What’s it about Slimming Belts?

Almost every lady wants to look chic, slim and curvy. They also want to eat whatever appeals to them without the fear of having to add weight. When it comes to losing the excess weight, they look for a fast way to do it. The question is, ‘do slimming belts really work?’. Slimming belts are neoprene wraps wrapped around the midsection, thereby, compressing the fat cells causing the midriff to look slimmer. But, this is only temporary. Once the slimming belt is removed, the body begins to decompress gradually, returning the midriff to its original size. A neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is put the slimming belts which allow it to stretch. The aim if wearing a slimming belt around the midriff is to help the person wearing it sweat more, so as to burn more calories and achieve toned abs. But the sweat that comes out of the body may not necessarily come from the midriff. It could be other parts of the body emitting sweat. It could also be water weight, not fat weight. Here are some types of slimming belts.

Sauna Belts

These cause the stomach to sweat; it is a self-heated band. It encourages perspiration, thereby, flushing out body toxin and retained tissue water. This promotes weight loss. Sauna slimming belts can be used to get rid of the pain gotten from sore muscles. It can also provide back support when exercising.

Magnetic Belts

These have magnets that are sewn into them. Manufacturers of these belts claim that the magnet may burn the fat in the midriff area. It may also help increase and stimulate circulation in the body. It is, however, important to know that it is the water weight this belt is reducing or getting rid of. It takes a combination of regular exercises, a healthy diet and maybe the use of slimming belts to achieve overall weight loss. Losing weight does not just happen, it has to be a gradual process. Some of these belts, however, have other health benefits when used in moderation. It may increase oxygen in the blood cell, promote regeneration and fast healing. A magnet slimming belt may also reduce fatty acid in the tissues, thereby, reducing weight.

Fat Burning Belts

These are believed to burn the fats around the midriff, giving the wearer toned abs.

Electric Belts

They have power buttons which one can use to control the speed at which the belt vibrates against the skin with the aim of losing belly fat.

Vibrating Belts

These are worn around the midriff so it vibrates directly around the belly. It vibrates back and forth, stimulating muscle contraction in the abs. One might need to put it on for a while, and it is advisable to strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturers concerning the product.

Using slimming belts has its benefits. Let`s see.

Benefits of Slimming Belts

Improves the Body Posture

A slimming belt is usually made of materials that stretch, materials like neoprene. This makes it firm and rigid. It would be quite difficult slouch while using a slimming belt. Slimming beta correct the body posture while sitting and also standing. This can help reduce back pain as a bad posture may cause back pain. A slimming belt would help a person remember to maintain a good posture, therefore, reducing the risk of sustaining any type of injury.

Reduces Ache and Pain

This would most likely help people who suffer from back pain frequently. But this relief would be temporary. It keeps the body tight and warm, a warm sensation would help soothe body aches and pain.

Temporary Weight Loss


Using a slimming belt would most likely not help one lose weight permanently but it gives the midriff a slimmer look temporarily. The belt compresses the fat cells and reduces the water weight instead. This is temporary because water weight can easily be regained, thereby, returning the midriff to its original size. So, a slimming belt would give the body a slimmer impression but only temporarily.

Gives the Placebo Effect

A placebo is a drug-like substance administered to a patient in place of the original therapeutic treatment. This can improve the condition of the patient due to the positive psychological response to the placebo drug or procedure. People get more motivated to lose weight when they think the slimming belt helps them lose weight. So, thinking a slimming belt helps one lose weight, it may actually help an individual lose weight. A slimming belt also helps one concentrate on the core and keep it tightened. So, using a slimming belt may motivate and remind you to lose weight. It affects the psyche of the person working out positively.

Reminds One to Eat Healthily

A slimming belt is a physical reminder of one’s aim which is to slim down. Some people may get carried away and relapse into eating unhealthy foods. But, a slimming belt reminds you to endure and push harder to do better

Boosts Self-confidence

Using a slimming belt can help boost the self-confidence of an individual. Having a good posture makes one look better.

Tightens the Stomach Muscles


Using a slimming belt, a vibrating or electric slimming belt, would most likely tighten the muscles in the stomach. The vibration the belt produces helps the stomach muscles relax and contract. Abdominal exercise helps this process; combining exercises and a good diet using a slimming belt would produce better and long-term results.

Improves the Look of the Arms and Thighs

Slimming belts can also be used on other parts of the body. But, one must use the arm and thigh design of slimming belts. Using it around these body parts helps reduce the fat by emitting heat.

Slimming belts also have side effects.

Side Effects of Slimming Belts

Possible Discharge of Electric Shocks

One must be extremely careful when using slimming belts especially vibrating and electric slimming belts. One must make sure the hands are not wet; also one may get shocked severely.

May Cause Skin Infection

The excessive use of slimming belts may prevent fresh air from reaching the midriff, thereby, triggering skin infections, burns or skin irritations. This infection could be caused by a dry skin or unwiped excess sweat from the body. Continuous sweating can cause the slimming belt to become damaged, or it may cause the skin to itch. It is advisable to use the belt for about 20 minutes. This allows the midriff to breathe without being constrained by a slimming belt.

May Cause Dehydration

One tends to sweat a lot when using a slimming belt. It is advisable to remember to hydrate frequently. Dehydration is when the body loses water which is not replaced. This can lead to other health problems. When the mouth and skin are dry, it is important to drink water, as these are signs that the body needs to hydrate. One could also feel sleepy, dizzy or have a headache as symptoms of dehydration.

Could Cause Internal Problems

Using slimming belts frequently may cause the internal organs to compress, which may be dangerous. Here are some longterm effects of slimming belts:

  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Squashed ribcage
  • Acid reflux
  • Displaced organs
  • Collapsing due to insufficient oxygen

Increase in Body Temperature

A slimming belt makes sure the body is heated, which is the reason for the excessive sweat produced by the body. This can cause the body to suffer from a heat stroke or fatigue; this applies to slim belts that emit high temperatures.

Bottom Line

Depending on slimming belts to help one lose weight is not advisable. There are no shortcuts. Engaging in exercises and having a healthy diet plan would help one lose weight. One can use a slimming belt in addition to these programmes for better results. It is also important to remember not to use slimming belts for a long period of time. Allow the body to breathe and lose weight in a healthy way. If one must use slimming belts, use it without causing damage to the body.