The Amazing Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves

blackberry leaves

Blackberry is a fruit that belongs to the Rosaceae family. The fruit has both a sweet and sour taste and is often used as jelly, jam, food dressing, or dessert. This makes blackberry a familiar part of our menu. However, not many people know about the incredible health benefits of not just the fruit but its leaves.

Blackberry contains vitamins and nutrients that are good for our health. These nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, fat, riboflavin, dietary fiber, and niacin.

Like the fruit, blackberry leaves also possess its nutrients and health benefits. Blackberry leaves have the ability to treat diabetes, cancer, hemorrhoids, cardiovascular problems, rheumatism, diarrhea, colds, and flu. They can also boost the immune system, treat digestive problems, promote oral health, and nourish the skin.

Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves

Now, let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of blackberry leaves.

Boosts Immunity

Blackberry leaves help to boost the immune system. The leaves are rich in flavonoids which is the source of antioxidant. What this means is that with increased immunity, you won’t get ill so easily. In addition, the flavonoids found in the blackberry leaves may protect the body against bacteria and virus.

Aids in Digestion

Blackberry leaves are one of the best treatments for digestive problems. Drinking the extract of blackberry leaves may help relax the gastrointestinal tract and boost digestive health. Thus, blackberry leaves are an effective alternative treatment for digestive problems.

blackberry leaves

Treats Rheumatism

Consuming this herb cures rheumatism. You only need to boil the dried blackberry leaves drink at least a cup in two days. Regular intake can provide the best benefits from blackberry leaves and treat rheumatism.

Promotes Oral Health

Blackberry leaves contain anti-bacterial properties that combat bacteria in the mouth. In addition, to promoting oral health, the leaves help to prevent serious mouth problems such as chronic gums inflammation, gum infection, bleeding gums, and teeth problems.

Another health benefit of the blackberry leaf is its ability to relieve sore throats. If you have ever suffered this problem, you’d know how it creates some itchy feeling and pain in the throat. Also, it can affect a person’s voice. Luckily, blackberry leaves a traditional solution that can fix the problem. Simply boil blackberry leaves, strain the water, and drink this warm herbal tea.

For people who have mouth sores, they only need to wash their mouth with blackberry leaf extract as it acts as a mouth wash. It is believed to be more effective than the conventional mouth wash. Blackberry leaves have the ability to kill bacteria in the mouth.

In fact, in some countries, blackberry is used as a treatment for membrane inflammation.

Cures Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common health problem that we all get to experience at some points in life. There are claims that the best way to treat diarrhea is with herbal treatments. Fortunately, blackberry leaves contain the nutrients that can cure diarrhea. You prepare blackberry leaf tea, simply boil 4.5 grams leaves. Then, extract and drink the water warm. If you like, you can add honey to it. The blackberry leaf tea may cure diarrhea faster than conventional treatments.

blackberry leaves

Prevents Cancer

Cancer is considered the number one killer in recent years. While there are several traditional ways to cure, or at least, prevent the growth of cancer cells, it believed blackberry leaves are very effective. The leaves possess antioxidant properties, making them effective for preventing and treating various types of cancers, including colon cancer.


Heals Wounds

For unexplainable reasons, we sometimes fall and get bruises and wounds on our skin. Some wounds are caused by more serious accidents. However, blackberry leaves are potent for healing all kinds of wounds. The herb contains properties that have the power to speed up the healing of wounds. They contain tannins with amazing astringent abilities.

Good for the Skin

The blackberry leaf is one magical herb that can treat skin disorders. Simply soak three or four blackberry leaves in warm water. Strain the water and with a towel, gently apply the water on the affected areas on the skin.

Free radicals are responsible for promoting the growth of cancer cells. They are also very bad for your skin and overall health. According to some studies, blackberry leaves possess high oxygen content than other leaves, making the herb effective for protecting against free radicals.

Not many people know that blackberry leaves can also treat skin ulcers. This is one of many skin disorders that some people suffer from. Blackberry leaves contain antibacterial compounds that combat the bacteria that cause these ulcers.

Simply apply your blackberry leaf extract on skin ulcers.

blackberry leaves

Rich in Antioxidants

Studies have suggested that the antioxidant property in blackberry leaves can effectively destroy free radicals. In addition, these antioxidants help to promote and maintain good health; it prevents cancers and even nourishes the skin. For your overall health, blackberry leaves are definitely worth a try.

Treats Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can cause some discomfort. Luckily, blackberry leaves contain properties that relieve hemorrhoids.

Controls Diabetes

The high potassium content of the blackberry fruit helps to reduce insulin. When consumed daily, one teaspoon of honey with blackberry extracts helps control diabetes. But for best results, it is recommended to take this mixture for at least a week. Apart from the fruit, blackberry leaves can also be consumed for their anti-diabetic abilities.

Promotes Heart Health

Blackberry leaves contain rich amounts of flavonoids, which help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Also, it helps to maintain the organs and cells of the body. The extract of blackberry leaves promotes heart health.

blackberry leaves

Provides Relief for Cold and Flu

Blackberry leaves can give some relief for colds and flu. You only need to boil the leaves. Strain and drink the water while it is warm. As a result, it lowers body temperature and clears the nasal cavity.

Has Anti-Aging Effects

Premature aging is often caused by bad lifestyle and free radicals. Blackberry leaves, however, contain antioxidants that prevent premature aging.

How to Process Blackberry Leaves

To enjoy all the health benefits that blackberry leaves offer, we’ve got some tips on how to process the herb. Wash about 5-6 blackberry leaves. Boil them in 100 ml water. Then, strain and drink the extract.

It is believed that the best way to consume blackberry leaves is by processing it as tea. If you like, you may add honey to improve its taste. It is advisable to drink blackberry leaf tea once in two days.

How to Use Blackberry Leaves to Treat Skin Disorders

One of the most popular health benefits of blackberry leaves is that they can be used as an alternative treatment to treat skin disorders such as skin ulcers. Now, here’s how to treat skin disorders with blackberry leaves:

  • Soak about 3-4 blackberry leaves in warm water.
  • Strain the water.
  • Soak a towel in the water.
  • Apply it gently on the skin to kill the bacteria on the skin.

Bottom Line

Evidently, blackberry leaves contain a number of health benefits that help treat a host of health conditions, including, diabetes, hemorrhoids, cancer, rheumatism, diarrhea, colds, flu. The leaves also heal wounds, boost the immune system, promote heart health, prevent digestive issues, support oral health, and nourish the skin.