Unexpected Alcohol Intake in Your Daily Usage


Facts About Alcohol Intake

Apart from direct drinking of alcohol, most of your foods and household products have a detectable percent of alcohol in them. Moral etiquette might require you to totally desist from alcohol, but it would be quite difficult for you to do so. In this article, I will really shed light on the alcohol present in your foods and some household products, the benefits and negative effects. So keep calm and read through.

Alcohol is also called ethanol. It’s a byproduct of plant fermentation, produced from the hydration of ethylene. It has a lot of uses in your food intake to your household products.

Food Additives

food additive are always used to bring pleasing flavor to your foods, but it cannot be achieved without the assistance of so-called alcohol. In the case of coloring, ethanol helps to spread colors over foods. Food additives contain about 35% to 83% alcohol. Relax, they are not run on high percentage has beers and liquors. The flavor extracts are added in small quantities.


The main function of alcohol in mouthwash is only to kill bacteria in the mouth, which are responsible for bad breaths. Mouthwash is a product you can’t do without in a day unless you want to walk around with a mouth odor.

Colognes or Perfumes

These products are actually not meant to be consumed by anybody, it’s not an edible product, but unfortunately, if it touches your mouth, it would have a bitter taste. Perfumes have their alcohol percentage to be ranging from about 51% to 99%.

Care Products

Alcohol is one major and important ingredient in cosmetic products. It plays the role of astringent, which keeps your skin clean. In lotions, it preserves the lotion from dispersing. Its killing feature of micro-organisms makes it an essential product in hand sanitizers. It soothes your hand hygiene habits. Do you know those hand sanitizers are also called Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs – ABHR? Now you know.


Majorities of the countries in the world currently make use of gasoline. Gasoline constituent is of 10% alcohol and 90% gasoline. In engines, the alcohol present in gasoline prevents engine knocking and makes driving easy. In the space of environmental pollution, it oxygenates the fuel and reduces air pollution.


This is the main deal. So here’s the question, what food has alcohol?  Branded fruits and candies, banana (the ripe ones with dark bits), yogurt, bread, pear. Some of the fruit mentioned naturally has their alcohol, but apart from the fruits, it was added to others to serve a function. Bread contains yeast, and the yeast itself contains some amount of alcohol. It’s the reason behind the rising loaf of bread. It aerates the bread.


Apple juice, grape juice, white wine vinegar, and orange contain alcohol. Respectively, each drink contains about 0.66g per liter, 0.86g per liter, 2.46g per liter, and 0.73g per liter.

fruit juiceSome of these products are not meant to be eaten, and these lists are not meant to denote being alcoholic, but they are to shed light on some alcohol products you use daily.

Negative Effects of Excess Alcohol on Your Body

Degrading Immune System

Too much intake will reduce your immunity potency. The more you drink, it slows down the ability of your immune system, which will make you susceptible to any form of the disease—diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia. Even a single day of chronic drinking is capable of affecting immunity.

Increment of Cancer Risk and Other Health Problem

Alcohol is also responsible for the cancer of the breast, mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, and colon. From the listed organs, they are the gastrointestinal organs and the respiratory organs. The heart as an organ is not left out. It increases your blood pressure and causes damage to the wall of your heart. It later leads to cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, strokes, and High B.P.

Skin Dehydrator

Alcohol is a skin dehydrator and diuretic. It normally keeps your skin dry and sometimes dull. If you’re observable after using any skincare products on your skin. It acts as a vasodilator, which broadens your blood vessels. It is recommended you drink enough water to hydrate yourself.

Calorie Intake and Sugar Level

When your pancreas and liver are damaged, you are at the risk of developing low sugar level- hypoglycemia, and also, if the pancreas is damaged, you might also develop high sugar level- hyperglycemia. Calorie intake is an exercise that must always be on the watch. It all centers on your weight. For those who take a beer, it contains 150 calories, and a glass of wine is about 100 calories. If you are on any weight management journey, you will have to reduce the intake either directly from liquor, vodka, wine, gin, or from food preservatives. Which, on the other hand, can result in diabetes.

Inflammation of the Liver

The liver serves the function of excretion, breaking down and removing harmful substances in your body. The interference of alcohol with the liver’s activities causes inflammation leading to scarring of the liver, which is known as cirrhosis. The more damage you cause to your liver would make it difficult for your body to get rid of harmful substances. Therefore giving chances for the accumulation of toxic substances in your body.

Diminishing Thinking Effect

Excess alcohol simply means getting alcoholic (under the influence of alcohol). It has a notorious effect on your thought and the way you behave. It mars your behavior.

Brain Malfunction

It comes in between the pathway of how your brain works and how it looks. The alteration will definitely affect your moods, behavior, and smartness. Coordination would seem difficult.

Health Benefits of Alcohol

A moderate alcohol intake has a lot of benefits you can derive from it.

  1. Advantageous to the heart, a surprise. Actually, red wine is healthy to the heart only if not abused. It aids the cardiovascular system activities.
  2. Boost your memory: it still remains a mystery why drinking wine takes you down memory lane with your friends. I was once a victim of an embarrassing memory while drinking red wine with some of my pals. Red grapes are mainly used for red wine. In the skin of red grapes, a compound responsible for memory improvement and cognitive functions is present. Your level of creativity also increases. So if you’re stuck over a project or drill, grab a cocktail; it keeps your creative juice flowing.
  3. Weight loss: in this case, white wine is highly recommended. It’s best for your weight loss journey to shed those pounds. The antioxidant count found in white wine is greater than those in red wine, but red wine also supports weight loss.
  4. Improvement of sexual function: in both women and men, it boosts sexual desire and performance. The healthy heart antioxidants present increases blood flow. The majority of alcohol drinkers can never be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or reduced libido. It also stimulates the generation of nitric oxide in your blood.
  5. Do you know that beer can save you from early menopause symptoms? Now you know. It acts as a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen lessens hot flashes and menopause symptoms.
  6. The probability of which a beer can save you from a kidney stone is 30%. It reduces the risk of kidney stones.
  7. Alcohol soothes the muscles: after your workout, either in the morning or evening, decide to take booze. Your muscle will recover from muscle soreness and weakness faster. Give it a try and see the reality in this. Better still, during your workout, an ice-cold beer will keep you hydrated just as water does.
  8. Drinking alcohol without the knowledge of its benefit doesn’t seem appropriate. Wine can also prevent you from cold. Grab a whisk, mix it with honey and water; that mixture will relieve you of sore throat.

How to Be Free from Alcoholism

Before I start telling you about anything on this, there’s no actual cure for alcoholism, but they’ve been of help. Purely, alcoholism means alcohol addiction. There are so many options on how to get rid of the habit. They include:


picking up a tabletA lot of medication is used, and they include:

Disulfiram: it lowers your desire for alcohol. It works in a way that weakens or makes you feel uncomfortable (nearly sick) when you consume alcohol.

Acamprosate: This drug restores certain chemicals in your brain to balance.

Naltrexone: it targets the comfort you derive from alcohol in your brain.


This treatment takes one week. It always holds in an inpatient therapy treatment center or hospital. It totally breaks your body’s physical addiction. Your first period of withdrawal will be dramatic, showing signs like hallucinations, convulsion, shaking, and confusion.


This is best done as an organization in the sense that the help comes from a support group. It connects you with people that are battling with the same habits. You feel free to ask questions, and you will definitely find the right answers you need.

Now that you are now aware of what and how alcohol affects your body, the ball is now in your court to make use of what you know.


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