10 Impressive Health Benefits of Goldenseal

Goldenseal contains anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, astringent, and anti-microbial properties. The herb is effective for combating fungal disorders and bacterial infections. It is also a popular remedy for conjunctivitis, ringworm, earache, eczema, and pruritis. Goldenseal is potent for oral health issues, ear inflammation, and acts as a douche for vaginal issues such as thrush.

Goldenseal is an amazing tonic for the body’s mucous membranes and as such acts as a remedy for a number of digestive disorders and respiratory tract disorders.



Let’s talk about the health benefits of goldenseal.

Detoxifies the Body

Goldenseal acts as a laxative; however, it is also a hepatic substance. This means that the herb can help to purify the blood as well as detoxify the body. The kidneys and liver do a whole lot of good work for the body and goldenseal can make their jobs a bit more effective. The hepatic abilities of goldenseal help with blood circulation and lower the risk of chronic blood-related disease.


Anti-inflammatory Properties

People who suffer from joint pain or topical inflammation can make use of cream from goldenseal root powder as a quick solution. Goldenseal supplements and capsules can also help lower blood pressure, reduce internal inflammation, and soothe the gut.


Improves Appetite

An increase in metabolism is often a result of an improved appetite, as the body is able to burn calories faster. Also, after a trauma, injury, or illness, a person’s appetite may suffer, resulting in more psychological and physical consequences. Goldenseal has been proven to boost appetite.



Antiviral Properties

By incorporating goldenseal into your regular health regimen can help boost the immune system and cleanse the gut and respiratory system. The herb can also treat a number of sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea.


Reduces Fever

Of course, a fever is a signal that the body is combating an infection, but persistent fevers can lead to exhaustion, dehydration as well as damage to the brain. Goldenseal can significantly reduce fevers and lower the strain on the body, especially during protracted illnesses.


Treats Parasitic Issues

In places with no access to clean water; parasitic worms can be a major health threat. Luckily, the goldenseal contains anthelmintic properties that can help to starve the intestinal worms and eventually cause their death. The herb also acts as a laxative, making an elimination of the worms even easier.



Eases Bowel Movement

Goldenseal is an effective remedy for the gut and gastrointestinal tract problems. For people who suffer from irregular bowel movements, bloating, constipation, or ulcers, goldenseal, due to its anti-inflammatory abilities can help get things back on track.


Reduces Sinus Problems

The powdered root of goldenseal can be used as a form of snuff to reduce infection and inflammation in the sinus cavities. The very potent antimicrobial capabilities of goldenseal help to relieve sinus conditions fast and curb existing illness.


Skin Care

The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of goldenseal make it very potent for people suffering from skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasisacne or dry skin. Skin infections can be viral, bacterial, and fungal, but topical salves of goldenseal can eliminate inflammations and destroy the infection fast.




Prevents Allergy

People who suffer from chronic allergic reactions can enjoy the anti-allergenic properties of goldenseal. The powder can lower inflammation of the mucous membranes and curb intense allergic reactions by soothing the nervous system.


Side Effects and Precautions

Goldenseal in its pure form is potent but only very small amounts of the herb are needed for effective solutions. An excessive use of the herb can lead to mental distress, seizures, convulsions, and nervous system problems.

Always consult a doctor or herbalist for instructions on how to use the herb before incorporating it into your health regimen.