The Best Ways To Combat Dry Skin

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The skin is composed of many layers of cells, and as the outer skin cells gradually reach the surface, they mature and eventually die. Everyone has a layer of dead skin cells at the surface. Certain factors such as aging, poor sleeping habits, dehydration, diet habits, pollution rate, and sun damage can lead to uneven skin tone.

Glowing, healthy skin is everyone’s secret dream but not everyone has great skin. Chances are, you’ve found yourself blaming your genes, when you should be doing something about the situation.

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How to handle dry skin

If you’ve always had to deal with dry skin, it’s easy to believe that winning the blemish-free skin battle is impossible. It can be a little embarrassing having to scratch at your skin like you’ve come down with some type of new disease.

Because we understand your plight (or itch, instead), we did some research and dug out a few remedies to minimize the flaky side effects of dry skin. Ah, at last, some relief!

Here’s a list of the best and simplest things to do.

Stay hydrated

Guzzling about eight glasses of water daily is only a part of it—to stay hydrated, the skin needs moisturizers too. Fortunately enough, many moisturizers already come with SPF, which means you don’t have to end up with an overtly shinny skin. Bar soaps can also dry out the skin, so use moisturizing body washes instead.

In addition, be mindful of how much alcohol and caffeine you’re gulping down. Coffee may keep you energized, but drinking water instead will ensure that your body is clear and free of any toxins. And hey, it’s cheaper than a mocha latte and you don’t have to take time to prepare it. To counter the effects of dehydration, be sure to take some food and water along with your booze or caffeine.


Use sunscreen

The negative effect of sun rays can easily be felt on the skin, resulting in early signs of aging and lack of elasticity. To combat this, sunscreen is your best ally. Your best defense is a water-based, oil-free, broad-spectrum SPF that shuts out both UVA and UVB rays.

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Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate

Maintaining a good skin tone means using a scrub a few times a week to keep your pores unclogged. Exfoliating frees your skin of sweat, dead skin cells, and accumulated residue. An exfoliating scrub opens up hair follicles without over-drying your skin.

The use of lotions should be an automatic next step after exfoliating. To seal up moisture, apply moisturizer when your skin is still slightly damp. It’s time to make you feel as smooth as a baby!



Exercise is not only important for losing weight and staying fit, but also for getting flawless skin naturally. It improves blood circulation and digestion and gives you a healthy glow.

Stimulating your blood flow through being active is the best way to get your perfect skin now. As a bonus, you will get more energy and your dream body, increase your productivity and improve your sleep.

Scale back on sugar

Besides the diabetes and weight gain implications, there is another reason to cut back on sugar consumption. Sugar-rich foods can increase inflammation. We understand the urge to indulge in caramel lattes, cakes, donuts, cookies, carbonated drinks, and ice creams once in a while.

But to soften your skin and retain moisture, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are exactly what you need. Your skin will be thanking you in no time.

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Remove your makeup before bed

Makeup enhances radiance and attractiveness of the skin and provide a gorgeous and appealing look during parties and events. But leaving makeup and dirt on skin doesn’t just clog pores; it can cause excessive dryness and even skin dandruff.

Before bedtime, it’s best to wash your face to remove makeup, excess oil and dead cells that could weaken your skin. Cleansing your face in the morning is also beneficial.


Catch some sleep

There’s no substitute for a good night’s rest. Lack of good slumber will not only leave you with eye bags and help cause aging; your skin’s natural moisture is adversely affected too. Hitting the sheets early enough is key to catching enough sleep.

Having the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep will give your cells plenty of time for repair. For dry skin, that means wading off wrinkles, fine lines, and acne.

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Quit smoking

There are several reasons to quit smoking. On a pack of cigarettes, it is usually written that “tobacco smokers are liable to die young.” That should be enough health information to deter one not to smoke.

What more, smoking can, among other things, cause bad skin. So, quit today!


Ditch hot showers

Okay, steamy showers can be relaxing, but don’t over-do them as they can strip your skin of its natural oils and result in irritation. A splash of cold water does more good for your skin.

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Binge on fruits and veggies

The vast majority of people can afford to down anything filling, whether nutritious or not. But to deal with patchy skin, you just can’t afford to do that. You should eat fewer simple carbs, more protein and a significant amount of fruits and vegetables. Take carrots, tomatoes, avocados because they contain the right antioxidants for your skin.

According to Scottish researchers, two extra servings of fruits and vegetables daily can improve skin tone significantly in six weeks. This is so because these antioxidants stave off free radicals that worsen the effects of inflammation, sunburns, and wrinkles.


Bottom line

Take a minute to let it sink in: Working on your dry skin may take some time and that’s totally fine. If you’re seriously following some skincare routine for yourself, you’re going to need to be comfortable in whatever skin you’re in right now.

At the end of each day, make a list (either mental or written) of the productive things you’ve done concerning your skin. No matter how seemingly insignificant, you deserve a pat on the back.

Use these 10 tips, and you’re sure to reclaim your skin!