9 Easy Tips and Tricks for Getting the Skin of Your Dreams


The Internet is saturated with an inexhaustible range of skin care advice for glowing skin, but the majority of it demands a trip to a dermatologist’s office and an impressive chunk of your paycheck. The tons of articles on the web should be enough, right? Well, apart from drinking lots of water and taking exercises seriously, a lot of the tips recommended by these articles are often too complicated to practice.

So, people cast all of their hope in overpriced skin products that promise to solve their skin problems before morning. Sometimes, it does not end well and sadly, there’s no way to guarantee that the money you’ve spent on the product would yield positive results. We’ve all been there; it’s one of the downsides of finding out what works for your skin.

And no, we’re not discouraging you from trying out a skin care makeover your dermatologist told you about but we’ve found you some easy tips that wouldn’t break the bank.




Understand that your Body Changes

You’ve got to accept and do not ignore or deny the fact your body sometimes go through changes. For instance, premenstrual syndrome occurs just before your period and comes with symptoms such as bloating, cramps, skin blemishes, and breast tenderness.

It’s easy to want to take pills but limiting our intake of caffeine, salt and sugar can go a long way in reducing water retention in the skin and the body as a whole.


Be Self-Aware

Most times, because of how bad we perceive our skin problems to be, we’re in such a hurry to fix things that we don’t take the time to really find out what our bodies are telling us. If you’d pay close attention, we may realize that the changes in our skin are connected to a mental, physical, or emotional issue we might be experiencing.

So, the trick is in being more in tune with your body, as the body responds to everything that goes on inside and outside of it. As a matter of fact, the skin is one organ that reflects the true state of the body’s overall wellness. This means that when we connect with our physical and emotional wellbeing, we’re simply discovering the cause of a skin problem. This way, we become more aware of changes that take place in our skin.


Wear Your Sunglasses

Always wear your sunglasses because UV rays run rampant year-round even if the sun is not as bright. This is because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the body and is very prone to damage from UV rays. So, wearing your sunglasses will help avert wrinkles, premature aging, fine lines and even skin cancer.




Apply Products Correctly

Just as dermatologists and skin experts would recommend, do not rub in skin products. Doing this, will pull at the skin and hurt it. Always apply skin care products in an upward, circular motion. This way, the products are absorbed, more effective, and stimulate the production of collagen.


Reduce the Cleansing

Are we insinuating that cleansing is wrong? No. We’re simply saying your skin, particularly your face, will be happier if you’d wash it and apply a gentle cream cleanser once a day. Yes, before retiring for the night, simply wash your face to remove dirt and makeup, and then apply a gentle cleanser. In the mornings, rinse with warm water, and then apply a serum and moisturizer. This simple tip is a game-changer.


Shorten Your Shower

Of course, hot, long showers are enjoyable, especially in a cold weather and when we are tired. As satisfying as it may be, it can strip your skin of its natural oils if you do it every day. You showers should be lukewarm and not longer than 10 minutes.




Get Some Ice Cubes

Remember we suggested lukewarm showers instead of hot ones? Well, when you’re done, rub in ice cubes on your skin for a firmer, radiant skin. The truth is, cold water helps to tighten the pores in the skin and it does this by bringing blood to the skin surface.

However, do not forget to first put a barrier on the skin with an oil,  cream, or even yogurt.


Give Your Face a Massage

Okay, this may sound cheesy but it’s actually worth trying. Of course, skin products can help you maintain a youthful and supple skin but you can practice the lymphatic drainage massage. It is a technique that energizes and eliminates toxins from the face. You can actually do this at home or visit a professional to have it done.

Simply press on your lymph sites which include between your brows, each side of your nose, your temples, and above your lips. While at it, give your face some massage from the outside your face towards your nose.  This would help relax tense muscles which, in turn, combat gravity and avert wrinkles and fine lines.


Drink Water and Exercise

Yes, there should be a good balance between how much water you drink and the quantity you lose. Not being well-hydrated is one of the leading causes of dry skin. To get the skin of your dreams, you should go for products that contain a combination of emollients, occlusive, and humectants components as they are effective in maintaining a healthy amount of moisture. However, before considering buying any skin product, check your daily water habits and see if adjustments are needed.

Did you find these easy skin care tips helpful? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below!