14 Health Benefits of Girdle Pod

Unlock General Wellness with Girdle Pod

Girdle pod is considered a weed by most people who do not know about its healing powers. Like the description of weed-unwanted plants growing in places you do not want, girdle pod is also a herb that grows without you having to plant it and grows in areas you would not want it to; it is obviously not unwanted.  It is barely noticed and is always ignored by many. However, in this article, you would see the importance of this herb to mankind. In this article, we would discuss the nutrients in this herb that equip it to carry out its various functions in the human body. We would also be discussing its health benefits, how it can be used, and the risks and side effects of its excessive consumption.

First, what does it look like?

The girdle pod has the shape of a star; this is why in Yoruba language, it is called ‘irawo ile,’ with ‘irawo’ meaning star. Its leaves are greenish and small, it has white flower accents in the middle of each cluster of leaves, and its stem is branched. Girdle pod leaves can be crushed into a paste and applied on the skin; furthermore, the tea from its leaves has been discovered by many herbalists to cure numerous health issues. The taste of the tea and paste from girdle pod leaves is awful, notwithstanding, its potency is 100% present. It is commonly found among the Yoruba people of western Nigeria; however, in other Nigerian languages like Hausa and Igbo, it is called ‘gudugal’ and ‘ogugwo’ respectively.

Nutrients Contained in Girdle Pod Are;

All of these nutrients combined keep it relevant in the herbal world. These nutrients also make this herb one of the most sought after ingredients in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Amazingly, animal feed producers also add girdle pods to their animal feed processing.

Health Benefits

  • Girdle pod is known to cure as many health issues as possible, ranging from internal to skin issues, as well as infections and irritations. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of selected health issues. The following are the health benefits of girdle pod;
  • Cosmetic industries have made girdle pods the basis of the majority of their products. Girdle pod is known to be effective for the tightening of the skin. It is made up of organic compounds that are capable of tightening that flabby skin of yours, making it firm, supple and wrinkle-free at the same time. Do you think you are aging fast, and your upper arms and laps are becoming flabby and saggy, thereby making you feel like you are ugly? Worry no more. Girdle pods can help you get rid of those things and make you look young and smart.
  • Due to its rich anti-bacterial and anti-fungal content, girdle pod has been discovered to treat skin diseases such as eczema, ringworm, and scabies. scratching skinIt has the solution to that re-occurring eczema and that ugly ringworm that makes you hate your skin. All you just have to do is stick to the appropriate dosage and application process and worry no more, as your skin would be sparkling clean and free from infections.
  • Most people have concluded that migraine does not heal even after taking many medications; however, trying out girdle pod tea would reduce the impact of that constant headache and relax your nerves and brain from all the stress they are going through. It contains antibiotics and anesthetics that can affect this function. End the pains of a migraine today by consuming girdle pod tea and paste.
  • Do you need a natural supplement that you can add to your toothache medications? Look no further; girdle pod is the best toothache medications companion you can ever imagine. Toothache can be caused by as many factors as possible, ranging from poor dental hygiene to dental nerve problems, but the moment they come in contact with a girdle pod, they give way, and every form of ache in that tooth disappears. It contains anesthetics properties that help relieve pain and keep your teeth healthy, strong, and safe.
  • Today, both old and young suffer from arthritis; this is either as a result of old age in aged people and other factors like poor lifestyle and feeding habits in young people. However, girdle pod eliminates arthritis both in old and young people. This is possible because of its pain-relieving properties. It lubricates your joints even when you do not engage yourself in physical activities. It gets rid of the stiffness in your joint and leaves you agile and strong.
  • Its numerous natural compounds make it able to contribute to your weight loss. Are you on any weight loss diet? Have you tried adding a girdle pod to your weight loss plan or diet? If yes, then expect results in no time at all, but if no, then you should try it out and watch yourself lose weight with little or no physical exercise.
  • It helps improve sight. As one of the most vital organs of the body and the soul’s window, the eyes need to stay healthy and strong. In order to ensure this, you should consume girdle pod tea or juice in considerable amounts. It contains Vitamin A, which is one of the nutrients that your eyes need to function properly.
  • Just like it heals arthritis by lubricating the joints, it also strengthens the bones; its functions in this aspect are synonymous with that of milk- they both strengthen your bones the same way.
  • It guards you against illnesses by strengthening and boosting your immune system. It wards off and combat sicknesses by helping you create immunity against them. With a girdle pod, your general wellness is secured.
  • It is also known to get rid of sore throats.
  • Research has found that consuming girdle pod tea or leaves-paste would help your body build immunity against leprosy. Adding a girdle pod to your diet means there would be no leprosy in your medical record throughout your lifetime.
  • It has also known to improve the condition of people with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It contributes significantly to the healing process of hepatitis and amenorrhea patients.

Side Effects

Despite its effectiveness in the treatment of skin diseases and symptoms, the excessive use of girdle pods can lead to skin discoloration, a condition whereby your skin develops patches of the very-light and very-dark version of your normal complexion, thereby making you hate your skin more than ever. Just for you to get the most out of the girdle pod, it is better to use it in appropriate amounts, no matter how severe your skin condition might be.

Preparation Tips

For skin infections;

neem pasteGrind or mash the leaves to make a paste out of them

Mix the paste with shea butter

Apply the mixture on your skin

Repeat this process three times per day for a few days.

For other health issues;

Blend the leaves to get the juice


Boil the leaves for 20 minutes to make tea out of them

You can either drink the juice or the tea or bathe with the tea for better results.

Above all, do not consume it in excessive amounts as this can cause serious health issues for you later in the future.

In Conclusion,

Being an herb that people barely notice, with half of the world’s population taking it to be a mere weed, it has kept on making itself available for man’s consumption. Now that you have discovered that it is not useless after all, when you see it growing somewhere in your garden nurture it and give it all the attention you would give your mango tree if you had one.

Girdle pod is a kind of herb that proves that majority of these weeds we ignore should not be overlooked, as some of them might just be as useful as every other herb you hold in high esteem. These herbs we call weed are very common in your yard and walkways; some of them, just like girdle pods, have proven their usefulness over the years. Girdle pod helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle as long as you consume it moderately; it would eliminate all your skin and internal health issues in ways you least expect and help you produce a healthier version of yourself.