12 Reasons You Should Avoid Instant Noodles

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How Dangerous is Noodles Consumption

We often become hasty to leave our homes in the quest to be timely at our various offices. And you know what comes to your mind just a few minutes before stepping out, “what do I eat” then you suddenly remember those instant noodles. We often cook them without (ignorantly) any natural ingredient, all because we are in haste. You may find instant noodles satisfying when your ulterior motive is just to fill up the bowel. On the other hand, you should think twice when considering to prepare noodles if your health is so paramount to you. Do not be harsh on your body organs; that you have the feeling of being satisfied does not always mean your organs are happy with you and trust me, they are coming for you. Why not wake up early to prepare more healthy and satisfying food to save your family eternal health complications.

It is not just about the essential nutrients that are lacking in instant noodles, but also about the potential harms they predispose to our dear health. Several cancer cases have been linked to the voracious consumption of these instant noodles; the cancer is caused by some wax substance in a mixture of instant noodles that prevent the noodles from stickiness when cooked.

Most people fail to realize that these cheap but deadly noodles that we slurp on, daily at the office, home, or even shared with our loved ones (friends, spouse, children, etc.) are highly dangerous to our health.

Countries like Indonesia, China, and Japan rank the highest consumers of noodles in the world, according to a published estimation in 2015 by the World Instant Noodle Association (WINA). One of these noodles’ prominent attractions by far is their low price and the low level of calories found in them. There is also this common belief or conception that adding vegetables to those instant noodles boosts their nutritional value; however, just like many foods, fruits and vegetables do not have any counter effect on any unhealthy food product.

So, if you are so much ready to find out what instant noodles can steal from your precious health, then you’re reading the right article; here is a list of how they can cause us harm:

  • Some contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Disturbing digestion
  • They are high in salt
  • Liver damage
  • Heart problems
  • kidney failure
  • Miscarriage in pregnant women
  • Diabetes
  • Causes cancer
  • Disturbing sex hormones for men
  • Disturbing hormones for women
  • Trigger headaches.
  1. Some Contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium Glutamate is often referred to as MSG’s which are commonly found in takeaways and is a flavor-enhancer common in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisines. According to the FDA, MSG has tagged a safe additive, with its harmful effects debatable. However, nutrition and health data obtained from the China Health and Nutrition Survey claims otherwise, with a high intake of MSG over a well prolonged period leading to excessive weight gain in people.

MSG is sometimes referred to as an ‘obesity’ drug, so if you think about including instant noodles in your new diet plan, you should instead weigh how precious your health is and compare it with noodle-damaged health.

  1. Disturbing Digestion

Because Instant Noodle is capable of inhibiting nutrients utilization in the body, normal food digestion is disturbed. A good digestion process requires the help of several minerals and nutrients. Therefore, most Instant Noodle lovers often complain of persisting bowel constipation. It can even cause your gut (stomach and intestines) to leak.

Instant noodles put stress on your intestinal tract, hence forcing it to metabolize the highly processed noodles for a very long period. It can affect your blood sugar levels and insulin production if digested too quickly. As the foods are stored in your body for so long due to slow digestion, preservatives and other harmful chemicals are trapped in the body, mostly tending to an over-exposure of t-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) and Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).

While BHA and TBHQ are widely used in products to prolong their shelf life, i.e., they will not spoil for a more extended period. These mean we can continue to keep them piled up on our shelves for several months at a time. Both chemicals are highly carcinogenic. This means that they can cause cancer and may even lead to health conditions like; anxiety, asthma, and diarrhea if we continue to expose ourselves to these products for a long time.

3.      Imbalance Sex Hormones in Men

Apart from the monthly annoying hormonal imbalance in women, the negative impacts of Instant Noodles also apply to men. Instant noodles are high in chemicals, these chemicals are capable of disrupting male hormones during sexual intercourse where they cannot put their sex drive under control.

4.      They Are High in Salt

I’m sure we all are informed of how taking excess salt can affect our overall health, but some of us are not aware of the debilitating effects/ damage excess salt have on our health. Extensive research was carried out in 2014 and published in the American Journal of Hypertension. It suggested that a high dietary sodium (Na) intake was recognized as the main cause of high death rates in twenty-three (23) case studies. This excess sodium (Na) can also lead to increased blood pressure, and in turn, tending towards heart disease (which is also another re-occurring health-challenged linked to every component found in these deadly instant noodles).

  1. Liver Damage

Instant noodles are high in some hazardous substances, one of them is Propylene Glycol, which has been proved to destroy and disrupt the liver’s work.

  1. Increased Risk of Heart Diseases

A picture of a man holding his left chest regionIn case you’ve saved some month and now set for shopping at the store, and all you want to stock in your innocent kitchen is instant noodles, you should probably have some rethink and place your health on the top of your scale of preference. In some studies published by the Journal of Nutrition, it was discovered that women who eat more instant noodles had a significantly higher risk of metabolic syndrome than others who ate less regardless of other diet or exercise habits, with the individuals who ate instant noodles more than two times in a week being 68 percent more likely to exhibit metabolic syndrome.

Now, suppose you are not very sure about what metabolic syndrome is. In that case, it is a group of signs/symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, central obesity, lower level of HDL cholesterol, which increases a person’s chances of coming down with heart disease, diabetes, or even stroke.

So why do these occur? Mainly because deep-frying is often the method we imbibe in the preparation of instant noodles that we consume. As we know, anything deep-fried is harmful to our health; however, with the poor nutritional values and high saturated fats in the instant noodles already, these products’ general production process is too harmful!

  1. Kidney Failure

Propylene Glycol content in instant noodles also invites other diseases that may disturb the kidney’s vita works on our health. Mind you, consider yourself half-death should your kidney be found damaged.

  1. Miscarriage During Pregnancy

To our lovely and precious pregnant wives, friends, and sisters, avoid eating Instant Noodles is another way of protecting your womb-child until the expected delivery date. The chemicals in these instant noodles are very strong preservatives which have been proved to cause miscarriage.

  1. Diabetes

Instant noodles most times tend to taste savory and palatable; it contains a lot of sugar content, which may expose one’s health to diabetes.

  1. Causes Cancer

Does anyone not cringe at this disease? Cancer contraction is very easy to approach many people regardless of physiological state, sex, and age. And Instant Noodles has become one pathway to this deadly disease. With a variety of chemicals added together with other harmful ingredients, Styrofoam is found, and consumers remain ever-vulnerable to come down with cancer.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance in Women

When taking routinely or in excess by women, Instant noodles place a lot of side effects on their hormonal functions. This is as a result of the presence of sodium contained in theses Instant Noodles.

  1. Trigger Headaches

headacheInstant noodle contains a lot of harmful Mono-Sodium-Glutamate (MSG). MSG is very bad for our bodies and brain mostly. Voracious consumers of instant noodles often complain of headaches.

So, What Other Healthier Options Are There?

If you love your instant noodles too much to completely do away without them in your diet plan, then I have found these three alternatives for you, healthier recipes that will surely cure your cravings;

  • For you workaholics, who have just a little time to spare to prepare food, just try out these self-made ramen noodles. Perhaps you want to try something new? Chicken Yakisoba, a Japanese favorite, might be both wholesome and flavorsome for you. If you are a carnivore, you may find some meaty recipes helpful;
  • Or try making a refreshing and cleansing ramen soup, very perfect for those vegan but gluten-free individuals out there.