helps remove toxins from the cells, which improves metabolism, and a medical record says that when your metabolism level is high and fast, you lose weight.
  • Ghee improves bone development, strength, and stamina
  • Helps ensure a healthy pregnancy. The vitamins and other essential nutrients ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, making the baby healthy and strong.
  • It also helps in the quick and adequate development of babies and youngsters, especially their brains, muscles, bones, and teeth.
  • It heals wounds and relieves pain. Mix with turmeric powder and apply to external wounds to stop bleeding and give the wound cooling effects.
  • Post-surgery treatment and recovery are made quickly in many cases with ghee. Its soothing effect gives the external area of the surgery comfort and eases pain.
  • Ghee is known to generally reduce pain. As nursing mothers, ghee should be kept handy in cases of children falling and bruising their skins or injuring their ears while inserting objects into it.
  • Use one teaspoon of ghee every morning to reduce bladder region pain. Ghee relieves all kinds of pain.
  • Do you love singing but do not have a sonorous voice? I understand your pain. Try swallowing warm ghee and try that song all over again and listen to your voice to attract people around.

Ghee for Hair

A picture of a woman with long, beautiful hairIndians and Fulani’s are known for their very long hair, and people all over the world envy their hair type. The secret of this hair beauty is ghee.

Has your hair decided to remain on one spot for over three years? Does your hair break as if its life and existence depend on it? Have you lost confidence in your hair edges and have found wigs so attractive that you cannot stay a day without wearing a wig? Are you on the verge of cutting your hair? Or have you out of anger and frustration, eventually cut your hair off, and decided that you do not want to have a thing to do with keeping your hair anymore? Are you keeping natural hair, and it seems so hard and painful for you to comb? If yes, then your frustration would come to an end by the time you read this article to the end.

Are you willing and ready to put a stop to all of these? Do you want to build that confidence once again and flaunt your long, shiny, durable, and healthy hair? You have come to the right place. Ghee has the solution to your hair problems.


  • Ghee Serves as a Natural Conditioner:

Mask your thick hair with it, cover your hair with a shower cap after applying it, leave ghee in your hair for about an hour or two. Wash it off and see the wonders it must have done to your hair. It would leave your hair soft and curly.

  • It improves the growth of your hair rapidly. It does this by opening up your hair follicles and stimulates the even circulation of blood in the scalp.
  • It enhances the texture of your hair.
  • It puts a stop to itchy scalps.
  • It is an excellent moisturizer.
  • Prevents hair fall and breakage.
  • Reduces the production of white hair.
  • For effective results, massage ghee into your hair evenly.

Ghee for Skin

  • Ghee smoothens the skin and helps maintain your natural complexion.
  • It leaves your skin shiny and soft.
  • It provides sunscreen protection for your skin.
  • Ghee clears dark circles under your eyes.
  • It treats dry lips and is very effective for harmattan season.
  • It prevents the skin from drying and moisturizes it.
  • It heals and soothes the skin. When ghee is applied on the skin, your skin becomes healthy and heals fast when you get skin injuries. Combining it with honey is a good start and a wise decision.
  • All you need to do is massage ghee into your skin after bath.

Picture of a beautiful lady with attractive skinThough ghee’s smell might be awful, nevertheless, overlooking the smell and enjoying its benefits is essential. Its health benefits cannot be overemphasized. It is considered as a healthy fat that spreads its tentacles of nutritional value to every part of the human body, cutting across the brain to the hair, the skin, the immune system, and so on. Ghee can be used as a cooking agent, medicinal ingredient, replacement for vegetable oil, healthy cholesterol, and a flavoring agent.