12 Incredible Health Benefits of Crayfish


You Need Crayfish in Your Diet

Besides being a vegetarian, a good portion of your diet indeed contains kinds of seafood, including fish, prawn, squid, and many more.

By the time you are through with this article, you would’ve realized the very invaluable benefits inherent in these tasty plates of seafood, especially the crayfish. Do you know that the crayfish is also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, or mountain lobsters? Do you even know that the crayfish can live up to thirty years?

The crayfish is a segmented creature found in the sea with either a red, green, dark brown, or sandy yellow Colour. It is a famous cuisine in the world today. Widely acknowledged not only for its unique and great taste but also for the vital vitamins and minerals it contains.
It might be impossible to identify all the excellent benefits of the crayfish in this article, but the twelve benefits mentioned below are worthy of note.

Twelve Things Eating Crayfish Does To Your Body

Boosts Immunity for Your Eyes

Most people will do anything to protect their eyes and clear vision from any type of eye hazard. If you are among this category of people, guess what, the crayfish is just the food for you. Why? Studies have revealed that crayfish contains Omega-3 fatty acid, which is no little way to improve the eyesight by limiting the risks of macular degeneration and vision loss.

crayfish in a dishFights Depression

According to WHO, about 260 million people, regardless of age, are victims of depression. Eventually, this can lead to suicide. Some medical practitioners assert that the crayfish is an excellent dietary solution to depression as it contains several acids and minerals that are beneficial to mental health. Hence, victims of depression are advised to eat a lot of crayfish.

Decreases Inflammation Level

Wrong nutrition would increase your inflammation level, that’s why nutritionists highly recommend a lot of crayfish in our diets. In fact, the crayfish is praised for being a ready cure for inflammation. The human body system needs a reliable immune system to protect against bad health conditions. Which means we must eat foods that contain the required nutrients. Somehow crayfish contains proteins and omega-3 acid, which are beneficial in curing body inflammation. Eating lots of crayfish means you’re increasing the production of prostaglandin compounds needed to protect the body. It is also instrumental in easing and protecting the body from stress.

Relieves Joint Pains

Many people are not aware that certain foods and spices may contribute to weak joints and joints inflammation. On the other hand, crayfish contains a good deal of omega-3 acids. In fact, cooked crayfish, according to a study, is abundant in beneficial vitamin b and acids like copper, selenium, vitamin, iron, protein, and amino acid. The presence of these acids in the body would boost metabolism in the body and repair body cells. Also very effective in reducing and relieving joints inflammation and even morning stiffness. Most kinds of seafood and their products are also useful in this regard.

Strengthens the Bones

Food nutritionists have advised that foods that are high in calcium should be eaten every day. So, if you include crayfish in your diet, you’re already heeding this advice. The crayfish contain calcium and phosphorus, and these vital minerals help to promote healthy bones. It also helps to increase bone density. Another exciting benefit of eating crayfish is it helps reduce risks of osteoporosis because of its calcium content. If you’re thinking of maintaining your bone health, then consuming more crayfish would put you on the right track.

Protein Filled

Do you know that a serving of 5-ounce measure of crayfish invariably contains about 25-grams of protein? Protein is a nutrient essential to building the muscles in the body. Although it will be an addition to visiting the gym regularly, so you can achieve that great body of your dreams. Nevertheless, the proteins present in the crayfish build amino acids in the body, making it valuable in regards to body health. If you’re looking for a way of putting proteins into your diet, crayfish is your answer.

Supplies Magnesium

Apart from maintaining healthy muscles and nerve functions, magnesium is needed for over two hundred biochemical reactions in the body system. The importance of crayfish cannot really be overemphasized then since it magnesium is one of the minerals it contains. Especially present in the cooked crayfish, magnesium is adequate to relieve muscle aches and body spasms. In fact, it is reliable when it comes to headache relief. So if you doubted the efficiency of crayfish, go to your kitchen now and cook it.

bowl of shrimpsYour skin

Do you know that your skin is constantly shedding dead cells? I mean about 30000 to 40000 of these dead cells per minute. If this is not done, then the skin would be filled with a disease, and there would be skin irritations. To avoid this, including crayfish in your diet would be a very great approach towards skincare because it is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids which, when present in the body, protects the skin from ultraviolet rays (UV). It is also useful in removing spots from your body.

Vital Vitamins

Vitamins are essential in maintaining the proper balance of water the body contains. These vitamins are needed to heal up your wounds and boost your energy. And you may be astonished to know that in just one serving of crayfish, you can get more than 30 percent value of the vitamin B 12 your body requires on a daily basis, 10 percent value of niacin and folate and other vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, and most of the B vitamins which are responsible for converting the food you consume into energy and maintaining the functioning of the nervous system.

Brain Health

As is commonly observed, only a few people take cognizance of their brain health, most people will wait until some complications arise, like memory loss.
Studies have proven that a good and nutritious diet can help boost the brain’s cognitive and emotive functions. If you want a healthy and well functioning brain, then your diet must contain the earlier mentioned Omega 3 acids, which the crayfish is rich in. Nutritionists have, in fact, recommended eating crayfish in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-Aging functions

Unlike machines, humans have some ability to repair their own bodies. However, the body can not withstand some factors that speed aging, like sunlight, which is one major cause of skin aging. Just a few moments of exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light without the proper protection may result in unwanted wrinkles and sunburns. But do you know by including crayfish in your diet daily or weekly, you are increasing your much-needed chance of beautifying and protecting your skin look? The crayfish contains a particular type of astaxanthin, a specific type of carotenoid also a powerful antioxidant very effective in reducing signs of aging in your skins. If you’re very conscious of your skin beauty, adding crayfish in your meal twice or thrice a week will be a great decision.

Fats Reduction

Although the body needs certain fats in it, you may not be conscious of the foods that contain the right fats required by your organization. Fats like saturated fats and trans fats tend to raise your blood and cholesterol level, which can choke your health. Crayfish is an excellent solution to this as they are low in fats and carbohydrates. In fact, if you ever get tired of vegetables, try these tasty and nutritious kinds of seafood, and well, as they say, a trial will definitely convince you. We eat so we can stay healthy, so we too must eat foods that can keep us healthy and not otherwise. Like other kinds of seafood of its type, crayfish have benefits that are best suited for boosting a tremendous mental and physical well-being. Try it today!

Final Thoughts

Crayfish should be an essential part of your daily meal for a better and healthier lifestyle. For seafood that does all those functions in the system, crayfish sure packs a whole lot of whip for a healthier body system.

Research has shown that cooked crayfish are rich in copper, zinc, vitamin B, selenium, protein, iron, and amino acids. And they aid the promotion of body metabolism as well as body cells regeneration.

Crayfish are also known to contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help to promote healthy joints and overall body health. The protein in crayfish serves as a building block for cartilage, bones, skin, muscles, and blood.

Therefore, when next you are planning on preparing that delicious dish of yours, do not forget to add crayfish to it.