Colon Cleanse: Are The Perks Really Worth It?


Absolutely. Did you know that the colon is the body’s own garbage management organ? Oh yeah, it is. Considering that the large intestines of a healthy human being may contain pounds of lingering waste, it isn’t such a bad idea to have a colon cleanse!  It will definitely improve the colon’s ability to handle waste, redistribute nutrients and ease digestion.

Now, here are other five great reasons to consider a colon cleanse!

It relieves constipation and indigestion

When there is poor digestion, you’d most likely find constipation towing closely behind. The downside of this is that the body loses its ability to absorb the much needed nutrients like vitamins, electrolytes, and water. This can lead to loss of energy and compromised immunity.

Cleansing your colon purges it of undigested waste products and facilitates easy bowel movements. Since these wastes already serve as breeding grounds for bacteria anyway, clearing them away wouldn’t hurt, would it? You’ll have a healthier gut and body to thank you.

It increases energy levels

Your intestines need to exhale! Detoxifying your colon of toxins allows for that, as the intestines can carry out other functions, thereby, improving your energy level.

When essential vitamins are easily absorbed into the body, one key evidence is mental alertness. Once there is impairment in the absorption of nutrients, it may lead to loss of concentration.



It helps with weight loss

Now, you must already know how beneficial fiber-rich foods are to a healthy diet. Unless there is a balanced allotment of fiber, indigestion takes place and food would linger too long in the intestinal tract.

However, when the colon undergoes some cleansing, wastes are easily flushed from the system, and may lead to significant loss of weight. Are you looking to losing weight without breaking a sweat? Well, studies indicate that an increased fiber intake can help you achieve that!

It facilitates overall colon function

Someday, if you keep doing nothing about it, the piled up toxins in your body will finally make their way to the colon. By not ridding the liver and colon of waste, toxins can remain in the body and may result in a number health issues.

Cleansing your colon helps to improve digestion, multiply good bacteria and several other colon functions.

 It detoxifies the colon

It is true that the body is capable of detoxifying itself daily, but sometimes, poor living choices and several other factors make this somewhat difficult. With a lack of colon detoxification, the body may start showing signs of containing too much toxins. This is when a colon cleanser can prove helpful because it is essential for facilitating hydration and the removal of toxins.



At this point, you should know about these three colon cleansing solutions:.

Colon Hydrotherapy 

A colon hydrotherapy may seem a little strange but it is an absolutely natural colon cleansing solution. This therapy involves bathing the colon with 10 gallons of clean water in a process that takes two days. This is usually done under the guidance of a qualified colon hydrotherapist and unlike a home enema, colon hydrotherapy, can cleanse the whole large intestine.

What’s more, this therapy may also help you with tackling low energy levels, headaches, lack of concentration, acne and allergies.

Home Enema 

The colon’s main function is the absorption of water and nutrients from food. But like it was stated earlier, it is also responsible for the removal of waste and toxins from the body. Consequently, after a long time, the walls of the colon can become accumulated with lingering waste.

So, what an enema does is to clean up the colon and induce bowel movements, leaving you feeling lighter almost immediately. Fortunately, you can try this solution from the privacy of your home.


According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, this is the gentlest and most effective form of cleansing your colon and therefore, all of the tissues in your body [1]. It allows your liver and colon to detoxify.  And similar to the home enema, it can be done in the privacy of your own home too. With a colema, all you require is a bucket (worth the size of 5 gallons), some clean water, surgical grade tubing, a colema board that’s non-allergic and a rectal tip built specially for this purpose.

Right in your home, you can hydrate your colon while lying comfortably on a board. The colema board is placed on the toilet seat and a strong chair facing the toilet, allowing you to lie comfortably on your back. A towel or pillow can also make the board comfortable during this procedure.

Water is then passed through the surgical tubing so that it flows easily through the well-lubricated rectal tip. Lubrication of the rectal tip is usually done with organic extra virgin olive oil. After lubrication, position your body and insert the tip maximally into the rectum. Once inserted, the colema session can begin.


Side effects

According to Robert Bresalier, M.D., professor in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at MD Anderson, if you regularly use colon cleanses, you might suffer dizziness, cramps, dehydration, kidney malfunction and perforation in the bowel.

Bottom line

Normally, emptying of your bowels should happen at least, once a day. But if this occurs either too often, resulting in diarrhea, or too infrequent, instigating constipation, then, there is abnormal. In any of these situations, a colon cleanse solution can be explored to restore normalcy to the colon and liver.

Forget what you’ve been told. If you suffer persistent constipation, indigestion and sluggishness, detoxifying your colon with a cleansing agent might be just the thing your body needs. However, as always, it is advisable to talk to a qualified health practitioner to determine the best remedy for you. Since most colon cleanses can be done from home and by virtually anyone, you can absolutely try them out. You only need to pay more attention to your body and do what’s right by it.

Have you ever considered a colon cleanse? Did you go through with it? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section!

[1] Jensen, Bernard, D.C., Nutritionist. Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management (Escondido: 1981), pp. 20.