18 Best Japanese Beauty Secrets

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What`s the Japanese Skin Care Routine?

Do you also think that the skins of Japanese men and women are beautiful? There has to be a secret behind the great hair and healthy skin, right? Right! There are many skincare and beauty techniques that the Japanese use. You can learn more about these beauty procedures and apply them yourself. If you really love Japanese hair and skin, here are some of the beauty secrets of the Japanese that will transform your appearance into a healthier one.

16 Japanese Skin Care Secrets

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is instrumental in the prevention of skin infections and the correction of some skin defects. The Japanese have been using the Vitamin C found in most citrus fruits to deoxidize their skin. They eat oranges frequently, and this is enough to give them enough Vitamin C that will affect the melanin levels of their skin and clean up spots or pigments on their skin.


There are so many herbs at the disposal of the Japanese, and they make great use of them. Some of these herbs are used to tackle common skin difficulties like dryness, rashes, black spots, eczema and scars.


Seaweed is fast becoming one of the most important agents of skincare in cosmetics and skin products. The Japanese people have long used the skin-enriching properties of seaweed. It is an active cleanser of the skin and helps to retain an even tone too. You definitely want to try this wonderful skincare ingredient.

Green Tea

A woman holding a cup of teaAnother Japanese favorite, green tea has many health benefits. This is the tea they drink the most daily, and it affects the appearance of their skin by slowing down aging. You can start drinking two or three cups of green tea every day to improve your skin health.


In case you’re unfamiliar with azuki, it`s a type of red bean that is widely used in Japan. This red bean is also one of the best kept Japanese skin secrets which they have used for hundreds of years to get rid of blemishes. You can achieve a smooth face and skin without spots by rubbing azuki on your skin regularly.


The Japanese rarely have to struggle with dry skin, and camellia is one of the reasons this is so. Camellia is a type of oil that comes from a flower. This oil is an age-long remedy to dry skin conditions and wrinkles. You can apply camellia to your face to moisturize your skin and prevent the development of deep lines that appear as a result of aging.


Exfoliation has become a more common skincare technique; it`s hardly a secret today. The Japanese, however, maintain a regular exfoliating routine to clean their skin and keep it soft. Most Japanese women do their exfoliation using a gel or mixture made of selected herbs. You should exfoliate your skin more regularly using only natural substances.

Natural Acne Treatment

Acne affects many people around the world right from their teenage years. When you treat acne, there may be a spot or some after-effects left on the area — especially when you use drugs or dermal creams to treat the acne. This is why the Japanese try to use only natural plants and fruits to remove acne. You can follow their lead by using natural agents like tea tree oil or citrus fruits to combat acne.

Bird Droppings

Eww, I hear you say? Well, the Japanese have facial creams made with bird droppings, which they use to maintain supple and delicate skin.


health benefits of tilapiaWe all know how fish is an unavoidable part of the diet of Asians and of course, the Japanese. The omega-3 and protein contents of fish help them to maintain healthy skin and reduce the chances of aging early. You can also include fish in most of your dishes to give your skin this treatment.

Signature Oils

You can achieve a soft and clean skin with the aid of some types of oil. Among the Japanese women, there are some signature oils based on herbs used for toning their faces. You can use signature oils to also cleanse your face and tone it too.

Komenuka Rice Bran

This rice bran removes spots and other forms of stains on your skin. The Japanese use Komenuka rice bran to eliminate blemishes, wrinkles and marks on their skin. This active agent can make your skin glow with a great complexion and an even tone.

Wakame Kelp

This natural type of sea algae is one of the effective skin cleansing agents of the Japanese. It grants your skin protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun and other harmful substances.

Regular Walks

The Japanese also believe that regular exercise such as walking is key in maintaining healthier skin. Your skin is made firmer and tighter by frequent walks. These regular walks also encourage the expulsion of sweat, which is great for your skin.

Beauty Masks for a Flawless Skin

This is a better and healthier alternative for your face instead of using foundation. This procedure will help you to maintain skin free from blackheads and dead skin. Make a mixture of one tablespoon of gelatin and two teaspoons of milk in a bowl. Heat up this mixture in a microwave oven until it becomes a firm cream. You should apply this cream on your face while it`s still warm. Allow this mask to dry up before you peel it off.

You can also make a face mask from a paste of honey and cinnamon. Rub this mixture of honey and cinnamon on the areas affected by blackheads, then plaster them over with a sterile piece of cotton. Allow this to stay for no less than five minutes before you peel the cotton off. If you think your skin has become too dull in complexion, you can substitute the cinnamon with apple juice.

There are many other natural masks you can use instead of relying on a foundation and other synthetic-based masking agents. Make sure to use masks that aren’t harsh or radical in their treatment of your skin.

Proper Moisturizing

What most skin types need to be smooth is regular and appropriate moisturizing. You must know what works for your skin: what keeps your skin moist for longer and fresher. Beeswax is a great moisturizing agent; you can use it in its pure form or use moisturizers having beeswax as an active ingredient. Any moisturizer you use shouldn’t have water in it.
Dimethicone and mineral oils also make great moisturizers — lookout for moisturizers with both ingredients.

Some Other Beauty Secrets of the Japanese

Hair Straightening

A fine texture and silky appearance are admirable aspects of the hair of a Japanese. You can also have this type of hair using certain types of hair treatment. You will undergo a hair straightening procedure which utilizes heat oxidation. This procedure is great for its reconstructive and rebuilding attributes. A variety of hair treatment chemicals are applied to your hair, then your hair is heated until it is sleek and straight. After this, you fix your hair up with a protein conditioner and a thioglycolate solution as a re-texturizer. Soften your hair with a roller-ball dryer and finally straighten it with a hot ceramic straightener.

Fish Therapy

Caring for your skin and body includes your feet. You probably have a pedicure now and then, but this is a natural and skin-friendly way to take care of your feet. You are expected to soak your feet inside a little tub or pond containing toothless fish which will peel off the dead skin on them. This fish, also called Doctor Fish, makes your heels look smoother and better. It is a natural and interesting pedicure procedure used by the Japanese.