What Can Moxibustion Therapy Offer Your Health?


Facts About Moxibustion

Moxibustion is a therapy technique that involves the burning of moxa known as mugwort, an herb that aids healing. The purpose of Moxibustion is to enhance the circulation of Qi (pronounced “chee”), maintain general health, and fortify the blood. Qi is interpreted as life energy. There are two forms of Moxibustion, direct type and indirect type.

Direct type is done by placing a small cone-shaped moxa on top of an acupuncture point and burned. This type of Moxibustion is grouped into two subcategories, non-scarring and scarring. The non-scarring type allows for the moxa to be placed on an acupuncture point, lit and extinguished or taken away before it burns the skin.  The non-scarring type of Moxibustion creates a pleasant heating feeling that penetrates deep down the skin, but it does not create any scar or pain. Scarring moxa type, on the other hand, burns until it extinguishes on its own. This may trigger localized scarring and blisters.

Indirect Moxibustion is often the most popular of the forms. In indirect form, a practitioner ignites one end of a moxa stick and holds it close to the point of acupuncture for several minutes until the body area turns red.

Moxibustion can be exploited for many benefits because it provides many advantages. The first Advantage of Moxibustion is its warming effect on the body. Many folks who have low immunity, autoimmune diseases, and blood conditions are often cold. The warming attribute of moxa makes it a good choice for these conditions.

Moxa is also a great choice for those suffering from pains and aches. The warming effects of moxa allow it to boost blood flow by warming up the blood. Raised blood flow means increased oxygenation to the muscles, tissues, and tendons that are sore.

Another great benefit of utilizing Moxibustion is raising immunity. Studies have shown that Moxibustion significantly raises the white blood cell (WBC) count in the body, which is the key component of our immune system. Moxa energizes the immune system and aid in balancing autoimmune diseases.

Despite that Moxibustion involves the flaming of mugwort, it has been proved to be very helpful for cooling regions of inflammation. This also goes back to blood circulation.  Moxa improves blood circulation to areas of inflammation while enhancing the natural radiation role of the skin. This is also beneficial for chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

As moxibustion therapy has many benefits and can be exploited to treat multiple ailments and diseases, it might be a great addition to an individual’s health regimen. It is often recommended that only well-trained and licensed practitioners be used. There is no more apt time than right now to begin incorporating healthy living practice.

What Does The Practitioner Do?

In the United States, practitioners hold a burning moxa stick very close to (not touching) the surface of one’s skin.

In this method, the materials in the moxa are compressed into a pole or stick, looking like an oversized cigar that can be ignited and allowed to burn, producing a distinctive form of very infiltrating heat.

The smoldering moxa stick is supported over specific body parts, often, though not often, corresponding to some acupuncture points. The shiny end of the moxa stick is held just about an inch or two beyond the skin surface until the area is reddened and gets suffused with warmth.

Health Benefits of Moxibustion Therapy

  • Decreasing Breech Birth Risk

The natural position of the fetus before birth is the head-first position. But in some cases, the reverse is the case, and some fetus is positioned feet-first in the womb. This condition is termed breech birth and can be debilitating for both the baby itself and the mother. Breech birth is only detected when the due date (expected delivery date) gets close and closer.

A 2018 review stated that the use of Moxibustion can correct a baby’s position even before the delivery date. It is done by receiving indirect Moxibustion therapy in an acupoint known as the bladder67 or Zhuyin. Besides, some UK hospitals have staff members that are well trained for both Moxibustion and acupuncture.

  • Reduction of Hot Flashes

headacheA hot flash is the abrupt feeling of intense warmth you get at night, majorly on areas like the face, neck, and chest. The folk will feel extremely cold after the entire process as the body loses a whole lot of body heat. It can also trigger severe sweating and unpleasant feeling (often occurs after menopause.

It was proved that getting Moxibustion Therapy may reduce this series of hot flashes. A 2009 research study found out that Moxibustion can lower the severity, frequency, or both in hot flashes episodes. In yet another study, a month of Moxibustion treatment was able to lower the symptoms of this scenario.

  • Promotes Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum depression occurs after childbirth which is triggered by a lot of things, including changes in the hormonal level of the body and fatigue. Acupuncture has been exploited to ease out pregnancy issues. But in combination with Moxibustion, it is used to hasting up someone’s postpartum recovery.

The usage of this therapy to enhance postpartum recovery is called “Mother Warming.” Moxibustion boosts energy, improves blood flow, and relieves pain from several parts of the body. Take note that the use of Moxibustion, in general, is not recommended for women who delivered with the caesarean section.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

The therapy is also used as a weight loss aid, basically on Asian females. As per a study from Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, there was a significant improvement in the waist part after 2 months of treatment. The folks’ waist-to-hip ratio was better while there were no significant changes whatsoever to the control group (without treatment), who only listen and watch educational programs for the 2 months.

Accompanied with acupuncture, Moxibustion also aids in lowering down LDL (bad) cholesterol and fat accumulation. The healing power is due to the heat promoting the right circulation of “qi” or life force in the right areas of the body.

  • Reduce Muscle and Joint Problems

Moxa therapy can also be used to address pain and discomfort on joints and muscles. It can bring some relief to your aching muscles by its remarkable anti-inflammatory effect. This Chinese therapy has been used for chronic pain and arthritis. As per a study, its pain-relieving effect is stronger when it is used with higher temperatures.

The therapy is not just good for joint issues that occur in older folks. It can also soothe pain in the vertebra muscles. Moxibustion is an effective treatment for discomfort and aches, which are triggered by “cold” muscles. Its healing ability comes from the accurate use of heat in strategic acupuncture areas.

  • Reduce Signs of Gastrointestinal Issues

One of the best and most known usages of this therapy is for gastrointestinal issues. Another research study, this time around from the Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, claimed that Moxibustion therapy has a positive effect when it has to do with treating gastritis. Continuous therapy treatment can relieve the symptoms experienced by sick folks with gastritis.

According to Health Line, this therapy is also used for colitis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation. There is no impairment in giving a try to this treatment if you want a more nature-friendly approach in medicine. However, folks with sensitive skin and lungs might experience breathing or burns problems.

Pregnancy Precautions

pregnancyReview from several studies also noted that some pregnant women using moxibustion therapy for breech presentation experienced contractions and nausea. Because of this, together with the risk of fetal distress (stress to the baby in the belly) and premature birth, it is always best to do moxibustion therapy under the supervision of well-trained healthcare professional.

Always keep your doctor in the loop, too, should in case something does not feel quite right with you.

Final Thoughts

Moxibustion therapy is an old traditional Chinese medicine that does not seem to go into extinction. This tells us a lot about its accessibility and effectiveness, which is pivotal in places with no modernized medical facilities. It is also a well flexible and advantageous treatment that can soothe a lot of pains and that one endures.

This Moxibustion treatment is most helpful to folks who have chronic pains. You can also find your Moxa sticks online or simply make your stick. Get your moxibustion treatment today, or visit a well-licensed clinic for the experience of natural treatment.

This therapy is worth giving a try, don’t you think so?